The Blindspot An Enneagram Podcast

The Blindspot An Enneagram Podcast

The Blindspot is an Enneagram podcast that explores the way the instinctual drives impact the manifestation of Enneatype. We specifically focus on ways of working with the instinctual blindspot to support personal growth. The host is Kara Nance who uses Jungian psychology, Marshall Rosenbergs Nonviolent Communication, Sarah Peyton’s Resonant Healing, and mindfulness based techniques to support her clients.


June 29, 2022 45 mins

Meet your hosts, John Luckovich and Kara Nance as they share with listeners why the instinctual drives are so important when using the Enneagram for personal growth and development. John and Kara describe their own journey with the Enneagram and their own process around discovering their type. The mission and purpose of this podcast are described.

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Kara and John introduce the concept of the instinctual blindspot and define some key terms around “The Work”

2:00  – Why we can’t we always type ourselves?

4:00 – What do we mean by “identity”? How is this different from consciousness? What’s the role of attention?

8:00 – What is self preservation, social, and sexual instincts and what do we mean by a stack?

9:30 – Is our Enneatype and our instinctual stack nature or nurture? What’...

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Kara and John discuss what this work means to them and where they hope to go. How are we using what we’re learning about the Enneagram and the instincts? What are the three lines of work that we can all form a personal intention around?

5:45 – why does John find the Enneagram to be fascinating? Why does he get so excited about working with the blindspot

10:15 – What do we mean by authentic self and transformation?

17 – The First Li...

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Kara and John dive into describing the instinctual drives, subtypes, and the controversies that exist in the field

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John's book is available at

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Kara and John dive back into the needs of the Instinctual Drives and instinctural Intelligece as the ultimate form of preventative medicine on our quest to be a more sincere humanity

6:20 – watch Kara lose presence and get stuck in her one fix and shame spiral of point three and self-compassion her way out of it

11 – John describes what we mean about the instinctual stack and how the dominant instinct arises and the blindspot threa...

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Kara shares something about the pain her blindspots have caused her.

John and Kara how the instinctual energies show up in film and television and provide an overview of attachment types as well as a summary of attachment theory.

Kara and John discuss the different ways attachment and hexad types enter relationships.

Kara describes her theory on the anxious/avoidant dance of the attachment types.

Kara describes the journey towards ...

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September 4, 2022 89 mins

This week we’re exploring the relationship chemistry between a SP/SO/SX 3 INTJ with a 395 trifix and a SP blind 9 ENFP with a 926 trifix 

  • Listen to how tritype can help some find their way to core type
  • Listen to how Caryn & Sebastian found their way to their types and stack
  • Kara explains how Meyer’s Briggs type can also influence expression of subtype
  • Kara unpacks how SP dom can look very different depending on the zone we’re f...
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September 11, 2022 98 mins

This week I share my experience of 30 years of intimate partnership with three different 9’s and invite you into the dynamic with my SO dominant 9w1, 964 trifix.

3:00 – Listen to Kara talk about what she loves about nines

7:00 – Kara shares her experience of growing up with two body centered parents

11:00 – How do we help 9’s get in touch with their anger?

12:30 – How do nines avoid the experience of discomfort?

14:00 – Meet Kara &...

Mark as Played

Meet Ben! Our SP/SO/SX 6w5 with 694 trifix

Why boundaries are important to Ben and how he works with his tendency toward rigidity

How does type show up in our sleep patterns and why do we both love cuddling up with 9’s

How does Ben know he’s SP dominant?

How can Kara have so much “buzz” and be SX blind?

Kara and Ben describe their relationships to their SX blind instinct

How has Ben worked with his sexual blind spot?

Kara explains ...

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Meet Linda! Our SO/SP/SX 1w9 and hear about her experience of type an stack

Linda expands on the importance of the social instinct

How does Linda connect with her sexual blindspot?

What is body center’s relationship to anger?

Linda talks about the defense mechanism of point one – reaction formation

What are the cultural issues around anger?

Why do all mother’s have to work with some Type 1 anger


Braiding Sweetgrass

Mark as Played

This week we meet Natalie and hear about her life path as a SX/SO/SP 9w8. If you would like to work with Natalie you can email her at  Her new wellness coaching business is where she uses her enneagram informed techniques to help others navigate the places in their lives they feel stuck. 

Kara Nance is offering free consultations to work on typing, Enneagram coaching, Nonviolent Communi...

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October 9, 2022 63 mins

Meet Chris and hear about her life path as a SO/SP/SX 8. We cover what a traumatized 8 can look like and what a recovery journey for this type can be. We talk about trauma and how the rejection types deal with stress. 

Check out the free trauma summit going on right now for some access to great learning!

Please contact me at if you would like to be interviewed or h...

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Kara continues her conversation from last week with Chris where they explore Chris' instinctual stacking and hear the joy she is experiencing from the integration of her sexual blindspot.

Kara summarizes how the instinctual drives show up both in health and unconsciousness and helps Chris unpack her relationships to these drives. We also explore the use of psychedelics to support healing trauma and Kara demonstrates how she approac...

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Meet the magnificent Maggie Oberman SO/SX/SP 2w1. Maggie was born with lipodystrophy which gives her face and body a very unique look. Listen to this inspiring and heartwarming interview about how she has really leaned into her true power as a vibrant and inspiring being.

How does Maggie’s SO dominance show up in her nonprofit work?

How is Maggie’s SP instinct show up in relation to her health challenges?

Maggie talks about how she...

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In this episode we meet SO/SX/SP Catherine Bell, the founder of the Awakened Company and the host of Russ Hudson's Green Room group that I've been a part of since its inception in 2021. Catherine is the embodiment of a SO dominant individual as is further exemplified in her many offerings depicted below. Enjoy hearing her story and what she's about as she radiates the SO/SX/SP instinctual energies!
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Meet the brilliant and wise 3w4 ENFP Belinda Gore for an exploration of object relations and wings. We discuss how the enneagram intersects with Meyers Briggs, astrology, meditation, and the Diamond Approach. And did you know there is a FOURTH instinctual drive? Belinda learned about the Enneagram 30 years ago from Russ Hudson and Don Riso and has been a member of the IEA since its inception. Belinda is the expert in the field on o...

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Meet the magnificent Manya, a 72 year old SP/SO/SX 6 with INFP cognitive preferences. Manya started as a massage therapist, went to medical school and became a physician at the age of 37 and then transitioned into corporate coaching and facilitation. She will be a certified Enneagram teacher by August 2023 and has amazing insights from her journey as she shares her wisdom about the SP instinct if we listen to its instinctual intell...

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November 21, 2022 55 mins

Meet Timothy Sommerlad! A 21 year old point six, ENFP film student from University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Timothy has a background in theology so we unpack where his journey has taken him so far and discuss why the dragon is the embodiment of the integration of all three instinctual drives. 

Timothy has been producing Enneagram videos at @timothysommerladenneagram on YouTube and is the founder of the Wisdom & The Enneag...

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Meet Carolyn, a 41 year old midwife from Canada willing to speak so bravely from her heart about her expression of stack and type.

What does it mean to be integrated in body, heart, and mind?

What are faux feelings? Kara explains the difference between emotions, thoughts, and feelings and how her sensing, looking, and listening practice, Nonviolent Communication and Resonant Healing skills support her self observation.

We revisit a...

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Meet Derek Kirkland, a strategic change leader at DPR Construction as well as a Professional Certified Coach through New Ventures West. Enjoy a spontaneous first time conversation between a SO 3w2 and a SP 3w2 and have fun noting the similarities and differences. 

Learn more about the idea of "competition" in the Three, attachment types, and the vision of Kara's new business venture. We also clarify the misconception that "social" ...

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