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Joey Hudson is a conservative Christian, successful businessman and experienced broadcaster who has a passion for seeking the truth in today’s chaotic world. Combining his interest in politics and religion, Joey brings faith, wisdom and keen insight with his straightforward, no nonsense style of talk heard by audiences across the country as a guest speaker, TV guest as well as hosting his own radio show for a decade.


December 1, 2023 35 mins

CA Gov Gavin Newsome faced off with FL Gov Ron DeSantis in a debate last night on the Sean Hannity Show…did you watch? We will hit some of the highlights…..this is one of those…I watched it so you didn’t have to…!!!!

 White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre angrily stormed out of Thursday's press briefing after being pressed by an African reporter on why he wasn't being called on to ask a question.

If you are a McDonald’s ha...

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Hamas released 16 more hostages late Wednesday in the last swap for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel under the current Gaza truce.


House Republicans are considering a formal vote on  their impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. There are reports that  Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) told members in a closed-door meeting Wednesday they could vote in the coming weeks on a move that could strengthen  the investigation’s l...

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More hostages are released last night. The announcement marks the 5th group of hostages to be released by Hamas since Israel agreed to a cease-fire with the terrorist group on Friday. The cease-fire is expected to continue through today…..and possibly longer…if more hostages are returned.


Former SC Governor Nikki Haley got a key endorsement yesterday that will be followed by a lot of campaign cash for the future.

We all love our ...

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The Biden White House is opting to ditch the annual Christmas tradition of hanging stockings for President Biden's grandchildren to allow avoiding devoting a decoration for the president's seventh grandchild, who he only recently acknowledged for the first time.

KJP was confronted by Fox News WH correspondent Peter Doocy on why she and President Biden continue to claim that things have improved with our economy.

Fox News host Laura...

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Hamas released a third group of hostages yesterday — including 4 year-old Abigail Edan, the first American —  as the four-day ceasefire between Israel and the terrorist group continues.

The SC legislature goes back into session in January. One of the issues that will be coming up is constitutional carry and the Greenville News took a position on this issue over the weekend with their editorial board encouraging their readers to con...

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NYPD had to remove pro Palestinian protestors from the streets to keep them from disrupting the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in Manhatten yesterday…..some of the protestors had literally glued their hands to the streets in an effort to make it harder for police to remove then and then , of course, cried police  brutality when police officers still removed them from the parade route….in some cases ripping the skin off their...

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While we are being Thankful...unfortunately, there is still evil in the world. We will take a few moments today to get you up-to-date.

The FBI is investigating a vehicle explosion Wednesday at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the U.S. and Canada in what sources tell Fox News' Alexis McAdams was an attempted terrorist attack.

Former Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill declared Donald Trump was "more dangerous" tha...

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Have you bought your turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow? The Biden administration is trying to convince Americans that our Thanksgiving meal will actually cost us LESS this’s another attempt to convince us that Bidenomics is working.

An Internal Senate memo highlights how the Biden Admin is trying to tie highway funding to woke priorities.

Last week House Speaker Mike Johnson vowed to release 44,000 hours of Jan 6 footage ...

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Newsmax White House correspondent James Rosen pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on ignoring President Joe Biden’s “dismal” approval ratings. The two got into a back and forth in yesterday’s White House press briefing about which polls accurately reflected what American’s think about President Joe Biden and his ability to serve another 4 years...

Yesterday, Joe Biden celebrated birthday was a day that B...

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Should school districts block students from being able to  access YouTube on school issued devices? That's a decision Greenville County has made after YouTube and its parent company, Google, changed how inappropriate videos are filtered and while we’re talking about schools....a Georgia football coach has lost his job! What was he accused of....baptizing a group of his players after practice one day recently.


A British supermarke...

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Leaked NSA Doc Reveals Massive Woke Glossary Pushing Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology At the agency responsible for monitoring threats both foreign and domestic for the U.S. military.

As Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas defended the Biden administration’s border policies in testimony before a House committee.......Hundreds of illegal immigrants crossed the Rio Grande using ropes to help them cross the treacherous r...

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Former SC Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has been saying she is the most “electable of all the GOP presidential candidates.....according to a new Fox News poll....she may not be exaggerating her potential.....we will do a deep dive into the latest Fox News poll ..just released.

In another Fox News poll.... More than a month after Hamas launched a horrific attack in Israel, .....most voters blame the terrorist group for the ...

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says that it is currently "carrying out a precise and targeted operation" in Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital this morning....while the US and UK are working together to sanction Hamas officials who are transferring money from Iran to Hamas to fund the war. Also, an estimated 100,000 people showed up and marched on the National Mall in Washington, DC to show their support yesterday.

New Speaker of the House ...

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed Democrats’ anti-Israel rhetoric as a “range of agreements and disagreements” during Monday’s press briefing.....also... A leaked memo found the president’s own staffers have criticized him for his pro-Israel stance, saying the White House must “publicly criticize Israel’s violations of international norms” and stand against alleged “settler violence and illegal land seizures....

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National security adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday emphasized the U.S.’s stance on the future of Gaza, arguing the U.S. believes the basic principles of the future include “no reoccupation of Gaza” and “no forcible displacement of the Palestinian people.”

 Panelists on the Fox Business Network ripped GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel over her feud with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy ….you may remember that Mr. Ramaswa...

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Just off of this week’s Miami debate….The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Thursday that Megyn Kelly, alongside other media personalities, will host the fourth GOP presidential debate set for Dec. 6….in Alabama…I have all the details…for you…


House Speaker Mike Johnson called on the Big Apple Thursday to scrap its “sanctuary” city status if it wants federal money to help house thousands of migrants pouring into the c...

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Hunter Biden is  ‘eager’ to testify in ‘public forum’ after House Oversight committee issues a subpoena for testimony, ..according to the Biden lawyers


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) say they have gathered evidence showing that Hamas terrorists  have purposely exploited civilian areas in Gaza, (hospitals and schools) as the war continues….we have an update for you


Did The Democrat Swee...

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As the war between Israel and terrorist group Hamas continues for one month now….reports indicate Israel has been Targeting  Hamas Tunnels After Encircling Gaza City…more on this in a minute..


Just 10 Days Before Another Govt Shutdown, Congress Expands To-Do List With Ukraine, and the southern  Border


Yesterday was election day in some states around the country with just a handful having statewide elections, but a lot of loca...

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House Oversight Chair James Comer said the Biden family will be served with "two dozen" subpoenas in the coming days related to the family's overseas business dealings.

I had the chance to spend some time Bill O’Reilly recently to talk with him about his latest best-seller in his Killing Series…..his latest is Killing the Witches: The Horror of Salem, Mass…it’s the story of the Salem Witch trials…..O’Reilly says it was the original...

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Donald Trump is gaining considerable leads against President Biden in five of six key battleground states, a new poll has found.  The New York Times, Siena College poll was released over the weekend….I will give you those details a little later in today’s show…

Ukrainian President  Zelensky said in an interview that aired yesterday that what keeps him fighting is ensuring that Russian President  Putin does not take away the freedom...

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