OMNI Balanced Life Podcast

OMNI Balanced Life Podcast

Welcome to the OMNI Balanced Life Podcast! We believe that the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional components of our being must be in balance to actualize Divine Harmony within us and reach optimal health. Our mission is to empower people, restore balance and change lives! You’ll enjoy listening to our wide range of healers, experts, specialists, and wellness counselors as they speak of the unique and effective ways you can reach optimal health.


June 20, 2023 28 mins

What is a great way to minimize your daily stress? A chiropractic adjustment! Dr. Kevin Mikalaitis explains how chiropractic care has major impacts on regulating the body’s stress response, minimizing pain, and giving individuals the relief they’ve always wanted. Dr. Kevin covers the chiropractic techniques he uses for unique cases, how chiropractic care saved his childhood, and what his biggest tips are for avoiding spinal injurie...

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Is there a way to correct our physical well-being? The answer is yes! Corrective Exercise is the new Physical Therapy and exercise specialist, Nicki DeVries, is chatting all about it! Nicki covers all areas of the body that she notices to be the “weakest” in most people, how those weak spots can develop into serious issues, and what you can do to correct them. Jamie touches on the emotional aspects of physical well-being, gym anxie...

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January 10, 2023 23 mins

Are your energy meridians clear? If not, they may be causing some unwanted physical or emotional dis-ease! Jamie and Dr. Doug Lyons chat about how acupuncture is still one of the most effective eastern techniques in medicine. Dr. Doug covers his favorite points to use when treating chronic pain, headaches, emotional trauma, and imbalanced energy. Jamie reflects on her past pregnancies and postpartum symptoms and how acupuncture cou...

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November 7, 2022 23 mins

Formaldehyde in baby products? Great white salamanders? Jamie Kliewe and Jill Dixon chat about it all in this episode of the OMNI Balanced Life Podcast! Jill talks about how she became so emersed in clean living after having her daughter and what drew her to energy work, biofeedback, and the work of Nikola Tesla! Jamie touches on the psychology behind making major life changes and mentions how OMNI’s been having some odd visitors i...

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September 12, 2022 23 mins

Have you felt the power of healing hands? Jamie Kliewe and Peri Puckett chat about the undeniable benefits of therapeutic massage, how they have evolved as therapists over the years, and all the ways they’ve witnessed the healing power of touch! Jamie walks through major differences between types of therapeutic massage, while Peri reflects on how grateful she feels to be able to use her expertise to make an impact on lives. Are you...

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August 8, 2022 33 mins

Is meat bad? Are you fueling your body correctly? Are diets worth it? Would you put water in your gas tank? The answers to these questions are addressed in Episode 3! Jamie and Vanessa Bransan talk about all the ways food can be your friend or your foe. Vanessa speaks about her battle with Celiac, seizures, and how a change of diet saved her health. Jamie recalls how a change of diet helped her daughter gain control of her neurolog...

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July 12, 2022 19 mins

Ready to peel back the onion on health? Ana is here to help! In this episode of OBLP, Jamie and Ana talk about how Ana went from healing her own chronic illness to healing others! They cover bio-individuality, the harmful effects of your environment, what happened when Ana reached her “breakthrough” moment in her healing journey, and her top health tips for those starting their own. Are you ready to be inspired? If so, then Episode...

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June 1, 2022 50 mins

How does anti-aging and spiritual well-being connect? The answer is hydrogen! Listen to The Hydrogen Man, Greg, and OMNI Balanced Life Center’s founder and owner, Jamie Kliewe, talk about the jaw-dropping effects of hydrogen and the hydrogen inhalation therapy system that saved his life! Have they found the fountain of youth or a cure-all? That’s for you to debate and decide!

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