The Board Game BBQ Podcast

The Board Game BBQ Podcast

A Podcast about Board Games, brought to you by a group of gamers based in Australia. We are not experts, but certainly addicts!


November 28, 2023 85 mins

In Episode 271 Mitch, Dan and Dana make jokes at each other’s expense for almost 90 minutes, they also talk about some Board Games. Dana reiterates her lack of ability in Ark Nova, Mitch takes a trip down a perilous river and Dan shares some details about his autobiography.

We also recap last week's Question of the Pod: If Santa could bring you one game for Xmas what would it be? Thanks to everyone who contributed and shared thei...

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In Episode 270, Jules Adrian and Dana take us through their week of gaming.  Jules has been rolling 20 dice strongly, and Dana has been setting up secret surveillance on her unsuspecting board game friends, all the while Adrian can’t even decide if he likes a game enough to talk about it.


We also recap last week's Question of the Pod: What game have you binged? Thanks to everyone who contributed and shared their experiences wit...

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In this episode Conor and Dan have many stories (and games) to share from the Melbourne Game Day, while Def has only one game on his mind. In Sizzling Games, Dan has been cracking curious cases, Conor is getting mercurial with mages, and Def is defending all of humanity from an ancient threat from another dimension: the Voidborn. Thanks Def! We owe you one...

There's also the Question of the Pod, Swear an Oath, and all of the usual...

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In this week’s episode, Adrian is on the hype train of his life sucking up to the mouse banging on about Disney Lorcana. Dana has had a truly delightful time watching the gardeners at the white castle. While Lauren has been stacking NMBRs for breakfast!! We read out the communities responses from last weeks Question of the Pod, and we pose a very controversial new QotP this week! Blame Lauren! All this and more on the Board Game BB...

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Episode 267


In this episode Dana “The Banana” Deverson hosts the pod!!! Joined by Mitledee and Conordum (Mitch and Conor) how could anything go wrong???? Dana is getting her shuffle on in the forest. Mitch is heading over to New Zealand to rustle up some sheep, and Conor creates some kind of swear an oath paradox by playing Oathsworn as and Oath. Which begs the question what came first the Oath or the Oathsworn???

All this and mo...

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October 23, 2023 68 mins

Mitch, Conor, Lauren, Dana, Jules and Adrian all get together live on stage and share with us all of the exciting news from the massive week they had at SXSW Sydney. Including the games they played there, the community members they met and the shenanigans and tomfoolery that ensued.


We also recap last week's Question of the Pod: What are your favourite Mike moments? Thanks to everyone who contributed and shared their experience...

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October 17, 2023 108 mins

In this bittersweet episode we say goodbye to Mike as he moves on to bigger and better things, but not before he shares with us a tonnes of new games we should all be keeping an eye out for. In Sizzling Games, Dan is experiencing some turbulence, Mike was spotted playing with dogs, and Jules is absolutely buzzing about space bees. We also celebrate Mike's time on the show with some highlights and goodbyes.

There's also the Question...

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October 14, 2023 126 mins

In this bonus episode Adrian, Conor and Dan recount their time at PAX Australia. We have some fantastic interviews to share with you, including chats with some of the newest game designers in Australia, some old favourites of the industry, and even some friends of the show. We also ask our community a special "Question of the PAX": What is your favourite part of the tabletop space at PAX Australia?

Keep an eye our for all of the ga...

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Episode 263 In this episode we are joined by video game developer turned tabletop developer and toy inventor Scott Pease. We discuss his history in video games (some very small indie titles like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk Pro Skater) and the development of Snap Ships Tactics. Scott then tells us about how Mindbug has burrowed into his head, Lauren gives a two-for-one special discussing Come Sail Away! and Neuroshima Hex, and finall...

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In this episode we are joined by BGBBQ Award-winning designer John D Clair. He shares with us his unique approach to kinetic design, fills us in on the recent World Series of Board Gaming, and we even find out what the D stands for in his name!

In Sizzling Games, Conor is simply magnifico in Lorenzo il Magnifico, Dana is red-lining with excitement over Heat: Pedal to the Metal, and John is happy to watch everything burn to the grou...

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Episode 261


It’s been Defs birthday and he played a crazy amount of games!!! Adrian talks about two games with “Age” in the title. Jules has been going hard out at the Sydney Game Day and visiting a Nightmare Cathedral!!


All this and more on the latest Board Game BBQ podcast.


Nightmare Cathedral (00:24:48)

Age of Steam (00:43:09)


Hansa Teutonica (00:56:47)




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September 18, 2023 93 mins

On this exciting episode of the Board Game BBQ Podcast, we find out what Def was teasing in last weeks episode: the BIG announcement!!!

We also get to the distillery to make spirits with Dave Beck's Distilled (go back and check out the interview while the Kickstarter was in full swing). We have also been learning a new and very strange trick taking game: Nokosu Dice.

We have a very interesting QotP for you to get involved with on o...

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In this episode, Def, Adrian and Dan discuss the hype around Disney Lorcana, the effect of starting to cool on a game you first loved, and big things that come in small boxes! In Sizzling Games, Dan is comparing cards to catch a count, Adrian is collecting crowns in close competition, and Def is creating combinations to cultivate a culture capital.

There's also the Question of the Pod, Swear an Oath, and all of the usual shenanigan...

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Episode 255


In this episode of chaos, Mitch, Jules and Adrian discuss theme in games and what it means to them. Jules and Mitch have been going head-to-head in Normandy, Adrian has been refining his coffee productions skills. All this and more on the Board Game BBQ podcast.

Undaunted Normandy (00:35:48)


Café (00:46:35)


Halls of Hegra (00:53:12)




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August 28, 2023 98 mins

In this episode Mike & Conor welcome back to the show, and back to Australia, Spile Des Jahres nominee Matt Dunstan. Mike, Conor and Matt discuss a number of topics like Matt’s move back to Australia, stuff that goes on “when boxing is happening”, and a bunch of board games too! We also recap last week's Question of the Pod: What is the best 2 player only game you’ve ever played? Thanks to everyone who contributed and shared ...

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In this episode Jules & Def perform a duet as they run us through a bunch of games that have been finding their table lately. Def takes us on a journey throughout space as he talks about playing SpaceCorp 2025-2300AD and Jules brings us back to earth with news of Fit to Print.

We also recap last week's Question of the Pod: What is your favourite Sarah moment on the podcast? Thanks to everyone who contributed and shared their ...

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August 14, 2023 139 mins

Episode 255


In this emotional episode of the Board Game BBQ podcast, we say goodbye to Sarah. If you haven’t heard this news as yet Sarah talks about her journey with the BGBBQ. There are laughs, chaos and some tears as we wish her the best on her next adventure in the board gaming hobby. We also have some sizzling games Sarah is on a deep space mission fighting aliens and making new relationships with fellow crew mates in Rogue ...

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In Episode 254 Conor has been competing for the city. Not to be outdone, Mike has been battling for the planet. Meanwhile, Dan has been vying for the galaxy. No biggie.

There's also the Question of the Pod, Swear an Oath, and all of the usual shenanigans you've come to expect from the Board Game BBQ Podcast.

New Question of the Pod: What would be your ideal game based on your favourite movie?


Sizzling Games:

Star Wars: The Deckbu...

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Episode 253   

In episode 253, Jules has gone back to his roots and is playing the most backstabby of backstabby games being the dominant mammal! Adrian is in the Union Stockyards deciding what cuts of meat he wants to add to his smoker on the weekend. Def is running for president in Mr President trying to pass a bill that makes it a legal requirement you wear Goofy PJ’s to work every day of the week. All this and more on the lates...

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In this episode Conor and Dan are joined by Special Guest Host Ian O'Toole. Ian gives us an update on his current projects, and what he's been playing lately. In Sizzling Games, Dan has been collecting crowns, Conor has been cracking cases, and Ian has been commissioning composers.

In PlayCon news - we have merch!! Ian O'Toole will be designing our PlayCon 2024 t-shirts, with all proceeds going to Ian's chosen charity - The Aborigi...

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