Talking Trek To You

Talking Trek To You

A podcast where an expert and a noob boldly go through the original Star Trek series one episode at a time with a collection of excellent guests.


September 22, 2023 57 mins

A giant green hand has the podcast in its grip this time, as we tackle the... um, iconic? Sure let's go with that! The iconic "Who Mourns For Adoanis?". But wrestling with gods requires a mighty hero, so Michael Darling is on hand to help!  

How do the effects hold up so long after the 60s and does the Giant Green Hand (tm) deserve to be remembered? Why is there a discussion of money within the Federation? And is the episode a clas...

Mark as Played

We leave behind the strange new worlds of old and embrace, instead, the strange new worlds of today as JG and Kev cover the second season of Strange New Worlds. And to help with the task of discussing all ten episodes of the season Rachel Novak is warmly welcomed back to the podcast.

Does the second season manage to live up to the promise of the first? Is ten episodes enough to give every character a decent shake of the stick? Why ...

Mark as Played
August 25, 2023 88 mins

We dive headfirst into the second season of the original show as we get to grips - in more ways than one - with the might Amok Time. But we can't wrestle this one into submission alone so we welcome Ellie Warren back to the podcast!

Does the episode retain its power after all these years? Just how much homo-eroticism can be - cough - squeezed into one episode? And does Amok Time deserve its legendary status?

Plus in Recommendations...

Mark as Played
August 11, 2023 78 mins

We take a break from individual episodes for a retrospective on the whole of the first season, as JG and Kev discuss the mission so far. No guests this week either - it's just our bold hosts getting into things!

How has the season stacked up? Have the budget and scripts been able to keep pace with the ideas? And a third of the way through, has it all been worth it?

Plus in Recommendations we have a beloved but cancelled TV show and...

Mark as Played

We reach the conclusion of the first season of the original show with Operation: Annihilate! But dealing with flying pancakes requires assistance, so Bri Marino is along for the ride.


How does the episode work as a capper to the first season? Does the mystery hold together convincingly? And how does the loss of Spock's sight work in the episode?



Twitter: @talktrektoyou

JG's Blog: Judgementally ...

Mark as Played

It's arguably the episode with the best reputation of them all that falls under the TTTY lense this episode as Kev and JG tackle The City on The Edge of Forever. But to explore such a territory help is of course needed, so Rowan Kaiser is along for the journey (in both space and time).

Does the episode manage to live up to its outsized reputation? Does the drama of the ending still work more than half a century later? And does the ...

Mark as Played

It's time to deal with a factor that may, in fact, lean towards being alternaticve as Kev and JG face not one but two universes in peril (and some dodgy facial hair to boot). And to help battle this (alleged) universe-spanning threat Abby Denton is along for a helping hand.

Does this continue the run of Star Trek's great Season One episodes (hint: no)? Just how wildly unconvincing can one spaceship be? And who fed the crew stupid p...

Mark as Played

It's time to go on an Errand of Mercy this week as Kev and JG encouter the Klingons for the very first time (and surprisingly late in the season to boot). Naturallly, confronting such an epic enemy needs help, so Alasdair Wilkins is along as this podcast's resident Klingon Correspondent!

How well does the politics of the episode stand up? Is one performance good enough to overcome that make-up? And does the ending manage to carry t...

Mark as Played
June 2, 2023 64 mins

It's another one of the all-time classics this week, as JG and Kev are forced to confront The Devil In The Dark. And to guide them through the gloom, Tony Whitt is along to help navigate those treacherous mining tunnels!

Does the episode deserve its reputation as one of the very best? Why, of all things, does Into Darkness get some kind of defence? And just how many pizza jokes can there be in one episode? Plus in Recommendations w...

Mark as Played

We explore This Side Of Paradise on Talking Trek this week as Kev and JG take a wander amongst the spores. But surviving such an environment requires help so this week's gest, William McKenna, is along for the ride. Or should that be trip?  

How does the episode deal with the strange conflict at the heart of it? Does it manage to deal with the devlopment of Spock successfully? And can William Shatner continue to land the comedy?


Mark as Played

It's time to sample A Taste Of Armageddon this episode as Kev and JG face a "humane" war. But, unable to tackle such a conflict alone, Rachel S. Bernstein is along for the journey.

How does the episode deal with its approach to pacificsm? Is this a progressive story or does the desire for Kirk to be Always Right overwhelm things? And how does it fit in with history a la 1967? Plus in Recommendations we have a novel and two movies.


Mark as Played
April 21, 2023 56 mins

There are classics and then... there's Khan! Yes, putting in his first appearace - shiny go-go boy outfit and all - it's time to welcome the apparently-unstoppable influence of everyone's favourite genocidal loony to Star Trek as Kev and JG tackle Space Seed. But dealing with a monster (well, "monster") of Khan's stature requires help so Matt Fink is along for the ride!  

Can Khan convince as a conniving dictator or is it time to c...

Mark as Played

Welcome, friends, to the podcast about Return of the Archons, and may peace be with you. Yes, it's time to tackle a number of firsts on Star Trek, with Return of the Archons and guest Lenny Burnham!

How does Star Trek's first whacking big anti-Communist screed go? Why does the episode grind to a halt about halfway through? And how convicing IS it the first time Captain Kirk defeats a computer with logic? Plus in Recommendations we ...

Mark as Played
March 24, 2023 46 mins

It's time for Kev and JG to face a Court Martial this week, as Kirk is put on trial for the death of a crewmember. But they're not taking the stand alone , and Jonathan Boehle is along to help with the defense!

How does Star Trek take to doing a legal procedual? How screwy is the Federation legal system? And just how far wrong can one closing fight go? Plus in Recommendations we have the same TV show twice over (to be fair, it's a ...

Mark as Played

It's time for some time travel shenangians this week as Star Trek (and TTTY) head back to the 60s for the first time with Tomorrow Is Yestserday. But there's no slingshotting around the sun for just two, so this week JG and Kev are joined by Sarah Gulick!

How does the episode capture the period detail? Is there a good sense of place and time? And does the time travel plot remotely hang together? Plus in Recommendations we have thre...

Mark as Played
February 24, 2023 65 mins


We venture into strange, possibly occupied, territory this episode as Kev and JG step into the Arena. But fortunately they're not battling alone - Graham Blackaby is along for the fight!

How does the Gorn stand up, all these years later? How effective is the introductory section on the colony? And does the morality of the episode work? Plus in Recommendations we have a 50s movie, a more contemporary film and an Amazon Prime TV sh...

Mark as Played

It's time for some godly comedy shenanigans on Talking Trek this episode as JG and Kev encounter The Squire Of Gothos. And along to  help deal with any  the ride are childish tantrums from super-powerful beings are Abbie Phelps and Natalie Marlin!

How does the Squire of Gothos compare to other Star Trek comedy episodes? How long does it take for JG to torpedo any remaining credibility he might have (hint: not long!)? And how well-h...

Mark as Played
January 27, 2023 67 mins

This episode we're stranded on a lonely planet with only an unconvincing plastic spear to keep us company as JG and Kev hunker down to survive "The Galileo Seven".


Does the episode deserve a classic status? How do the production effects work out (you may gather from the opening sentence - not all perfectly!)? And does the character work stand the test of time?


Plus in Recommendations we have a 90s movie, a bang-up-to-date movie...

Mark as Played
January 13, 2023 68 mins

It's time for a bit of a break this episode as Kev and JG take a little Shore Leave. And along for what will doubtless prove to be a relaxing time with absolutely no large bunnies or inexplicable deaths is Anthony Strand!

How do the comic elements stack up against the drama? How goes 60s sexism this episode? And can anyone praise DeForest Kelley more?

Plus in Recommendations we have a documentary series, a movie and an extended dis...

Mark as Played
December 31, 2022 82 mins

There can be few episodes of television more well-known than Balance of Terror, and few which have contributed quite as much to popular culture. So this week, it's time to tackle an episode that really does live up to the title of "all-time classc".

But does the episode deserve that reputation? Can William Shatner manage to carry the dramatic heft of the episode? And can Star Trek easily absorb influeces that go far beyond the west...

Mark as Played

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