Pub Ammo Podcast

Pub Ammo Podcast

The PubAmmo Podcast is an escape for the everyday hard working slogger, like yourself. We talk Hard facts on all the stories you would otherwise hear in the pub and possibly add some Mayo, we love a good hunt ,spear or fish, plus love talking smack, so if that’s up your alley, grab ya bowling balls and hold on.


May 21, 2024 54 mins

Hey yeah the lads are back with some colloquialisms ( yes used spell check) to pepper your brain holes, Taz inches close to getting his boat back and Jai is Literally kicking goals. Nice easy yarn to listen to, so grab a bevy and act like a Kevie and UPPA!!

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Today the boys Yarn with the Mayocci brothers a MMA and Jiujitsu world championship family and soon to take over the MMA world and fly the Aussie flag flat stick representing City Kickboxing in Auckland New Zealand


Jump on board all the funny stories from past fights and what they’ve been up to at City Kick Boxing, apparently the boys like scooters!!







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they boys chat how the podcast is growing and will need a switch bitch to help with their future episodes, so if you know somebody that has the skills and loves a laugh, send to either,


@pub_ammo on instagram

They also chat a lot more of what the past week bought up, Ashers 16th, Jays wholly foot etc !!

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April 30, 2024 63 mins

Taz gets on a big bird and heads south to the GC to watch the Podcast Royale Fight Night, some good stories to hear and find out what staying up for 31Hrs sounds like, Jai gets into the weeds on the controversial topic of a "women's place " in society, have your say by leaving a voice message on or insta @pub_ammo 

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April 23, 2024 72 mins

Jai and Taz are back , Taz got his new engine for his ship, they get political and Taz is off to The Podcast Royale this weekend, what could possibly go wrong?

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April 17, 2024 82 mins

The boys are back in quick succession to make up for Taz's fishy trip, google cows prolapse and we'll start from there. UPPA!! to tell us were shit

@pub_ammo to tell us you're shit

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April 13, 2024 77 mins

Jai's got cock throat and Taz goes north in a boat, and that's all you need to know.

@pub_ammo Insta Bra 

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April 1, 2024 65 mins

yep the boys are back to recap the 50th episode, talk easter break and one of us is going up to Gods country to chase Barra, have a listen and a six pack. UPPA!!

@pub_ammo instagram

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This one is the boys 50th episode show that they done Live at Gilligan's Cairns, such a good spot. Had a visit from KRAB KING and chat with one of the Directors of the company Kodi Mathews, as you will hear, not all goes to plan, crazy live crab tying, JUST HOW THEY LIKE IT!!!

Special thanks to....



And our family for putting up with our requests, especially the potato peelers!!

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March 12, 2024 64 mins

Yeah the boys are back, Taz talks his new car (Maybe another COTW) and he got the fuck out of here away from the rain, Jai gets stuck in a salty king tide and the footy is back, UPPA!!

@pub_ammo instagram

See yuz at Gillian's Niteclub Cairns on Saturday the 23rd of March to help us celebrate the Half Century in podcast Eps 3pm onwards

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Yes we say we don't want to get political but in this one, the Lads, talk a bit of football, a bit os spearing with Jai's Family and a heck of a lot of politics, but the stuff you need to listen to, so grab a six pack and hold on.

@pub_ammo insta


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February 27, 2024 71 mins

The boys have a mate drop by, Mick Horseford is a Banana Farmer who spent his apprentice years as a chippy living up the CapeYork Peninsula, few yarns and banana farms to be told in this one.

@pub_ammo on insta


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February 22, 2024 73 mins

Yeah the lads chat a bit of politics at the start, Coles , woolies, Aldi ,none are better than each other, also chat a spearfishing comp idea by making it online, and the usual piss takes, so get ya wireless noise cancelling headphones and a sex pack, yes we said it SEX PACK. UPPA!!! for anything may wanna say or @pub_ammo on Instagram

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February 16, 2024 71 mins

Yeah the lads chat about how father time catches everyone, some earlier than others, also check @punterspolitics on instagram to see how our Gov is fucking us over. enjoy!!

@pub_ammo instagram

pubammo tik tok to send in a yarn or two 

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Yeah the boys are back at it, Taz has his honest review of the Osprey Spear gun he purchased, Jai has a nearly his first COTW ever, Taz is about 30 beers deep but pulls through, big day mustering cattle and lunatics  UPPA!!


if you really want to contact us, you would of by now , so who cares HAHAHA keep trying

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February 1, 2024 82 mins

Yep the boys yarn about the reason Taz was missing so many fish on their last spearfishing trip, and also the solution (Hopefully)@ospreyspearguns to the possible rescue. Grab a 6 pack as this one goes for 80mins of verbal defecation !!

@pub_ammo instagram



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Taz and Jai talk everything Australia Day, dog fights, dogs eating rocks, plus going to the reef and missing fish and we have another call-in by Eugene, so grab Yaself a 6 Packy cause its time to get whacky!!

checkout "The Captain" on YouTube for that shark attack story,

@pub_ammo instagram

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Yeah the boys are back, Taz talks about his yarns with Knuckles from the @protrueyarn Podcast, Jai talks about his fashion tragedy's, plus we get a visit from Eugene the Doorman with "Doorman Diaries"

So strap in, grab yaself a brewksy and hold on!!

@pub_ammo instagram for any yarns/stories

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January 7, 2024 82 mins

yeah the boys go a bit long in this one as Taz shares more stories about his father Kero's life, plus spearing and Taz's appearance on the @propertrueyarn podcast, in which he will be telling bulk mouth shit for at least the next week, so more Taz on the internet than really is needed!! Enjoy!!

@pub_ammo to tell us a yarn or give us heaps of $$$ for sponsorship cause were shitalking extraudinares 

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January 1, 2024 57 mins

Yes the boys are back, Taz had his hero Kerry Alcock ( HIS DAD)pass away in the xmas period and chats a bit about that, but they also talk about 2024 and what that will bring, Vale Kerry Alcock

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