Scripture in Black and White

Scripture in Black and White

In this Podcast Hosted by Renew, Bobby Harrington and Anthony Walker discuss different topics in theology weekly. They dive into scripture and describe how oftentimes it is more black and white than people think.


July 10, 2024 46 mins

Exploring the Promises of the New Heaven and New Earth | Scripture in Black and White Season 4 Episode 7

In this episode of 'Scripture in Black and White,' Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington discuss the profound concept of the new heaven and the new earth, exploring biblical promises and the ultimate utopian dream. They reflect on life without the curse of the fall, the intimate presence of God, and the vision of an eternal paradi...

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Exploring the Realities of Hell - Scripture in Black and White

Join Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington in this somber yet necessary episode of 'Scripture in Black and White.' They dive into the biblical understanding of hell, its connection to God's holiness, and the eternal consequences for humanity. Featuring a deep discussion on passages from Exodus, Isaiah, and the book of Revelation, this episode underscores the serious natur...

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June 26, 2024 49 mins

Understanding the Final Judgment | Scripture in Black and White Season 4 Episode 5

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In this episode of 'Scripture in Black and White,' hosts Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington dive into the topic of the final judgment as taught in the Bible. They discuss its universal nature, the comprehensiveness of God's knowledge, the basis of Jesus' teachings, the fairness of God's judgment, and ...

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In this episode of 'Scripture in Black and White,' hosts Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington discuss the biblical concept of the resurrection of the dead. They dive into how early Christians viewed resurrection as a core part of their faith, citing various passages from both the Old and New Testaments, including Acts, Corinthians, Hebrews, Daniel, and John. They explore the significance of resurrection in Christian theology, Jesus'...

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June 12, 2024 35 mins

Exploring the Second Coming of Jesus - A Scripture in Black and White Podcast Episode

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Welcome back to Scripture in Black and White Season 4! Join hosts Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington as they dive deep into the biblical teachings on the Second Coming of Jesus. In this episode, Anthony and Bobby discuss the clear and black-and-white nature of scripture on crucial end-time events. ...

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June 5, 2024 51 mins

What Happens When We Die? 

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In this episode of 'Scripture in Black and White,' Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington talk about what the Bible says about life after death. They discuss Old Testament and New Testament understandings of Sheol, Hades, Paradise, and the ultimate destinations of Heaven and Hell. Using scriptures as their guide from Luke 16, Philippians, and Revelation, they ...

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This episode features a special taken (with permission) from the Jason Whitlock Show. On the Tennessee Harmony portion, Jason engaged Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington in a discussion on End Times. Check out the First episode of Anthony and Bobby's new series on End Times here: 


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Click here to vi...

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Exploring End Times

Join hosts Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington in the premier episode of Season 4 of 'Scripture in Black and White.' In this episode, Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington dive into the fascinating and often misunderstood topic of eschatology, the study of end times according to Scripture. With insights from Pew Research and personal anecdotes, they discuss various views on ...

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May 22, 2024 23 mins

Scripture in Black and White - Season 3 Finale: Understanding Identity in Christ

In the season three finale of Scripture in Black and White, hosts engage in an insightful discussion on identity in Christ, inspired by their book on the topic. They discuss identity theft perpetrated by ungodly societal influences and underscore the importance of understanding one's identity in Christ, especially for the youth. They also explore aspec...

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Unpacking Identity in Christ: Scripture in Black and White

In this episode of 'Scripture in Black and White', hosts Anthony Walker, Bobby Harrington, and Michelle Eagle discuss the concept of identity in Christ, drawing from their co-authored book on the topic. They go into the complexities of maintaining personal identity in a world that misconstrues it often, exploring tough subjects of race, gender, and embracing both the joys a...

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Breaking Divisions: A Conversation on Unity, Race, and Gender -- An Identity that Connects Us | Chapter 6

In this episode of 'Scripture in Black and White', Bobby Harrington discusses with guests Anthony Walker and Michelle Eagle about dividing lines within society - race, gender, and sexual orientation - and their impact on the church and Christian discipleship. Drawing upon scriptures, particularly Ephesians Chapter 2, they navig...

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Understanding Identity through the Lens of Christ -- An Identity that Repurposes Us | Season 3 Episode 5

In this episode of 'Scripture in Black and White', Bobby Harrington invites Anthony Walker and Michelle Eagle to contemplate the concept of identity, often distorted by sin or societal conditioning. They argue the importance of repurposing one's identity through the teachings of Christ, where everyone is worthy regardless of the...

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April 24, 2024 27 mins

Exploring Personality and Identity through Scripture | Identity Season 3 Episode 4 

This episode of "Scripture in Black and White" focusses on the subject of identity, using an ongoing discussion with Bobby, Michelle, and Anthony. This podcast season features a book that Michelle Eagle and Anthony Walker wrote that's centered around Identity, and then they explore the concept of individuality and how it aligns with the teachings of...

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Scripture in Black and White: Finding Identity and Dignity in Christ

In the third season of 'Scripture in Black and White,' Bobby Harrington, Anthony Walker, and Michelle Eagle invite listeners to explore the idea of dignity in the context of one's identity and roles. Today's episode goes deep into the dichotomy of shame and dignity and how people often allow societal categorizations, past failures, or external perceptions to deter...

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April 10, 2024 26 mins

Scripture in Black and White: Season 3, Episode 2 - Our Identity in Christ

Episode two of the 'Scripture in Black and White' podcast, Season three, covers the topic of oour identity in Christ. This season we are following along to the outline of Anthony and Michelle's book Identity. Today we cover chapter two of the book where hosts Bobby Harrington, Michelle Eagle, and Anthony explore the struggle of defining oneself by their role...

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April 3, 2024 27 mins

In this episode of Scripture in Black and White, hosts Anthony, Bobby and Michelle dive into the topic of identity from a scriptural perspective. They acknowledge the importance of having a Christian identity in the current society full of ambiguity. They also discuss the impact of culture and societal expectation on one's identity illustrated through the story of Moses from the Book of Exodus. Joined by Michelle Eagle, one of the ...

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March 27, 2024 2 mins

Bobby Harrington and Anthony Walker are BACK with a brand new Season of Scripture in Black and White. The upcoming third season, they will be joined by special guest Michelle Eagle, who will explore the topic of 'Identity'. By discussing Anthony and Michelle’s jointly authored book and critical scriptures, they aim to help listeners understand the Christian perspective of identity, including gender and personal identity in Christ.


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In this Season 2 Finale Bobby and Anthony continue their discussion on the topics of marriage and divorce in scripture. Both speakers share their experiences and viewpoints on marriage permanency, adultery, abuse, and celibacy. Stay tuned for Season 3! 

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00:00 Introduction and Recap of Previous Ses...

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Circling back to marriage and the family hosts Anthony Walker and Bobby Harrington discuss the topic of marriage, divorce, and their implications according to the biblical view. They talk about the importance of upholding the sanctity of marriage, the concept of "easy divorce," and touch upon the impact of divorce on children, drawing from various passages from the bible. They encourage their listeners to turn back to scripture for...

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In this informative discussion, Jay guides us through a comprehensive website filled with resources designed to aid families in their spiritual journeys. This website includes a variety of videos, music, and a specially designed book to assist in family discipleship. Jason Hauser illustrates the importance of casting a vision for faithful families and how the resources provided can simplify the process. The video emphasizes the sig...

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