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The Embodied CEO

It’s time for female solopreneurs to fully step into their power and not just demand a seat at someone else’s table, but set up their own. You’re not here to play it small, you’re not here to fit into a box, and you’re not here to hustle your way to a business that’s fundamentally unaligned with how you function as a human. My idea of business leadership is rooted in freedom of time, money, and choices. Let’s make that our new norm, and let’s have a damn good time doing it. To connect with Kirsten, head to or find her on Instagram at @thekirstenscreen. Her DMs are always open, so drop in to say hi.


January 24, 2023 23 min

Blending in seems easy. Staying quiet seems easy. But where is that approach to your business getting you? If you have frustrations about your business growth and direction, then it’s because you’re actually making things harder for yourself by not speaking up and being unapologetically yourself.

In today’s episode, I’m ranting (because this topic gets me so fired up) about the dangers of staying quiet in your business, how to over...

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It’s a new year and a new season of The Embodied CEO podcast! If you tuned in to the Season 1 finale, you know that Brooke is no longer with me. She and I created this podcast out of a mutual need to talk about frustrations and to get our voices into the world, and I’m so grateful for that. 

But after all that growth in Season 1, we’re going to shift into a different kind of message. In today’s episode, I’m chatting about my intent...

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Today’s conversation is a continuation of last week’s on self-leadership. Tune in to that episode here.

This is the last episode of season one, and we’re excited to continue chatting about alignment in your business and in your life. It’s so important to listen to your intuition and make sure that you are a human living the life that you want who also runs a business, and not a business owner who happens to be alive. 

On that note,...

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A common block for women is that they are waiting for acknowledgement or guidance to move forward with an idea, a plan, a project, a business. We see this a lot in the dietitian space. The truth is that the most important permission that you need to do anything in your life is from yourself.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about self-leadership—what it means, why it’s important to embrace and take action on it, and how to be flex...

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As it turns, dietitians experience a lot of similarities across the globe. Pushback from governing bodies, hoops to jump through to prove your experience and your worth, and if you have any ideas that are forward-thinking and progressive, it can be difficult to get them out into the world.

In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Katharina Kühtreiber, a dietitian in Austria who focuses on an anti-diet, weight inclusive, female-focus...

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November 1, 2022 31 min

You’re building a business for you—not for other people. So you need to be really freaking happy with what it is that you’re doing.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about being in your purpose in your business. We’re sharing what it feels like to be aligned in your business and why money can’t be the main focus. We’re also highlighting why you have to strip away parts of you that no longer serve you and teachings that you don’t re...

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How you show up in your business extends to your branding, your marketing, your messaging. When you don’t show up as yourself, it’s going to be difficult to feel aligned with your work and build a business that you love.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how important it is to show up authentically—just as you are. Don’t worry about the followers you will lose, and focus instead on the clarity and perfect clients that you wil...

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If you constantly feel burnt out, like you’re working all the time and you can’t get ahead, you are not alone. You’ve built your own business which means you get to make the rules about how to run it. And if you’re treading water every day, you’re going to burn out before you can build something that is lasting.

In today’s episode, we’re chatting about diversifying your offerings, setting boundaries, and embracing growth in your bu...

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Today’s guest wasn’t made for the 9 to 5 life. She knew that she wanted to make her own path as a dietitian, and she struggled to find the right fit in traditional jobs. A whole lot of self-awareness led her to take a leap out of a miserable job (that made her cry every day) and into the world of entrepreneurship.

In this episode, we’re chatting with Starla Garcia, who is a dietitian, Olympic trials marathoner, and body and cultura...

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Entrepreneurship isn’t just a career shift, it’s a total mindset shift. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve experienced the overwhelming ups and downs of scaling our businesses. And over time, we’ve found that the fear you feel as a beginning never truly goes away. No matter whether you’re making $100 a month or $1 million, the fear will always be there. You just learn to grow in spite of it.

In this episode, we chat with business me...

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You’ve probably heard it before: “You have to spend five years in clinical before you branch out.” We’ve heard it a thousand times, and honestly, we think it’s BS! The idea that Registered Dietitians have to “do their time” between school and their desired career is an outdated, confidence-killing cliche, and we want to see it dismantled.

In this episode, we talk about the expectation for RDs to “earn their stripes” before pursuing...

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Ask any Registered Dietitian, and chances are they know a handful of peers who’ve left the profession. Maybe it was the low pay, the long hours, or even the lack of respect we receive in the medical world. Whatever the reason, there are tons of disheartened RDs leaving the profession every year, and that breaks our hearts.

In this episode, we talk about the many reasons RDs leave the profession and our own experiences watching peer...

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We’re all different, so why would we run our businesses the same way? When you do the inner work and really learn about yourself (using tools like Human Design), you can discover the best way to build your business and make big decisions. It all starts with looking within.

In this episode, we chat with dietitian Celestina Brunetti about breaking the status quo and running your business your way. She shares how she discovered Human ...

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Showing up online for your business is intimidating enough. But when you throw internet “trolls” into the mix, it can be downright terrifying. Whether they’re fellow dietitians, fad diet followers, or total randos, trolls can take a toll on your confidence. Once you learn how to handle them, though, their comments will roll right off your back.

In this episode, we talk all about the concept of trolls, one of the most annoying, disc...

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Let’s fucking talk about money! In our field, there’s this expectation that you go to school, pay thousands for an internship, and then spend your entire career working for peanuts and trying to pay back student loans. We think that’s bullshit. It’s time we started having uncomfortable money conversations and demanding to be paid what we’re worth.

In this episode, we get down and dirty with money: how much we made starting out, how...

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We place a lot of trust in doctors. And while we do believe they’re usually great at “doctoring,” in our experience, they’re not so great at “dietitianing.” We’ve witnessed so many clients suffer for years from symptoms their doctors couldn’t treat, only to be immediately relieved after just a few dietary changes. It’s time doctors learned to rely on the rest of their medical staff and stay in their own lane.

In this episode, we’re...

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If you’ve ever taken an online business course, you’ve probably been encouraged to “sell in the DMs.” While this tactic might have worked a few years ago, these days it’s the quickest way to get yourself blocked by a potential client. It’s pushy, it’s invasive, and more than anything, it doesn't feel good for anyone involved.

In this episode, we’re breaking down the concept of “selling in the DMs” and offering some more ethical...

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Much of our industry operates within the “old paradigm”: hustle hard, pay your dues, don’t break the status quo. But frankly, we think that’s bullshit! There are a million ways to run a business, and the best way is the one that aligns with you and you alone. When you find your own balance and flow, you can create a business that’s uniquely ‘you’ and attract clients who align with your values.

In this first episode, we’re talking a...

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It is unnerving how many medical professionals don’t know the difference between a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a nutritionist. It’s more understandable for everyday consumers, who are constantly bombarded with celebrity endorsements of protein shakes and random acquaintances pushing MLM supplements. 

There are a number of reasons that RDs get confused with nutritionists, and we believe it is our job as RDs to speak out on why it ...

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It’s time to take up more space. We want to open the door for tough conversations and real dialogue about running and scaling your business as a Registered Dietitian. From career advice to money mindset to our own stories from the field–you can expect a little bit of everything here on Embodied CEO.

In this first episode, we’re opening up about our career journeys so far and what led us to starting this podcast. Kirsten is talking ...

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