The Rider-Up Podcast presented by Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge is about bicycling. Mountain bikes. Road Bikes. Gravel Bikes. Bicycle Gear, famous cyclists, and interesting people from around the world. All from Virginia’s Blue Ridge -- America’s East Coast Mountain Biking Capital and an IMBA Silver Ride Center. Hosts Dan Lucas -- a pro bike mechanic, skills instructor, and downhill coach joins avid cyclist and professional journalist John Carlin to cover all the ground there is to cover when it comes to bicycles.


August 1, 2023 70 mins

Our cycling hosts have a packed agenda today. John has been traveling and will reveal there was a second Tea Party in pre-revolutionary days. Dan has been slamming down mountains and is still thinking about hopping on a gravel bike and rolling some 'B' roads. Cycling events from all over the world: road, gravel, and mountain bike competitions from France to Kansas to Colombia. Training and tech tips. New bikes and tech...


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John and Dan have been busy as bees spinning on the road, grinding a little gravel, or flying down a mountain. It's all here today: rides completed and to come, some racing, meditations on bike packing, the latest tech, and more. And remember, watch out for that lady in the pick up truck!

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Our intrepid hosts share their latest adventures. Gnats & Bats with John! Dan, of course, goes downhill. A discussion of sportsmanship. The newest tech from SRAM -- See link below for the unboxing of the new SRAM Eagle Transmission!

Dan describes how his wife fell for him due to his bike skills, while John goes off on the value of teaching sportsmanship.

Listen in as John races a bat on the greenway.  If you want to hear more of Jo...

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Ride along with Rider-Up co-host John Carlin on his evening road bike ride between the 6 pm and 11 pm newscasts.  Great dinner break right?  This is an edited stream of consciousness as John cruises through downtown Roanoke to the Roanoke River Greenway.  Along the way, he evaluates his new Roval C-38 wheels, chokes down a few gnats along the river, races a bat for a hundred yards, and talks about how these rides enhance the viewer...

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John and Dan welcome MTB racer Abi Snyder to discuss building a plan for your upcoming cycling season. Then we follow Dan on a downhill ride. Next our hosts admire the most expensive hammer(?) in the world and Dan talks to Zach Geller, who made said hammer and also crafts custom bicycles. Finally John reveals in recounting his first road ride of the season. It's all in this episode!

Here is Dan's $300 ...

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Choosing the perfect mountain bike is just the start today for John and Dan. There's also discussion of e-bikes and industry trends. Dan contributes ride audio from the trails on Mill Mountain, our local mecca for a quick and lively ride. They don't always agree but John and Dan always have fun. Come along!

Show Notes

John's Blog: http://carlinthecyclist.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carlint...

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John and Dan cover a wide range of subjects in this episode. Dan's new role at Cardinal bicycle. E-bikes and their place on mountain and gravel trails. John's reluctance to fully embrace the "Disney Grandpa" role! Some great pointers on how to ride mountain switchbacks. A vital and inexpensive tool for your home bicycle tool kit. New trails in Virginia's Blue Ridge and more.

Follow John Carlin's Social...

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In episode 8 of the Rider-Up podcast, John is making new trail videos at Carvins Cove.  Dan has a new job description that will impact cycling in Virginia's Blue Ridge, and both of them want to talk all about their adventures in places like Vermont, Bentonville, Ak, and here in Virginia's Blue Ridge.  New Equipment. New rides. New responsibilities. Join them as the adventure begins for a new year of adventure!


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John and Dan interview Olympic medalist and cycling coach Shelley Olds.  Shelley raced in the 2012 Olympics and had a solid chance at a medal.  She shares the tragic story of that day, her significant issues, and her recovery from serious head injuries due to crashes.  Shelley graduated from Roanoke College in Salem, Va., where she was a stand-out soccer player.  She then transitioned to bikes and there was no looking back.  Now sh...

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John and Dan welcome Juan DelaRoca and Stephen Beneski, creators and publishers of Gravel Adventure Field Guides to fuel your passion for all things gravel!

Visit their website at https://graveladventurefieldguide.com

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Cane Creek is one of those bike companies that just exudes coolness.  It's a company whose culture goes straight to the heart of cycling.  Located in Asheville, the employees all ride, test and enjoy.  And though it's up against the giants in the industry, Cane Creek is seen as an innovator that can move quickly and bring new ideas to the market in a heartbeat.  Listen in as Bryan Flack tells Dan and John the company's story and sh...

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Pro cyclist Kerry Werner of Kona joins hosts John Carlin and Dan Lucas for episode 4 of the Rider-Up podcast.  Kerry shares stories from the trail, gravel and 'cross events he's done around the world, while we mortals pick his brain abut what ti takes to be, just so well - awesome! Kerry is also a fantastic video producer, and he talks about some the ways he's created content for his YouTube Channel.

And as a top level gravel racer...

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In Episode 3 of the Rider-Up podcast, Dan Lucas and John Carlin interview VBR Twenty24 creator and Executive Director Nicola Cranmer.  Nicola recruits the top women cyclists in the United States to join the team -- and many have succeeded in their ambition to represent the United States (and other countries) as Olympians -- with 13 winning Olympic medals! 

Nicola Cranmer (left) With Dan, John, and World Champion Amanda Coker, reco...

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Amanda Coker is nothing short of amazing.  The Florida-based cyclist averaged over 230 miles per day, EVERY day for a year to become the world record holder for annual mileage.  And it isn't even close.  In Episode 2 of the Rider-Up Podcast, Amanda stops by the bike shop in Virginia's Blue Ridge - the new home of Team Twenty24, to talk with Dan and John about how she was able to ride so many miles and stay so determined and well, e...

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Hosts Dan Lucas and John Carlin barely knew each other when they decided they had enough cycling in common to launch the Rider-Up Podcast.  Strange, because John is mostly a roadie and Dan refuses to ride on the road, preferring to huck down the hardest downhill terrain he can find on his mountain bike.  Dan works in a bike shop.  John, well -- shops at the shop.  But both of them enjoy living and riding in Virginia's Blue Ridge --...

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April 9, 2022 2 mins

When there's a rider coming at you on the trail, you yell "Rider Up" to let everyone behind you know to get out of their way!  Now when you hear Rider Up, you'll know it's your favorite bicycling podcast.  Give a quick listen to the trailer to see if Dan and John are talking about what you want to listen to!  Then subscribe and happy riding!

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