Homeopathy Hangout with Eugénie Krüger

Homeopathy Hangout with Eugénie Krüger

The podcast where we discuss all things Homeopathy related. We will be interviewing Homeopaths from around the world, Mothers who use Homeopathy for their family and learning about various Homeopathic remedies and how you can use them to help your family with various first aid situations and acute illnesses. For bookings, remedies or more information, visit www.eugeniekruger.com


November 27, 2023 44 mins

Have you ever had a moment where a word, picture, or feeling instantly popped into your mind? That's your subconscious at work!


Get ready for a dose of mind-bending revelations in this episode with Susan Sonz, the main teacher and director of the New York School of Homeopathy. Susan shares her insights and experiences in the world of homeopathy, discussing fascinating cases and the importance of maintaining a sense of wonder in t...

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Paola Brown is an inspiration to many around the world. She is a Homeopathic home user, who is so proficient in acute prescribing that she has created book clubs to teach adults how to use homeopathy, as well as creating a homeopathy curriculum for children from pre-kindy all the way through to year 12. She is also the President of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, which works tirelessly to protect the right of Americans to have ac...

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Have you heard about homeoprophylaxis and its role in facilitating a child's natural immune system development rather than preventing diseases?


Join us for a fascinating chat with Kate Birch, an experienced homeopath and the International Director of Free and Healthy Children International. Kate unveils her profound expertise in infectious disease and epidemiology, offering intriguing insights into the pivotal role of homeopathy ...

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Sabina Vatter, PhD, is a researcher and a homeopath working at the Harbord Homeopathic Clinic in Sydney. She grew up in a bilingual family in Estonia and received homeopathy throughout her childhood and adulthood. Having repeatedly seen how wonderful homeopathy is in various acute and chronic conditions, she decided to take a step forward from psychology and train as a homeopath in England. At the same time she completed her PhD in...

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What kind of discoveries await us in the world of homeopathy and the adventures it leads to?


In this episode, we interview Nate Schwartz, a homeopath from Berlin. Hear about his exciting adventure with 20 colleagues as they search for a healing plant believed to have been extinct for 2,000 years. It's a story of dedication and commitment like no other. Tune in to hear the full story of Nate's remarkable journey.


Episode Highlig...

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In this interview, we speak with Homeopath Mary Greensmith, founder of www.homeopathy247.com - a service that provides online homeopathic care around the clock, worldwide.

Find out how she first discovered Homeopathy and how Covid made her take action to fill the need to have homeopathic care on hand, no matter what time of day.

Visit www.marygreensmith.com and www.homeopathy247.com or visit the group at https://www.facebook.com/ho...

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Have you ever thought of embracing a variety of healing modalities alongside homeopathy to create a more comprehensive and holistic approach to well-being?


Join us in our latest episode with Janey as we explore the rich tapestry of alternative healing modalities. From chiropractic medicine to acupuncture and Ayurvedic massage, we uncover the expanding world of healing resources and encourage you to embrace their transformative po...

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Dr Joe is a Homeopathic Practitioner, born in Brussels, then living in several different countries before deciding to settle in New Zealand. In this podcast, he shares how he went from working as a surgeon, to discovering natural medicine – and believe me, he has studied pretty much studied every single natural health modality there is. He has also published 11 books and lectured internationally. He’ll also be speaking of the Fibon...

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What role do our wounds play in one's personal development journey?


In this episode, we're joined by Daniel Burge, a seasoned homeopath and practitioner whose training spans diverse modalities such as multigenerational psychotraumatology and family constellations. He shares his journey and experiences, including learning from renowned mentors. We also delve into the intriguing concept of the "realm of the wound," exploring how em...

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Luke Norland is an innovative UK homeopath and international teacher who is totally immersed in the Homeopathic way of life – growing up with The School of Homeopathy, founded by father Misha in 1981. He is the author of Animalia - a book that illuminates the Homeopathic themes of 6 animal families through the prism of mythology, mappa mundi, provings, cases and repertory - and the Thematic Repertory – featuring 92 themes to repres...

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October 23, 2023 43 mins

Ready to unearth the historical, philosophical, and cultural influences that define our existence?


Explore Mark’s intriguing path in the realms of homeopathy and astrology as we dive into his latest book. Through his book, he explores the motivations of individuals and delves into the historical, philosophical, and cultural aspects that shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. In an age where we often rely on...

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In this Empowered Mothers episode, we speak with Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainer, Elaine Macdonald. She shares her story of how her son started displaying traits of autism after his 18 month vaccinations and the journey of healing she went on to help her son.

You can find out more about what she does here: https://www.fluidityinmotion.com/ 

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Acute prescribing is a crucial aspect of homeopathy - but what factors contribute to confidence in this practice, and how can practitioners enhance it?


Join us in this episode as we welcome Australian homeopath Jon Gamble to explore the wisdom within his latest book, "Mastering Chronic Disease." With over 35 years of experience, Jon shares his profound insights into treating chronic conditions, highlighting his success stories in...

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Leiah Golden is a Homeopath in Victoria, with a passion for offering natural options for great health. She uses both classical and modern homeopathic techniques along with nutritional and lifestyle advice. Her main aim is to find the best way to help each individual improve their health and stay free from stress and disease.

Leiah has Worked alongside her father, Dr Isaac Golden, one of Australia's most experienced homeopaths and w...

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How can homeopathy redefine your parenting journey?


Join us for an illuminating episode with Nyema Hermiston, a renowned Australian homeopath, as she shares her expertise in holistic child healthcare. With a background in nursing and naturopathy, Nyema empowers parents to take charge of their children's well-being naturally, avoiding the side effects of medications. Discover the trust parents place in homeopathy and how it enable...

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Today, we speak with Peter Berryman – a man who is so highly qualified that he has more letters behind his name, than IN his name, including MSc BMedSc PGDipHSc BSc ND AdvDipHom DipAstPsych GradCertEd, GAICD.

He has taught at various colle...

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Ever wondered how homeopathy research is bridging the gap between skeptics and believers?


Get ready for an exhilarating episode featuring the remarkable Rachael Roberts from the Homeopathic Research Institute. Join us as we explore the fascinating field of homeopathic research and discover the groundbreaking initiatives led by the Institute to elevate the status of homeopathy through robust scientific exploration. Rachael and her...

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Caroline has worked as a Homeopath, Flower Essence Prescriber & Health Coach for over 20 years in her London-based practice and has more recently added online consultations for clients worldwide.

She is a hormonal health expert and draws on many years’ experience of working in PR for complementary health, holistic parenting, organic lifestyle, permaculture and sustainable systems as well as natural health.

Her current practice ...

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How can the corporate world benefit from having happier and healthier employees through homeopathic care?


Join Matt Pepper, a prominent UK homeopath, public speaker, and author, in an insightful conversation focused on the integration of homeopathy into the corporate world. Discover the numerous benefits for both homeopaths and companies as Matt highlights the positive impact on employee well-being and retention rates. This episo...

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Before discovering homeopathy, Susanna worked in Medical Research at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the University of Virginia Medical Schools in the USA. Her lifelong interest in spirituality however, led her to Scotland where she completed a postgraduate degree in Theology at St Andrews University as well as postgraduate work at Harvard Divinity School. Midway through her theological training she was introduced to homeopathy. A...

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