Solutions From Ukraine

Solutions From Ukraine

The Solutions from Ukraine podcast, made by Rubryka media outlet, presents exclusive stories on Ukraine amid the full-scale war Russia launched in 2022. Every month, we cover a story of Ukraine’s resistance amid the war and explore solutions that communities in Ukraine develop despite the horrors of war. Read us at: Support us at:


May 2, 2024 64 mins

In the new podcast episode, Rubryka invites three prominent speakers to talk about the green recovery in Ukraine as the tool for post-war economy growth

Discussion points:

Principles of the green recovery that Ukraine will stand on. What is the green building refurbishment? What should it include in terms of energy and what technologies should it focus on? What can be done in the short term during the war?

Featured speakers:

  • Ro...
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In the new podcast episode, Rubryka invites three prominent speakers to talk about the role of the foreign media in Ukraine coverage. 

Discussion points:

  • Telling the story of Ukraine in international media outlets in 2022 vs 2024
  • How can media discourse change the narratives of the war outcome?
  • How Ukrainian media can cooperate with internati...
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Marking more than two years since the full-scale war began, Rubryka assesses the significant shifts, including Sweden's recent NATO accession and the formation of additional NATO battle groups in Eastern Europe

In this enlightening episode, we delve into the intricacies of European security architecture, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the broader implications for global stability. 


Kaimo Kuusk, former Estonian ...

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Ukraine’s resistance in the war with Russia depends highly on its air defense capabilities. Rubryka presents a new episode about the air defense that saves Ukrainian lives.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  1. Key aspects of how Ukrainian air defense systems work
  2. what is the current perspective on the relationship between air defense and ground operations
  3. Read more
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Rubryka continues the new season of its “Solutions from Ukraine” podcast with the first of several online conversations with civil society, government, and media representatives on hotly debated topics in Ukraine.

In this episode about Ukrainian culture, we discuss: 

  • Defying the odds: explore how Ukraine has preserved its rich cultural heritage despite centuries of external influences and recent cha...
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Frequent calls for more aid to Ukraine are often accompanied by accusations of corruption in the war-stricken country’s government No one is more concerned about this than Ukrainians, who want not just to win the war but live in a prosperous and democratic society.   


Rubryka launches its new season of its “Solutions from Ukraine” podcast with the first of several online conversations with civil society, government, and media rep...

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The fight for Ukrainian identity is still ongoing – not only within Ukraine but outside its borders. While some say war is a man’s game, scores of women have joined Ukraine’s armed forces to defend the nation – and others have found themselves in safer conditions and are also working hard to promote justice, expose Russian disinformation narratives, and expand the movement while helping others find a new passion in life. 

Learn how...

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September 27, 2023 14 mins

Since the start of the full-scale war, Russians have launched six thousand missiles and more than three thousand drones. The absolute majority targeted civilians, disrupting thousands of Ukrainian lives. But Ukraine has a chance to start reconstruction during the war – paradoxically or not, Ukraine has already started the recovery process. In this episode, we describe solutions that Ukraine's people implement and also announce the ...

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After a year of full-scale war, Ukraine has almost two million veterans – and many more will likely become veterans as the war’ goes on. Many who served their country bravely say it is time for the state to protect their rights. Ukrainian society is still learning to respect and honor the country’s defenders, and the state is working to build a veteran protection and socialization system. In a new episode, Rubryka discovers unique ...

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Ensuring proper reconstruction is one of the many complicated tasks that Ukraine will face and is already facing now, but in what ways should Kyiv manage it? Ukraine’s public officials keep talking about reconstruction. Today we talk about how this can be done through several specific cases. 

Hosts: Vladyslav Faraponov, Rubryka’s editor, and Anastasia Rudenko, Rubryka’s editor in chief

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The number of female officers in the Ukrainian army has increased dramatically since the country mobilized to defend itself from Russia’s invasion in early 2022. Rubryka’s journalist has recently tested the women's uniform. But how does this reflect women’s situation in Ukraine in general? How does the war affect them?  In the latest episode of Rubryka’s podcast, you can hear about the solutions Ukrainian women work toward during w...

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Ukrainian businesses have continued to build closer trade connections with Europe, while also pushing for tougher sanctions to isolate Russia economically. But the past year of a full-scale war has hit Ukraine’s economy hard – causing the worst recession since its independence. In this episode, we look at narratives and actions in the European market to support Ukraine, and keep the pressure on Russia.


Hosts: Vladyslav Faraponov,...

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At the beginning of June, Russia blew up the Kakhovka dam. With the short and long-term consequences of the resulting floods still being tallied, Russia now threatens to unleash an even greater catastrophe at the nuclear power plant it has been occupying since invading Ukraine. We look at the global scale of these threats and what has shocked Ukrainians about the world's response to this tragedy.  

Hosts: Vladyslav Faraponov, Rubry...

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Because of the war, Russia started in Ukraine, more than ten thousand people have gone through amputation and lost their limbs. Ukraine’s partners are ready to help rehabilitate Ukrainian servicemembers and civilians, but the procedure is complicated.  However, there are cases of people helping Ukrainians to find solutions to overcome the challenge and go on to live fulfilling lives.

Hosts: Vladyslav Faraponov, Rubryka’s editor, An...

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Russia is doing everything it can to hold back Ukraine’s counteroffensive, launching even more intense missiles and drone attacks than Ukrainians have seen in the past months. 

Winter is over now, and while Ukrainians are trying to enjoy the springtime air while they can, we decided to take a look at what normal life in Ukraine looks like in Kyiv and other cities closer to the frontline.

Hosts: Vladyslav Faraponov, Shawn Carrié, Ru...

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Russia's efforts to wipe out Ukrainian's sense of identity and connection to their history predates the invasion of 2022 – the erasure of public documents and archives dates back to Soviet times. Today, however, Ukrainians are becoming more motivated to rediscover their roots and dive into history to find the stories of their ancestors. In this episode, Rubryka looks at how Ukrainians around the world are using genealogy to trace t...

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Ukraine doesn’t think that Russia’s war on Ukraine is no game – and Ukraine’s government has asked the world to exclude Russia from international sports competitions. It’s so serious that Ukraine has insisted that its athletes will not compete in tournaments to which athletes from Russia and Belarus are admitted. Why is Ukraine calling for a boycott of sports events? Is this an effective response to the war? Find out in our podcast...

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Ukrainian authorities estimate as much as 30% of Ukraine’s territory may be at risk of landmines. More than a year into russia’s full-scale war, Ukraine is working to demine its territories, which Ukraine’s armed forces have bravely liberated. Landmines not only impact Ukraine’s agriculture and environment today, but pose hidden risks for years to come. Today we talk about solutions to these issues in stories.


Stories mentioned i...

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It's more than a year into russia’s war on Ukraine and eight months that the Black Sea Grain Deal has been in effect. The breadbasket of the region, Ukraine wants to keep its ports open to trading but must negotiate to operate in its own waters, under threat from the russian navy. In the new episode, Rubryka discusses the significance of this trade route: was it a success or failure for Ukraine and the world?  Why does Ukraine want...

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Ukraine’s women have been put to the test, and have proven themselves both on the front line and at the second line of support to the army. Could this wartime progress also be a litmus test for Ukraine’s democratic future? In this episode we discuss the issues Ukrainian women in the  military have faced and what solutions they’ve developed to address them.


Story mentioned in the episode:

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