Indy REI with T&H Realty

Indy REI with T&H Realty

Welcome to Indy Real Estate Investing with T&H Realty! We’re here to discuss all things related to investing in the Central Indiana real estate market.


July 16, 2024
In this episode of the Indy Real Estate Investing Podcast, host Jeremy Tallman interviews Eli Stoner, Owner of Greyhound Property Solutions.   Eli shares his journey from moving to Indiana for college to losing over $70,000 on his first few property deals. Despite early setbacks, Eli persevered, leveraging lessons from YouTube, self-research, and past entrepreneurial experience to eventually find success in real estate.   He discus...
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In this episode of the Indy Real Estate Investing Podcast, host Jeremy welcomes Brian Snider, COO at The Collective Genius, to discuss his transition from a 13-year teaching career to the real estate industry.

They go over the importance of goal setting, overcoming market challenges, and the pivotal role of mentorship and masterminds.

Brian shares his journey, the importance of finding your 'why,' and the significance of adapting p...

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In this episode of the Indy Real Estate Investing Podcast, host Jeremy Tallman discusses the crucial role of buyer's agents for investors with T&H Real Estate Agent Devon Shaw.

Set against the backdrop of upcoming legislative changes affecting real estate transactions in Indiana, the discussion covers three main points: the changes in commission structures starting July 1, how T&H Realty will adapt to these changes, and the...

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In this episode of Indy REI, Jeremy Tallman from T&H Realty introduces a new panel format with three guests: Scott Hallberg, Don Castelluccio, and Chris Herring.

The podcast focuses on T&H Realty's significant recent organizational changes aimed at improving property management operations.

They discuss various industry-standard management structures—portfolio style, departmental, pod, and hybrid—and elaborate on why T&H...

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In this episode of the Indy Real Estate Investing Podcast, host Jeremy Tallman gets into the shifting landscape of buyer agency with special guest Mark Fisher, CEO of the Indiana Association of Realtors.

Against the backdrop of recent legal developments and industry trends, Jeremy and Mark explore the nuances of buyer representation, shedding light on how these changes will impact real estate professionals and investors alike.


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Join host Jeremy and special guest Tyler Lingle from Roots Realty on this episode of INDY REI as they talk keys to success in real estate investing. 

Tyler and Jeremy uncover the crucial role education plays in achieving long-term success in real estate. From staying informed about market trends to building a robust network of industry peers, they share invaluable insights on how to remain ahead of the curve.

Whether you're a seaso...

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April 23, 2024 28 mins

Jeremy meets with T&H Real Estate Agent Devon Shaw to breakdown how your mindset matters during the inspection period of purchasing a property. 


We have been seeing a lot of deal fall flat after the inspection phase- so when is the right time to take the plunge and when is the best time to walk away?


Devon urges everyone that your mindset matters-


Why are you doing this in the first place? What are your goals? Is this a l...

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It's everyone's least favorite time of the year, Property Tax Season!


Tax season doesn't have to be scary though- In this new episode of Indy REI Jeremy goes through the top 7 things you need to know about Indiana Property Taxes. 


Learn about how the state handles taxes for investors, additional expenses to keep an eye out for, and more. 


Show Notes:

Join our Indy Inves...

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Vacancy can be one the biggest cash killers, and if you're struggling to get your property leased, this episode is for you!


Jeremy goes through the 6 major ways you can ensure limited vacancy on this newest episode of Indy REI. 


Holding out for a higher rent rate? Waiting to make improvements too see if it gets leased as is?


You will begin losing money if you are holding out instead of reeling potential renters in- and Jeremy...

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In this episode Jeremy meets with investor-focused Indianapolis Real Estate Agent Peter Stewart!

They breakdown the difference between any real estate agent- and one that is focused on seeing your investments succeed!

Peter highlights his logical and data-driven approach, which naturally led him to excel in the investor-focused Indianapolis niche.

He also reveals his strategic plays for where he sees great opportunity, how to handl...

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If you have a super low interest rate on your home, is now the time to turn it into a rental property?


We have been seeing this question a lot, and the answer may not be as simple as you would think. 


It could be a great opportunity- if you're willing to commit.

In this episode, Jeremy goes over the top 4 things to consider when turning your primary residence into a rental property.


Are you committed to owning a small busines...

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February 13, 2024 19 mins

The secret is out- T&H is expanding to Kokomo, Indiana!


In this episode, Jeremy meets with T&H Real Estate Agent Devon Shaw to talk why we are expanding. 


Kokomo is pretty similar to the Anderson market that we have found great success in- with one caveat. Thousands of Samsung warehouse jobs are set to come to the city within the next 5 years. 


Is this your best chance to snag your first property or expand your Indian...

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Is short-term investing dead? 


Jeremy sits down with successful Indianapolis Investor Nick Giulioni to discuss how he supercharges his portfolio with both short-term and mid-term investments. 


Short-term rental may not be dead, but how you operate should have changed a lot since they boomed during the pandemic. 


Are you prepared for anything that might be thrown at your investment? Listen in to learn how to protect your short...

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Join Jeremy as he meets with Aptly CEO Sina Shekou in this game-changing episode: "How Savvy Investors Are Fighting Rental Fraud." 

Dive into the tactics, red flags, and strategic steps to safeguard your investments like a pro.

Don't just invest, stay invested in your investment with Indy REI!


Show Notes:

Check out how T&H can help you place the right tenants: https://www.threaltyinc.c...

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If you're looking to hire a property management company in 2024, or maybe switch companies, this episode is for you!


Jeremy meets with Business Development Manager Jake Knight to discuss all things hiring a PM company.


What are the top questions we get asked? What are the top questions you should be asking?


Listen in to learn!


Show Notes:

Read about T&H Standard Property Condi...

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2023 is coming to a close, and we look back on our predictions for what the year would bring, and how we think it will shape our 2024. 


Jeremy meets with Real Estate Agent Devon Shaw to look at all the year's numbers going over interest rates, rent rates, home prices and more. 


Want to be up to speed on what to expect for the new year? Don't miss this episode!


PLUS: We share some end of year insights for Indianapolis investor...

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Not sure who to bring along in your investing journey?

Host Jeremy goes through the 11 must-have members for your real estate dream team!

This episode is vital for any new investor, and is great information you may not have thought of for our investing vets.

Jeremy will also let you know how to consolidate some of these key relationships so you can stick to doing what you love in your free time.


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In Episode 21 of Indy REI we describe each of the 9 Indianapolis townships!

Indianapolis is an ultra-diverse area for investing- and each of the townships is no different.

Head Real Estate Agent Devon Hicks meets with host Jeremy to dissect which townships are prime for investing. Listen in as they describe the deals they have found in these areas, how you can get started in Indy, and more! =========================================...

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November 7, 2023 21 mins

We flew to Orlando, Florida to experience the 2023 Bigger Pockets Convention and we learned A LOT.

You won't want to miss this episode where Jeremy sits down with 2 attendees of BPCON: Real Estate Agent Devon Hicks and Business Development Manager Jake Knight.

Listen to what they learned while there, and the excitement buzzing around the Indianapolis market.



Show Notes

Learn mor...

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Jeremy meets with T&H Leasing Manager Kelsey Bolden to meet to discuss the chill covering the Indy Rental Market.

After a firey Q3, we are seeing a slow start to Q4. Jeremy and Kelsay provide insightful statistics and strategies for navigating the current chill, offering advice on pricing, property condition, and tenant renewals. Listen in as they emphasize the importance of staying proactive, negotiating with tenants at renewa...

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