Queer Changemakers

Queer Changemakers

Queer Changemakers shares stories and experiences of LGBTQ+ leaders who are actively making a positive difference in our communities. From activists to entrepreneurs, artists to nonprofit leaders, each episode features a conversation with a Queer Changemaker sharing their vision for our world, how they are taking action, and how others can support and learn from them. Listeners will learn from the challenges, triumphs, and unique perspectives of these inspiring individuals and hopefully find inspiration to make an impact in their local communities and beyond.


May 31, 2024 85 mins

Candis Fox is changing the world by helping individuals live into their own financial integrity, through their financial wellness and coaching services. 


In this conversation, we talk about the connection between our money stories, finances and our mental health. We discuss themes of scarcity, facing our fears, our responsibilities to ourselves and to others, and challenges of being an LGBTQ+ business owner.


In this conversatio...

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Diana Pastrana is changing the world by helping companies grow through conflict and create more inclusive workplaces. 

In this conversation, we discuss how workplaces affect individuals and their mental health. We also discuss how diversity can bring challenges, the useful role conflict can play in an organization, workplace engagement and strategies to avoid burnout. 

As we continue our conversations on Mental Health, we also disc...

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Natalie Jovanic is changing our world by providing trauma counseling as well as trauma recovery coaching services for individuals. Natalie also shares their experience of being nonbinary and how they are working to make the field more understanding and inclusive. 


In this conversation, continuing our series on mental health, we talk about boundaries, intersectionality, loving the various aspects of ourselves and how the environme...

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Carey Cook is changing the world and community through her therapy practice using traditional and somatic methods. Even before she became licensed she was supporting individuals and students in her career path. To learn more about Carey’s practice: https://careycookcounseling.com


In this conversation, we continue our series around mental health. We discuss themes of being queer in the south, and some of the challenges that follow...

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Raven Ekundayo and Us Helping Us are changing the world by providing wrap-around health and wellness services in the DC area, centered around Queer and Black folx experiences, yet all are welcome to receive care.


Us Helping Us also collaborates with research groups and has a number of paid research studies for individuals that meet the selection criteria. Learn More here: https://www.ushelpingus.org/join-a-study 


Raven Ekundayo...

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Raven Ekundayo is changing the world through wellness, healing spaces, and community.


In part 1 of this conversation, we talk about his journey into wellness, as well as themes of mental health, and a full conversation about what mental health looks like, some challenges in and around our communities, and how we can create more spaces of healing where everyone can be included and be truly SEEn. 

In our continued series on Mental ...

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Sarah “SC” Nealy (they/them) is changing the world by supporting the mental health journeys of the Queer community through their practice: LGBT+ Counseling Collaborative, located in Arlington, VA . In this conversation, we talk about their journey, multiple themes of mental health, healing and community. Their practice is led by Queer therapists and provides a range of services. To learn more about their services and offerings, p...

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April 3, 2024 62 mins

Kirk and Adam are changing the world by helping GBTQ+ men Live Out Proud in all aspects of their lives. Together, Kirk Barnett and Adam Owens are not only advocates for change but also living examples of the transformative power of embracing authenticity and following one's true calling. Through their work with Live Out Proud and their individual endeavors, they continue to inspire others to live boldly, authentically, and with unw...

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Heather is changing the world, by helping people create more expansive lives by learning to know, like and trust themselves. In this conversation, she shares her journey, how she needed to rebuild her life in a more authentic and self-determined way, and how she helps others do the same. 

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March 21, 2024 17 mins

When you think of our LGBTQ+ community, what do you want to see as the next step or an improvement? Or if you had a magic wand, what would you wish for that helps our community or beyond?

Share your Vision here: https://bit.ly/QCM_shareyourvision

In this episode, I share my thoughts around vision and I share the visions of individuals I met at the 2024 Creating Change conference in January. 

Connect on me on Instagram @QueerChangem...

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March 14, 2024 78 mins

Jae Edwards is changing the world by imagining, creating and organizing inclusive communities on campus as Assistant director of the LGBTQ+ Center. In this conversation we discuss Jae’s journey into creating spaces of belonging, especially for Black Queer and Trans folk, ideas around Afro-Futurism, and believing in and validating ourselves and our experiences. 


Connect with Jae on LinkedIn 

Or email Jae @ jedwards1441@gmail.com


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March 12, 2024 12 mins

In this episode, I share a few highlights and ideas I experienced at the Creating Change conference in New Orleans in January. 


Learn more about the LGBTQ+ Taskforce and the conference:



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March 7, 2024 75 mins

Jon Carl Lewis is changing the world by integrating faith, religion and queer sexuality. We discuss various concepts and traditions that affirm queer lives in the Bible, and we discuss his upcoming event “Dancing with the Erotic Jesus”. 


Trigger warning: There are many references to Jesus and christianity in this episode. Although, it is in a different light than typical christian conversations, we understand if you choose to ski...

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February 14, 2024 69 mins

Laverne Simpson is changing the world by helping people of faith better understand the LGBTQ+ community through art and story. A writer, producer, and director, Laverne shares about her stage play "Affirming Love" and her book "Just Be You Baby." *

We discuss experiences with church communities and the reasons why people leave them, and the potential of storytelling to provoke thought, stimulate discussion, and effect change.

To ge...

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January 31, 2024 67 mins

Liza Lomax (they/them) is changing the world by helping leaders and individuals develop a true and deep sense of self-love. Self-love is a foundation for life, and guides their coaching practice: Love Your Body coaching.


From Feb 1 - 14, Liza is hosting a Love Yourself First challenge on Facebook with daily lives, exercises and community to help attendees proactively show more love to themselves. Join the FB group here: https://b...

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January 17, 2024 16 mins

Welcome to Season 1 of Queer Changemakers! The first set of episodes were the pilot season, and with 2024 we will continue to share stories of LGBTQIA+ individuals taking action to make our communities, and the world, a better place.

I share a short recap of the previous season, and my commitment to record 40 episodes this year. 

Finally, my word for this year is "Co-creation" and I share how I will let that guide me as we move for...

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December 28, 2023 87 mins

Magda is changing the world by helping organizations create trans-inclusive workplaces. She shares her journey as an HR leader and entrepreneur.

Magda also shares her transition journey transitioning, and the power of mentors who can sometimes see who we are before we can. 

I appreciate this episode because it mentions both the professional and the personal. 

Please learn more about and connect with Magda through her website: www.m...

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December 20, 2023 52 mins

Mike Henderson is changing the world by empowering Black and Gay individuals to travel around the world. An avid traveler himself, as well as a travel agent, he organizes many group trips around the world helping people not only see the sights and experience the culture, but with a passion for history and urban design Mike can share why cities were laid out certain ways and help people get a deeper appreciation for each travel expe...

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November 27, 2023 68 mins

Harris Eddie Hill (they/them) is an out-and-proud nonbinary podcaster, best-selling author, coach and founder of the Centre for Childhood Trauma Healing; a platform dedicated to supporting neurodivergent, queer or highly empathic adults to overcome their childhood trauma and begin to thrive.

In our conversation, Harris emphasizes the importance of self-education and empowerment as consistent themes in life.  

Connect with Harris be...

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November 20, 2023 67 mins

Stefaan is the founder of Titanology, a platform dedicated to providing LGBTQ+ business owners with resources, community, and development. His goal is to  eliminate LGBTQ+ business failure within the next decade.

Connect with Stefaan at https://titanology.world



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