Her Renewed Strength | Time Management, Productivity, Overwhelm, Schedules, Time Blocking

Her Renewed Strength | Time Management, Productivity, Overwhelm, Schedules, Time Blocking

Welcome to the Go-To podcast for anxious, overwhelmed Christian women who are ready to stop rushing through life and start having intentional time with God and loved ones. Here you’ll find time management tips, Christ centered productivity strategies and mindset coaching to help you get things done with less stress, enjoy peace and rest, and shift your perspective from the temporal to the eternal. You’re trying to get everything done and you’re sacrificing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health in the process, including... * rushing through your quiet time with God * constantly worrying about all the things on your to-do list * sacrificing time for health and fitness * struggling with negative thoughts or attitudes * wanting to do all the things * feeling like you just aren’t where you want to be * battling guilt when setting boundaries * prioritizing everything and everyone else… Do you ever catch yourself saying, ”I don’t have time for [fill in the blank]...” Do you wish you could stop.... - getting anxious thoughts or feelings of overwhelm when you think of your to-do list? - worrying about getting everything done each day? - feeling guilty for not sticking to the plan you made? - putting Jesus on the back-burner when life gets busy? Very good...because that’s not what the Lord created you to do or how He intended you to live! Hey, I’m Erika, your Jesus-loving Puerto Rican life coach! For over 10 years, I struggled with anxiety and overwhelm because I was always “doing too much” and so consumed with getting it all done. I sacrificed time with the Lord, sleep and my sanity in an effort to do all the things. As a result, my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health suffered. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with cancer at 28 that I realized I couldn’t live this way any more. I needed to get serious about doing things God’s way. It was through prioritizing time in HIS WORD that I was able to develop a mindset rooted in biblical truth, create systems and incorporate routines that led me out of the living hell I was in. Want to know how I put an end to the vicious cycle I was in? Ready to find out how I put Jesus first in my daily life? On this show, I’ll show you how to be more intentional, reduce the overwhelm and stress, and enjoy peace and rest while still getting things done by... - implementing time management solutions that help you prioritize properly and execute on your plans... - incorporating productivity strategies that are rooted in God’s Word... - shifting your perspective from the temporal to the eternal… I can’t wait to help you experience mental clarity and have more peace, so you can have intentional time for what matters most! Grab your Bible, journal and a pen, sister friend. It’s time to dive in! NEXT STEPS: 1. Learn More // https://herrenewedstrength.com 2. Download the FREE Simplify Bible Study Resource // https://herrenewedstrength.com/soap-bible-study-method-resource 3. Join the Community // https://herrenewestrength.com/community 4. Ready for Coaching? Book a FREE Call // https://tidycal.com/herrenewedstrength/discoverycall


February 20, 2024 17 mins

There’s this phrase that I was notorious for using when I was asked if I followed through on something I said I was going to do or wanted to do…it went something like, “I tried, but I just don’t have enough time…” This happened a lot when I was younger, and today I’m going to share the scenarios I used it the most. I’m also going to explain what this phrase actually means as it pertains to your time management.


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In today's episode, I'm throwing it back to 2021, when I first shared these three Proverbs! Since then, I've been even more aware of how easy it can be to sacrifice my wellness or even my walk with the Lord because of my decision to remain busy. Well, if that's you, these passages are FOR YOU!


You don't have to be so busy that you sacrifice what matters most. 

You don't have to compromise on your priorities for the sake of gettin...

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Hey sis! Today, I'm taking a little break from all the productivity & time management talk because the Lord put something on my heart that I just NEEDED to share.


I don't know about you, but seasons of doubt, discouragement and disappointment are rough. Today, I share about my own experiences in this current season, which appear to be similar to what many of you are going through, too. I pray this encourages you today.



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Hey hey! Happy Tuesday, sis! I hope you are having a fabulous day at the time you’re tuning in. Today, I’m going to offer some biblical encouragement and perspective on the topic of accomplishing what you set out to do… specifically with respect to actually seeing improvements in your productivity and time management. Does this sound like you? You’re trying your best, doing what you believe the Lord is leading you to do, working ha...

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In this client tell-all, Bonnie Jean Schaefer shares her experience working with Erika Diaz-Castro, and all the amazing fruit that came investing in working with a Christian life coach! If you want to know what its like to work with Erika, this is for you! 


By the way... The doors are officially open for you to join us inside the Christ Centered Productivity Framework GROUP COACHING EXPERIENCE! Prioritize your faith, family and g...

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Hey friend! Today, I'm so excited to share about a FREE productivity workshop I'm hosting this Thursday, and spilling ALL the details about what it is, who it's for, why you need to be there and what it'll cost you if you skip.


If you are a Christian woman who is always busy, but struggle to be productive... if you want to master time management and have more time for what matters to you... if you want to stop stressing about you...

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Hey you! If you’re anything like I used to be, you’ve caught yourself saying, “I don’t know where my time goes.” Time management and productivity aren't taught in school, so if you're struggling with either, don't feel bad! Whether you’re always running late to things or just trying to get caught up on your long to-do list, you may still find yourself falling behind and pressed for time. If you want to make that stop, once and for ...

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If your relationship with the Lord takes a hit when you’re busy, listen up. I’m guilty of putting Jesus on the back burner when life gets hectic. Trust me, I’m not perfect! That’s the reason I know how harmful of a habit it is. 


Today, I’m giving you two very simple, straight forward strategies you can implement today if you recognize your time with the Lord coming in seco...

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The Holy Spirit has prompted me to speak about rest. As believers, we can be tempted to believe that rest is optional, especially when things become busy. We worry about taking time to rest. We worry about slowing down. We worry about taking that tactical pause because we worry about all the things we still have to do. So, today, I want to speak to the root of your issue and help you shift your perspective. I want you to walk in fr...

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What up, sis! I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but your to-do list is actually NOT contributing to improving your time management or productivity. Instead, it’s making you anxious and contributing to the overwhelm. In this episode, I’ll share WHY that’s the case, and I’ll give you a mindset reframe to help you think about how to remedy this situation. 


Before we get into it, don’t forget to register for my FREE training, Pro...

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Welcome back! I'm talking about mindset today because you cannot improve in time management or productivity if you don't first shift your mindset. Trust me, if this wasn't necessary, I wouldn't bother. I'm the FIRST person to say, "just give me the step-by-step." HOWEVER, it's not all about WHAT you're doing... it's more about HOW YOU'RE THINKING about what you're doing. 


The truth is, you can’t see sustainable change or improvem...

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Happy New Year! Have you ever gone through something and, when you look back at it, you’re like, “wow, that was hard.” Yep, that was 2023… for A LOT of us! Well, after connecting with a lot of women inside The Community, including some past and current clients, I KNOW it was hard to focus this year with most of the complaints centering around being so busy, feeling unprepared and just being scatterbrained.

If you’re anything like m...

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What is up, sister friend! As I was reflecting on everything I shared this past Tuesday, including the time management tips and productivity strategies that helped me get to new levels in 2023, I also reflected on the things that held me back in 2023... I realized these limiting beliefs are the very lies my clients (and even my friends!) subscribed too.


There are TWO limiting beliefs that I really believe need to be left behind i...

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What’s up, friends! For the last couple of years, I’ve done a Q4 Recap, but this year, I want to look at 2023 in totality and share the themes and lessons of the year, including the really hard things. PLUS, I’m revealing the EXACT mindset shifts and time management methods that skyrocketed my productivity in one of the hardest years for my family and I.


I also share announcements regarding what you can expect going into 2024, ...

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Do you want to be debt free?! Does money trigger feelings of stress or anxiety for you? Do you have a good financial system in place? Sis, today you are in for a treat! I have the hosts of the Financial Coaching for Women podcast, Shana and Vanessa, on the show today. 


Shana & Vanessa are best friends, business partners and hosts of a fast-growing podcast that gets over 6,000 plays a week. Before launching their own coaching ...

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Sis, are you already exhausted this holiday season? I know things get real crazy real fast, schedules fill up and all the extroverting you’re doing is calling for more caffeine. It can be hard to have joy when you feel so run down, so I decided to share a conversation I had with my friend, Michelle Byrd, who you last heard from in Episode 117: Want To Fit In Devotional Time EACH & EVERY DAY? Implement THIS Powerful Time Hack… I...

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Well, hello! Today, I’m sharing a conversation I had with my friend, Bonnie Jean Schaefer. Bonnie shares her testimony and experience as a single Christian woman, what it looks like to live differently in a world that is constantly trying to tell you who you are or should be, and how to shift your mindset from feeling unworthy to being significant, no matter what your marital status is. 


Bonnie Jean Schaefer, also known by her pe...

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🎙 Have you ever heard someone use the term “lukewarm” when referring to another Christian? What does that even mean? While we are called to be in this world, not of it, the world is still fighting to influence us and dim that fire and passion we have for the Lord. Today, I’m sharing 3 signs you’re a lukewarm Christian, and busting out the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God! I’ve 7 scriptures for you today, so grab your ...

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What’s up fellow planner lover! As a time management and productivity specialist, I have a special appreciation for tools that help drive those time management and productivity homeruns!


Truth be told, I have loved planners since the days of Lisa Frank! Can I get an amen?! If you don’t know who Lisa Frank was, then you’re probably younger than I am by a bit lol and that’s okay!


Well, one of the top complaints I get from clien...

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Hey sister friend! If you’re inside The Community or receive my emails, you know that I’ve been talking about identifying your personal productivity style for the last few weeks. Today, I’m going to dive into this a little more by uncovering four productivity styles, and why this matters to you as a Christian woman. If you’re tired of falling behind on your tasks or projects, this is an episode you do not want to miss. Grab a pen o...

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