One Life with Te`Luvv

One Life with Te`Luvv

Te`Luvv (tay-love) is a Christian Rapper who has intense, clear, and bible based music which serves two purposes: an outlet to exhaust the fire hydrant of truth God gives me from studying His word without the spiritual political correctness of the day. And the music serves as a tool for evangelism and disciple making. It’s Christian more than rap. Ministry over industry. And the holiness of God over the popularity of hip-hop. The consistent feedback from countless people repeatedly say the music provokes bible reading, holiness, witnessing, and spiritual growth. It’s not for the ashamed of Jesus, seeker friendly, nor the itching ear. It’s for those who crave absolute truth, those who are willing to stand up for Jesus Christ, and those who burn fervently to live in obedience to God’s word! Listen now with no verbal holds barred, wide open bible, and optimal freedom of speech on relative topics for the lanes of life where most people live.


January 31, 2023 52 min

As I get older it amazes me at the things my parents use to say and do while being raised by them.  Now I'm starting to see that they were right about a lot of things they said.  But in my teen years I thought I knew enough to "find my own way."  Today most teenagers and young adults are no different.  They don't listen or want to understand until it's too late more times than not.  Nothing has changed and there...

Mark as Played

Seduction, prostitution, and soliciting sex is as old as Sodom and Gomorrah.  The turn of the year 2023 is upon us, yet many females today are sprinting full steam ahead to enlist themselves in the army of harlots without discrimination.  From nurses to teachers, from the hood to the suburbs, admirable professions are traded in for the prostitutes pursuit of pleasing the lust of men world wide.  What happened to the way things use ...

Mark as Played
December 30, 2022 53 min

What comes to mind when you think of an army?  A multitude of men flawlessly organized, systematically produced, and highly skilled and trained.  In the same way there exists right under our nostrils another kind of army.  Women of all kinds and even girls can't break their backs fast enough to enlist in this army, where top dollar is paid and fame comes as fast as the street grade Mustang 5.0.  Your mother, sister, daughter or...

Mark as Played
December 7, 2022 69 min

From the days of elementary school I knew boys and girls were different.  I had a sister and a brother and a mom and a dad at home to clearly see those differences.  Boys are rough, daring, and do really silly and goofy things and girls not so much.  Why?  From our vocal chords, to our bodies, to our emotions, it is safe to say that males and females are not the same.  The most obvious one is mama!  Males don't have the goods t...

Mark as Played
November 8, 2022 41 min

People are born.  People die.  People live their lives in between.  Fact: Every human that is born is going to die at some point.  Is there any correlation between the life a person lives and what happens to them when they die?  Does the way in which a person dies put them in heaven or hell?  We who are left behind, are we left wondering what happens to people when they die?  Here are 5 points of death that are facts we can live wi...

Mark as Played
October 22, 2022 57 min

A 2 year old child can be a nightmare for most people.  Known as the "terrible twos," this phase of child rearing can be filled with screams, fits, and a host of other wild behaviors.  Why?  Where does this come from?  How does this happen?  Does this apply to every child?  Could it be that children are being divinely guided by someone else?  Hear the outcome of children raised according to man apart from the Lord's ins...

Mark as Played
October 22, 2022 68 min

Pets.  Toys.  Trophies.  Children are not usually associated with being either of those.  Unfortunately, it is all too common to see men and women both married and unmarried with human beings that are being raised in a context other than what God has prescribed.  One example are the parents who not only decide to put their children on leashes, but they do it publicly!  I thought those were for animals?  Are toddler cages and spit s...

Mark as Played
October 15, 2022 43 min

Have you noticed that most young people today don't follow Jesus?  More importantly, most children raised by church attending parents do not choose Jesus themselves.  Where is the miss?  Is there any guarantee that comes with raising your children a certain way?  If you do what everybody else is doing then you too will file your children in the formation of the godless masses of today.  Here is the summary of God's purpose ...

Mark as Played
October 15, 2022 41 min

The grind of parenting can be tough or overwhelming if you wait too long to understand the point of children.  After all, wouldn't it be good to know that there is another way to raise your children other than the Disney world mentality of the day?  Most parents think their job is to give their children a good life according to their children.  You don't have to look far to see parents with SUVs loaded with sports schedules...

Mark as Played
October 15, 2022 38 min

This is the continuation of examining the scriptures to see what God has to say about the human being He creates through us.  Is raising children hard?  It depends on who you ask.  Does raising children have to be hard?  No, if you ask God!  Within the framework of God's word there is a prescription for every child rearing scenario.  You don't have embarrassed or unpleasantly surprised while raising your child today.  

Mark as Played
October 15, 2022 45 min

Baby conceives.  Baby is born.  Baby goes home.  Then what?  Where's the manual that details how to raise this human being?  Do I sing to it?  Should I turn on music for crying?  What do I do about the whining?  UH OH, HERE COME THE TANTRUMS!!!  Did you know that the bible gives us everything we need to understand in order to raise children with a purpose rather than miserably fly by the seat of your pants like the majority of ...

Mark as Played
September 6, 2022 61 min

It's not hard to look around and see people who have made mistakes and continue to make mistakes.  While no human is perfect, what does God actually expect from those who claim to know Him?  Do we have to be perfect?  It seems to me that if you attend church enough or spend time with enough Christians that you will be smothered with the phrase "WE ARE ALL SINNERS."  Is this true?  Is there a way to be perfect in the eye...

Mark as Played
September 6, 2022 70 min

Our imagination can get the best of us if we are not careful.  We can see new creatures in the dark or create scenarios in our heads when we hear certain sounds.  The noise in the kitchen is not a racoon, but the icemaker instead!  And then there are people who try to make make real what is ficiton, fake, and false.  We all know santa claus, the boogie man, and big foot don't exist.  What about gay Christians?  Is there such a ...

Mark as Played
August 21, 2022 44 min

Ever heard of a chain reaction?  Are you aware of all the things it takes to make one simple transaction occur?  For example, what are the steps involved that allows someone to raise their hand?  If we were to list out everything from the things we can see to the things that take place inside the body to make this happen, we could probably write a few pages worth of steps.  The legal justice system gives us a glimpse of all that ca...

Mark as Played
August 21, 2022 54 min

There are many things that can impact whether a person wants to keep on living or pull the plug on life.  Looking at someone who is successful on the outside it is incomprehensible as to why a person would want to end their life.  It is so true that we cannot really understand a person until we walk a mile in that person's shoes.  If you are a parent, a church member, or have people you love and care about here are some things ...

Mark as Played
August 21, 2022 48 min

We have all experienced making friends and having great friendships.  But unfortunately there have also been times when we have been surprised by so called "friends."  What makes someone a friend?  Is it a sin to be friends with people who don't follow Jesus?  Are there any benefits to making friends with the right people?  What are the pitfalls to hooking up with the wrong people?  

Mark as Played
July 29, 2022 55 min

Remember the bell curve?  It was a visual to highlight the majority and outliers on both sides.  Who tells who what to wear?  What person is the official spokesman for success?  Who tells who what to do with our lives ultimately?  What controls how the majority of people go about things?  Here is a bible verse that gives insight as to the two roads that are taken in the eyes of God Himself.  Listen to what most people do, some peop...

Mark as Played
June 26, 2022 31 min

Everyone remembers putting on shoes backwards.  You can tell instantly that something is wrong.  What would happen if you tried to go about life with your shoes on backwards?  It would be a matter of time before the pains of your shoes shut you down or you fall flat on your face.  Am I the only one who sees that America has it's shoes on backwards?  We will continue to fall as a nation because today right is wrong and wrong is ...

Mark as Played
June 18, 2022 49 min

Dating continues to be one of the hottest topics worldwide.  Does the bible support dating?  What is the truth about those who go from one relationship to another?  Is the bible clear on how we can have relationships?  What is boyfriendication anyway and how can I avoid it?

Mark as Played
June 4, 2022 23 min

Sing along "If you want to be happy and you know it then it's ok.  OKAY!!!"  Really?  Can I literally do anything in the world and as long as I say that it makes me happy then can I do it?  How far can I go with this line of reasoning?  As a matter of fact, shame on you for not wanting me to be happy right?  As long as it makes you happy anything goes?

Mark as Played

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