Precision Insights Podcast

Precision Insights Podcast

The Precision Insights podcast consists of inspiring conversations around precision medicine with industry thought leaders and innovators. Every two months (and sometimes more), we share the most cutting-edge technologies, processes and initiatives in precision health.


July 24, 2023 26 mins

This time around, we're joined by Corrie Sanders, Founder and CEO of Huna Health, Hawai'i’s first and only pharmacogenomic consulting company, as well as President of the Hawai’i Pharmacists Association! 

We had a riveting conversation with Corrie about her journey as a pharmacist and pharmacogenetics (PGx) advocate, as well as what catapulted her into starting her own practice. By advocating for the diverse population of Hawai’i, ...

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This time around, we had an exciting conversation with Shawn Bjorndal, founder of RPhAlly! He joined us for an exciting episode to share his journey in precision medicine with the intertwined perspective of pharmacy.  

In this episode, you’ll gain a fresh outlook on Shawn's  experience in the field from being a former retail pharmacist to a founder of an incredible networking platform, and what it's like bringing together large gro...

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This time around, we had an illuminating conversation with Karen Merritt, a founding member of a patient advocacy organization, Advocates for Universal DPD/DPYD Testing! She joined us for an exciting episode to share her journey into pharmacogenetics (PGx) that started with her mom’s story with colon cancer.  

This episode, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on Karen's  experience in DPD/DPYD testing and PGx, her journey into precisio...

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Join us for our first episode of 2023! In this episode, we talk with Thu Nguyen about transitions of care in the medical space. Thu is a clinical pharmacist with six years of experience in inpatient clinical pharmacy. She has developed a passion for spreading awareness about the importance of transitions of care and ensuring that there is a seamless process in place for when patients are transitioning from provider to provider or h...

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In this week’s podcast episode, join Dave Wolfe from GenXys and Jena Quinn, owner of Perfecting Peds, for the second episode of a two-part series. This week, they talked all about maternal health and the role that precision medicine plays in ensuring patient safety and efficiency all around. Perfecting Peds provides clinical services to help you better understand your child’s medications to offer you peace of mind. They work with y...

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This week, we were joined by Melissa Turner, a retail pharmacist turned owner of Tarheel PGx Consulting, a pharmacogenetics consulting company. In this episode, you’ll hear about her transition during 2020 when she decided to make a shift in her career and pursue an entrepreneurial path toward work she felt passionate about. Precision Insights is GenXys’ exclusive podcast where we are joined by special guests in or adjacent to the...

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In this week’s podcast episode, Elizabeth Newman, a retail pharmacist who transitioned intro writing, joins Dave Wolfe from GenXys for an upbeat episode about Elizabeth's journey in pharmacy, her newer journey in writing, and where she's headed. 


Hosted by Dave Wolfe, this podcast will provide insight into the experience of making big life changes and creating your own path, focusing on the feeling of burnout, pharmacy, and prec...

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In this week’s podcast episode, join Dave Wolfe from GenXys and Jena Quinn, owner of Perfecting Peds as they talk about Jena’s experience in pediatrics, her journey into precision medicine, and a discussion surrounding early genotypes and how they will enhance future health. 

Hosted by Dave Wolfe, this podcast will provide insight into the role of precision medicine and pediatric medicine. 


Show notes:

(0:28): About Jena Quinn 


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Join us this week for an exciting follow-up episode with Dr. Martin Dawes, GenXys’ Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, and Andrea Collins, a Clinical Pharmacist who leads Project Management at GenXys. This week, the tables are turned as they continue their engaging conversation from Part I about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into implementing pharmacogenetics into primary care.  


Hosted by Dr. Martin Dawes, this podca...

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In this week’s podcast episode, Andrea Collins, a Clinical Pharmacist who leads Project Management at GenXys is joined by Dr. Martin Dawes, GenXys’ Chief Scientific Officer, and Co-Founder. Listen as they engage in a lively conversation about the implementation of pharmacogenetics in primary care and the work that goes on behind the scenes to make it happen.  

Hosted by Andrea Collins, this podcast will provide clear direction into...

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Dr. Jamie Wilkey, Founder of PGx Consulting Confidence Academy and CEO of Arches Health is joined by our CMO, Dr. Bernard Esquivel, to share her thoughts on implementing pharmacogenetics into point of care and the changing role of pharmacists.   

Show Notes: 

(0:15) - Dr. Jamie Wilkey introduction 

(3:08) - PGx as a piece of the puzzle

(5:16) - Delivering PGx to point of care

(9:20) - Education and training 

(12:02) - The role of t...

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Dr. Asha Pai Bohannon, PharmD, CDCES, CPT, Owner & CEO of Patient Advocacy Initiative (PAI) Wellness Group joins us to discuss holistic approaches to patient care, patient empowerment and education, and making an impact.  

Show Notes:

(0:23) - Dr. Asha Pai Bohannon introduction

(1:44) - Dr. Asha's holistic approach

(7:02) - Patient empowerment

(11:11) - Diabetes success story 

(18:15) - Helping pharmacists become their own advocate...

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Sue Paul, RPh, Founder of SyneRxgy Consulting and Co-Founder of Medipreneurs and PGx101, and Dr. Amy Van Milligan, Internal Medicine/Pediatric Specialist, join us to discuss deprescribing, collaborative care, and pharmacogenetic success stories.  

Show Notes:

(00:11) - Introducing Sue Paul & Dr. Amy Van Milligan

(3:00) - Benefit of introducing pharmacogenetics to Dr Van Milligan's clinic 

(4:15) - Eliminating Trial and Error


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Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa, Chief Scientific Officer of Genome Canada as well as Founder & President of ODNS Canada, joins our very own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Bernard Esquivel, to share her expertise on how genomics can reach its full potential, tackle health disparities, create equity, and have a global impact.

Show Notes:

(00:25) – Introducing Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa

(02:55) – The intersection of COVID-19 and Genomics


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Neda Leonard, CEO of Rx Gene IQ and a Dual Board-Certified Pharmacist in Pharmacotherapy and Geriatrics, joins us today, with her patient, Joey Stanford, to discuss how precision medicine identified the underlying cause of Joey’s lifelong health issues.

Show Notes:

(00:35) – Introducing Neda

(01:30) – Neda Leonard’s background and professional interests

(07:00) – Introducing Joey Stanford

(07:50) – Joey's Story

(12:30) – The Compli...

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Wrenda Teeple, the Chief Clinical Officer and Director of Regulatory Affairs at Arbit Consulting, joins us today to provide her expertise on PGx implementation, study designs, and the tension between the evidence we have and the evidence that we need.

Show Notes:

1:30 – Introductions

5:40 –Wrenda’s Passion for PGx

6:45 – STRIPE and Playing the PGx Long game

11:05 – Studying PGx

13:25 – What is the validity and implications of the ...

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Nita Limdi, Professor at University of Alabama at Birmingham, who is also an amazing clinical pharmacist, renowned researcher and epidemiologist, joins us to talk about the power of mentorship, the way that genomic research is changing, and how race and issues of equity intersect with this important field.   Show Notes: 

1:41 Dr. Limdi’s introduction to pharmacogenetics

2:55 The value of mentorship

6:03 Qualities of a good mentor...

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Stephen Creasy, the Director of Clinical Services at PharMerica, joins us to talk about how PharMerica approached pandemic response at their long-term care facilities, the potential of pharmacogenetics and precision medicine in long-term care settings, and the importance of embracing new technologies to improve patient care.

Show Notes: 

2:15 Stephen’s past experience and why he joined Pharmerica

5:40 Key takeaways working at Phar...

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Jennifer Leib and Megan Anderson Brooks, Founder and Principal respectively of Innovation Policy Solution, joins us in this episode to discuss some of the most important US policies that relate to precision medicine, how COVID-19 has impacted the discussions surrounding the intersection of precision medicine and politics and the upcoming policy decisions that will shape the landscape of precision medicine in years to come. Show No...

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Todd Sega is the Senior Vice President of Development and Strategy at Pharmacy Quality Solutions, or PQS, which is a company specialized in performance management solutions for pharmacies. Todd joined us in this episode to talk about value-based pharmacy services, and the current landscape of precision medicine and what types of quality measures might be developed in response to these changes. 

Show Notes:

To ensure high quality ...

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