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Order Within

Order Within discusses navigating a world falling further into depression, corruption, and narcissism—strategies and tools to help you find fulfillment amongst the chaos. Inner strength comes from connection with our authentic selves and is the answer to our current state of the world. So many of our problems exist because we’ve lost sight of who we are. When we reclaim our sacred heritage and activate the gifts that live within us, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Order Within is dedicated to helping you journey back to selfhood and the treasures that await. We are one human family and I will do my best to help and support my fellow brothers and sisters of life. May you find what you seek. www.orderwithinpodcast.com


November 30, 2023 56 mins

In this eye-opening Episode 85 of 'Order Within,' we dive into the intriguing world of Matt Zemon, a visionary entrepreneur who has skillfully navigated life's tumultuous waters using an unconventional compass: psychedelics. 

Join us as we explore how Matt's unique approach to overcoming personal and professional challenges through psychedelic experiences has not only transformed his life but also offers profound insights into resi...

In this episode of Order Within I sit down with Lo Myrick, a peak performance and mindset coach. We discuss Lo's journey on personal development, overcoming struggles with body dysmorphia, taking personal responsibility, and the impact of psych K.

Our discussion covers the harmful effects of hustle culture and the necessity and benefits of self-love, compassion, rest, and the concept of 'inner glow'.

We also discuss impactful str...

In this enlightening episode of 'Order Within,' we sit down with Alexa Curtis, a renowned entrepreneur and social media influencer, to delve into the complexities of mental health in the digital age. 

Alexa shares her personal journey, from starting as a teenage blogger to becoming a formidable voice in the world of entrepreneurship. She opens up about the challenges and pressures of early success and how it impacted her mental hea...

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In this enlightening episode of Order Within, host Brandon Ward shifts focus towards understanding the nuances of narcissism, discussing the different types and how to recover from narcissistic abuse.

Joined by therapist Chelsea Brooke Cole, who specializes in narcissistic abuse and relational trauma, they delve into the various ways that narcissism manifests in individuals within our society. 

A key point raised is the significan...

The latest episode of Order Within is an enlightening conversation with Tereza Rehorova, a neuroleadership specialist and founder of Devalu Vision.

She shares her in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and the art of visualization to transform your visions into reality. 

Tereza's unique approach - combining ancient meditation principles with modern neuroscience - helps her clients navigate their inner chaos, leading them toward person...

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In this episode of Order Within, I sit down with Scott Ventrella, an author and professor, to delve into the complex topic of compassion. We explore how the concept has been distorted in our society, often masking destructive behaviors under the guise of empathy and understanding.

Through in-depth discussion and real-world examples, we uncover the true essence of compassion, grounded in faith and personal responsibility.

Table of ...
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Welcome back to another episode of Order Within. In today's episode, we're taking a deep dive into the multifaceted world of Pia Leichter—a rock star in the realms of coaching, entrepreneurship, and creative work. Pia is the founder of The Kollektiv Studio, a certified coach, and a creative genius with over a decade of experience. 

We'll explore the intricacies of wearing multiple hats, the challenges and joys of carving your own p...

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    In this episode, join me, Brandon Ward, as I welcome our guest, Jos Willard, to delve into the powerful world of coaching and psychological tools. We'll explore the transformative impact of asking the right questions, the utilization of psychological tools, and the delicate balance between natural talent and hard work.

    Get ready for an insightful conversation on coaching, therapy, and the strategies to overcome depression.

    What's H...

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    In Episode 77 of the Order Within Podcast, I'm joined by the insightful Dr. Margaret Paul. Together, we embark on a profound journey, exploring the far-reaching impacts of childhood experiences on our adult lives.

    We delve into the intricate workings of the brain, uncover the concept of "inner bonding," and trace the transformational path of Dr. Paul's spiritual journey.

    What's Happening in Today's Episode:

    Our conversation touches...

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    In Episode 76, I sit down with the remarkable Mary Grothe to explore her incredible journey of resilience and transformation. We delve into her personal struggles with addiction and self-destruction, shedding light on the harsh realities of life and business hardships.

    What's Happening in Today's Episode:

    Mary shares her candid experiences, taking us on a journey from the depths of addiction to the heights of sobriety and healing....

    Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Order Within Podcast. I'm your host, Brandon Ward, and today, I'm joined by a remarkable guest, Ben Albert. Together, we embark on a deep and candid exploration of life's challenges, personal development, and the nuances of navigating our emotions.

    What's Happening in Today's Episode:

    In this insightful conversation, Ben and I delve into the profound impact of life's hardships on our pers...

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    In this episode of the Order Within Podcast, I embark on a journey of self-reflection and contemplation, diving deep into the dichotomy of "being" versus "doing" that permeates our modern lives.

    As our society races at a breakneck pace, constantly pushing us to achieve, produce, and consume, I take a moment to explore the profound wisdom in slowing down and embracing the art of "being."

    Join me as I unravel the dangers of perpetu...

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    Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal transformation in Episode 73 of the Order Within Podcast.

    In this enlightening episode, I had the honor of hosting Alain Phillips, whose wisdom spans personal growth and spirituality.

    Our conversation takes us on a journey through the intricacies of human existence and offers profound insights into the art of mastering oneself.

    What's Happening in Today's Episode:

    We’ll ...

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    Get ready for an inspiring journey of self-discovery and personal growth as host Brandon Ward and guest Aleana Kali dive into the transformative power of authenticity and overcoming resistance.

    In this captivating episode, they explore Aleana's remarkable path from struggle to self-realization, offering invaluable insights and practical strategies for listeners seeking to embrace their true selves.

    What's Happening in Today's Epis...

    Mark as Played

    In this enlightening episode, join host Brandon Ward as he welcomes guest Andrew Daniel. We embark on a profound exploration of personal growth, self-help, and the transformative journey toward the Hero's archetype.

    Through candid conversations and insightful discussions, we delve into various aspects of self-improvement, shedding light on the pitfalls to avoid and the strategies to embrace.

    What's Happening in Today's Episode:


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    This begins a new chapter of the Order Within Podcast! We are adding conversations with great thinkers, doers, and inspirational people in addition to the solo pod episodes.

    This marks an exciting time and expansion of content we aim to bring you here. The topics will focus on various topics, always centering around the Order Within concepts of our discussions.

    Our first guest will be Christine McDannell.

    Let’s dig in!

    What's Ha...

    In this episode, we delve deep into the roots of narcissism and explore the groundbreaking insights of Dr. Alexander Lowen. Join us to uncover the origins of narcissistic tendencies and their impact on our understanding of self and society.

    What's Happening in Today's Episode:

    We shine a light on the work of Dr. Alexander Lowen, a renowned psychotherapist, and his contributions to understanding the underlying factors that contribut...

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    Finding a path toward love and compassion becomes an essential endeavor in a world filled with fear-driven narratives and anger-fueled ideologies.

    Join us in Episode 68 as we delve into the destructive power of fear-based ideologies and the transformative journey of choosing love over anger and hatred.

    In this thought-provoking episode, we explore how fear is used to control and manipulate and how anger and hatred can lead to div...

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    In Episode 67 of Order Within, we embark on a journey to explore the profound concept that happiness and fulfillment reside within us. Join us as we delve into the truth that seeking true contentment is not an external pursuit but an internal transformation.

    What's Happening in Today's Episode

    In this episode, we shed light on the liberating idea that our inner state of being is the ultimate source of happiness and fulfillment. We...

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    In today's episode, we delve into the power of critical thinking and independent thought, exploring how they shape our perspectives and impact our lives. We explore the dangers of relying on outside sources for our thinking and the dangers of outsourced thinking.

    Join us as we discuss the importance of using our minds to explore, question, and seek knowledge, rather than relying solely on external sources for our beliefs.

    What’s H...

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