MTG Commander Smiths Podcast

MTG Commander Smiths Podcast

We are the Commander Smiths! Adam & Lowery talk all things MTG Commander! We have a weekly podcast NEW episodes every Wednesday! We also feature Adam‘s ”Proxy Time!” videos! This is a weekly video debuting the latest proxy that shows you not only the latest proxy but it shows you how to make them and shows you some tips along the way! Lowery features a bi-weekly #Shorts video called ”Curated MTG!” In this video Lowery goes over what you would call under used cards and where they may find a nice home for commander play! We also feature a bunch of ”Just the Tips” videos that provide tips that can help EVERY Magic the Gathering player in one way or another!


February 21, 2024 104 mins

Episode 313: The Commander Smiths have to take the Ranch/ Malort Drink and you'll have to listen to the brutality that happens. Main segment is about the Top 5 precons you can buy right now for the best value. Lowery does his best with a #StumptheSmithSavant . And peanuts are now an ick apparently and you can go vote for #TeamCream or #TeamNuts on YouTube. Enjoy!

  Best Value Precons: 5. Mystic Intellect 4. Enduring Enchantments 3....

Episode 312: Its the 6 year anniversary of the Commander Smiths and we want to talk about some counterspells that we might not hate you for. Well Adam talks about some that you can hate him for at least. There is also a #StumptheSmithSavant that is guessed right away by the crowd but it's guessed every week sooooo enjoy the show and thank you for all the support through the years!

  Adams Counterspells Arcane Denial https://scryfal...

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Episode 311: The Commander Smiths are gonna let you know how to improve the new CMDR precons from Markov Manor and let us know what you plan on doing with the decks. Lowery also isn't thrown off the scent of his #StumptheSmithSavant card with all the added words. Enjoy!

  Precon Decklists:   Dive into the haunting halls of "Murders at Karlov...

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Episode 310:🎙️ This week on the #CommanderSmiths #podcast 🎙️

Step into the eerie corridors of "Murders at Karlov Manor" with us as we unveil our favorite 5 commanders from the set! Join the discussion as we navigate the chilling narratives and reveal our top 10 overall cards, exploring the strategic gems that make this MTG expansion spine-tinglingly captivating. 🃏🏰✨

Whether you're a seasoned commander or a curious explorer of t...

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Episode 309:🎙️ Dive into a thought-provoking discussion on this week's CommanderSmiths podcast! 💬 We're tackling the hot topic of scalping in MTG. Explore the nuances of when it might not be acceptable, especially with standard sets, and when it might be more acceptable, such as with Secret Lair releases. Join the conversation as we navigate the complexities of the Magic: The Gathering market. 🃏✨ #MTG #MagicTheGathering #Scalpin...

Episode 308: The Commander Smiths have the best protection spells in all the land to talk about in a tight and nicey list for each color. Lowery also shoots his shot in #StumptheSmithSavant . Enjoy!

  Best Protection Spells:   White: Teferi's Protection/ Akroma's Will/ Flawless Maneuver/ Clever Concealment  Galadriels Dismissal/ Eerie Interlude/ Everybody Lives Green: Heroic Intervention/ Silkguard/ Tamiyo's Safekeeping/ Tyvar's St...

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Episode 307: The Commander Smiths try and predict the future for the 2024 set release schedule and what cards you may want to pick up before they spike. The winner and true king of the swords has been crowned and we have a little tussle over what is the better cards between Chandra's Ignition v. Blasphemous Act in a new #StapleVs . Enjoy!

  2024 Release Schedule article:

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Episode 306:🎙️ Kick off the new year with our latest #CommanderSmiths podcast! Join us as we delve into our New Year's resolutions for all things Commander. From deck-building challenges to expanding our playgroup, we're sharing our goals and aspirations for a year filled with epic Magic moments. Tune in for inspiration, laughs, and a fresh start to your Commander adventures in 2024! 🃏✨ #MTG #CommanderNewYear #MagicTheGathering



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Episode 305: ***WARNING: Malort is in full swing for Part 2 of the End of the Year cast. It gets almost unlistenable by the end of the podcast... apologies but enjoy the train wreck.

For Part 2 of the Commander Smith end of year cast we continue with our Fav 5 CARDS of the year, then move into our Fav Set and Secret Lair for the year of 2023. Things get a bit sloppy towards the end because of the drinks... good thing we only do thi...

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Episode 304: The Commander Smiths start off the end of year cast with our favorite Commanders from this year. We also have tournament results for Sword Fight and there was one upset which surprised Lowery. Enjoy!

  Lowerys CMDRs Xavier Sal, Anikthea, St. Traft and Rem

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Episode 303: The Commander Smiths have a new single Secret Lair Drop to talk about with 5 brand new cards related to the new Dr. Who stuff. Lowery avoids the web that Josh D. thought he had sown in #StumptheSmithSavant and we have the first round results for the Sword Fight Tournament. We also find out what is the better card according to you all in Tibalts Trickery v Imp's mischief. Enjoy!

Dr. Who Secret Lair https://secretlair.wi...

Episode 302: 🎙️ Get ready for a showdown in this week's #CommanderSmiths podcast! We're hosting a sword fight tournament where we draft the best swords in Commander. Join us as we explore the legendary blades, discussing their strengths, weaknesses, and the epic battles they can unleash on the battlefield. It's a high-stakes draft with iconic weapons—whose sword will reign supreme? Tune in for a thrilling episode packed with strat...

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Episode 301: 🎙️ This week on the #CommanderSmiths podcast, we tackle the intriguing topic of Personal Ban Lists in Commander! Join us as we discuss when and why you might consider creating your own ban list, exploring the factors that influence such decisions. From game balance to personal enjoyment, we delve into the cards that may find their way onto your unique list. Tune in for valuable insights and discover how a Personal Ban...

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    Episode 300: Are you considering purchasing the latest Secret Lair Secretversary Superdrop 2023 but wondering if it's worth the investment? In this video, we'll be taking a close look at the new Secret Lair that just dropped Monday and analyzing whether it's worth the buy.


    We'll be examining the contents of the Secret Lair, including the cards, art, and exclusive bonuses, to help you make an informed decision. We'll also be compa...

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    Episode 299: The Commander Smiths are doing #Top10 Commander cards for the new Ixilan set. and Lowery rocks out with #StumptheSmithSavant. Enjoy!

      Ixilan Top 10 Progenitor's Icon Ojer Kaslem, Spelunking Ripples of Potential

    Episode 298: The Commander Smiths have a #Fave5  Legends from the new Ixilan set. We seem to not be stepping on each others toes here. Lowery also has #StumptheSmithSavant and Mr. Hockey actually gets a chance (fumbles, #TFW) Enjoy!

      Adam's Fav5 Owen and Blue Hakbal of the surging Soul

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    Episode 297:

    This week's podcast is a rollercoaster of controversy as we tackle the Ward mechanic head-on. Join the Smith Boys as we dive deep into the divisive world of Ward, discussing why it may cause for some conflict in not handled correctly. We'll also share tips on how to address Ward and 'take backs' in your playgroup. It's a must-listen for those seeking to strike the right balance between fun and fair gameplay. Tune in fo...

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    Episode 296: This week's podcast is all about Commander Game Variants, and it's a wild ride you won't want to miss! 🃏🌟 We explore unique and exciting ways to shake up your Commander gameplayand discover fresh perspectives, unconventional rules, and endless fun that will add new layers to your Commander nights. Join us as we dive into this realm of endless possibilities and create unforgettable Commander moments! 🎙️ #MTG #Command...

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    Episode 295: The Commander Smiths have a conversation about house rules they use and other ideas we could implement. Lowery gets #stumpthesmithsavant but actually doesn't... #StapleVs is spell stutter sprite v mental misstep. Also the greatest Planeswalker tournament has completed and the winner is revealed. Enjoy! 

      Spell stutter sprite Mental misstep

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    Episode 294:

    🎙️Join the Commander Smiths 🎙️ This week we reveal our top 5 Commander cards from the new Commander set 'Doctor Who'! Which cards do we think will impact us the most in this awesome release?!?! Plus, it's the epic finals of our Planeswalker Tournament – who will claim victory? Don't miss this double dose of MTG action! 🌌🃏 #MTG #DoctorWhoSet #PlaneswalkerTournament"


    LIVE Stream HERE

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