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A Podcast that takes video game and movie pairings to see how they compare against each other in different ways! Brought to you by Stephen Pidgeon and CJ Welsh, who both work in the game and film industries respectively.


October 1, 2023 133 mins

Structured differently to our regular episodes, this one is just about the newly released title from Bethesda Softworks - Starfield! We also have a special guest joining us in this episode - a massive science fiction nerd and a background mostly in tech and IT, it's CJ's mum Dani Welsh!

In this episode we dive deep into what Starfield is, what it's about, how it works behind the scenes, and what the size and scale of it means both...

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This one is all about Dungeons and Dragons with Baldur's Gate 3 & Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves!

Baldur's Gate 3 is the latest role-playing video game developed by Larian Studios and released in 2023.  It is a story-rich, party-based RPG set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, where your choices shape a tale of fellowship and betrayal, survival and sacrifice, and the lure of absolute power.

Dungeons & ...

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August 27, 2023 136 mins

Joining us as a guest on this episode to talk about Resident Evil and Zombi is Louie Roots!

An Interactive Designer and Producer, Louie tutors at Swinburne University, and is also a Director for Freeplay Independent Games Festival.


Resident Evil is a 1996 survival horror game developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation. It is the first game in Capcom's Resident Evil franchise.

In Resident Evil, the STARS force (special ...

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This pairing is all about Spiderman with Spiderman: Miles Morales and Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse!


In Spiderman: Miles Morales - teenager Miles Morales is adjusting to his new home while following in the footsteps of his mentor, Peter Parker, as a new Spider-Man. But when a fierce power struggle threatens to destroy his new home, the aspiring hero realizes that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. T...

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June 11, 2023 150 mins

We have so much to talk about with this pairing as we dive into the genre of New Weird with Control & Annihilation!

In Control - released in 2019 and developed by Remedy Entertainment - you are Jesse Faden, a young woman with a troubled past. You become the new Director of the Bureau of Control - Our frontline in researching and fighting against supernatural enemies like the Hiss threatening our very existence.

Annihilation - relea...

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May 28, 2023 89 mins

This episode is about Meet Your Maker and Cube!

Meet Your Maker - developed by Behaviour Interactive and release 2023 - is a post-apocalyptic first-person building-and-raiding game where every level is designed by players.

Cube, directed by Vincenzo Natali and released in 1997 - which also had two sequels and a Japanese remake - is about group of strangers who awaken to find themselves placed in a giant cube. Each one of them is gi...

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April 30, 2023 117 mins

It's cosmic horror in this episode where we talk about the Dead Space remake and Event Horizon!

Dead Space (2023) is a remake of the original Dead Space video game from 2008 in which you play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who has been sent to investigate a distress signal coming from the ship USG Ishimura. You very quickly come across horrific creatures and have to fight and survive the depths of the ship to find out what's happenin...

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It's all about Star Wars in this episode! We're looking at Jedi: Fallen Order & Obi Wan Kenobi

CJ is a big passionate Mega Nerd in this one while Stephen is more on the passive side of the audience here as they dive into the discussion of Star Wars, the history of Star Wars and what they might like to see in future entries into the Star Wars universe!

Jedi: Fallen Order is set 5 years after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and the ...

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April 2, 2023 105 mins

It's the big budget television series we've been excited for ever since it was announced the show was in production! That's right - this is The Last of Us!

The Last of Us is originally a video game released in 2013 developed by Naughty Dog, and now has a 2023 HBO TV series adaptation of the same story! In a hostile, post-pandemic world, Joel and Ellie, brought together by desperate circumstances, must rely on each other to survive ...

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October 30, 2022 67 mins

It's all about high-octane action in this pairing with Doom Eternal & Mad Max Fury Road!

Doom Eternal is the latest entry in the first-person-shooter genre-defining video game franchise that is DOOM. With the original Doom releasing in 1993, Doom Eternal is a 2020 game developed by Id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons...

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October 23, 2022 91 mins

Join as as we dive in to Halo Infinite and Halo the Paramount+ TV Series!

Halo Infinite is the sixth mainline entry into the Halo video game franchise, released in 2021 and developed by 343 Industries. When all hope is lost and humanity's fate hangs in the balance, Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he's ever faced.

Halo is a 2022 TV Series developed for Paramount, created by Steven Kane & Kyle Killen and starr...

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October 16, 2022 93 mins

This one is all about zombies! We talk about Back 4 Blood and the original Night of the Living Dead.

Back 4 Blood is a 2021 first-person-shooter video game developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. From the creators of the critically-acclaimed Left 4 Dead franchise, You are at the center of a war against the Ridden. These once-human hosts of a deadly parasite have turned into terrifyin...

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October 9, 2022 83 mins

This one is all about Among Us & The Thing! And also we talk about 12 Angry Men a little bit as well.

Among Us is a 2018 video game developed by Innersloth. Directly inspired by The Thing and blowing up in popularity during the pandemic, it is an online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-15 players...in space!

The Thing is a 1982 movie written and directed by John Carpenter. Starring Kurt Russel as the main charact...

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October 2, 2022 101 mins

This episode is about It Takes Two and Toy Story and features special guests Holly (Stephen's partner) and Cathy (CJ's wife)!

It Takes Two is a two player co-operative adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and released in 2021, winning Game of the Year at the video game awards that same year. Play as the clashing couple Cody and May, two humans turned into dolls by a magic spell. Together, trapped in a fantastical world whe...

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September 25, 2022 90 mins

This episode is about Tomb Raider & Tomb Raider! That may sound confusing, but that's because we're covering the 2013 Tomb Raider game and the 2018 direct movie adaptaion of the same name.

Tomb Raider is a 2013 action-adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix's European subsidiary. It is the tenth main game in the Tomb Raider franchise and is a reboot of the series, acting as the first instalme...

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September 18, 2022 80 mins

This episode is about Deathloop and Boss Level! Both have timeloops but is that enough for them to work well as a pairing?

Deathloop is a game developed by Arkane Studios and released in 2021. You play as an assassin who is caught in a deadly time-loop on an island full of enemies. In order to succeed, you'll have to die, die and die again.

Boss Level is a film released in 2020, starring Frank Grillo and directed by Joe Carnahan. T...

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September 11, 2022 103 mins

This episode is about The Outer Worlds and Firefly!

The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and released in 2019. As you explore a space colony, the character you decide to become will determine how this player-driven story unfolds. In the colony's corporate equation, you are the unplanned variable.

Firefly is a television series created by Joss Whedon and originally aired in 2002. As you ...

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September 11, 2022 82 mins

In this episode we discuss the 'full-motion-video' video game Erica, paired with Black Mirror Bandersnatch! Both feature game and movie elements but one is marketed primarily as a game while the other is marketed primarily as a movie. Where do we draw the line between games and movies and does it work in these examples?

Erica released in 2019 and is a full motion video-based interactive film video game developed by Flavourworks and...

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In our very first episode we are discussing Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland and the Fear Street movie trilogy, Fear Street 1994, Fear Street 1978 and Fear Street 1666! 

Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland is a point-and-click adventure game adapted from the Goosebumps novels written by R. L. Stine, developed by Danger Close Games and released in 1996. Lizzy, Luke and Clay are trapped in Horrorland - and you must help rescue them....

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