The Friction Factor Fitness Podcast

The Friction Factor Fitness Podcast

You probably see the enormous value of being more physically fit, but like most people, you struggle to fit diet and exercise into your daily routine. The #1 problem is friction, the inefficient use of time and energy. Most of us have busy lives, with many responsibilities, priorities, and people who depend on us. With so much to do, the average person has very little bandwidth for fitness. The major problem with common diet and exercise solutions is they take too much time and energy—they create too much friction in your life. The Friction Factor Fitness Podcast was created to teach busy people how to build lifelong fitness habits by eliminating friction from fitness with the most efficient diet and exercise methods. If you want to build long term fitness habits, this is the podcast for you.


October 5, 2023 18 mins

In this episode, I go beyond the cliché advice of "finding your why" for fitness motivation, delving deeper into the mindset of healthy lifestyle changes. I discuss the need to prioritize self-care, even if it seems counterintuitive, as it is vital for lasting change. Additionally, I explore the significance of believing in your ability to enact meaningful change, underscoring that confidence is just as critical as motivation.

I of...

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In this episode of the Friction Factor Fitness podcast, host Tyler Martin discusses the power of short workouts and how new research shows that people can still get major benefits from small amounts of exercise, even if it’s less than the 150 minutes per week recommended. He explains that while doctors often recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise per week, this advice is incomplete. Muscle-strength acti...

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Are you struggling to find time for self-care in your busy schedule? Tune in to this interview with fitness author Tyler Martin on "Happy & Healthy at Any Age" with host Robin Pasteur. Martin discusses his approach to fitness and how to build sustainable habits by eliminating friction in your diet and exercise process. Learn how to "face the friction factor" and make the most of your time and energy. Originally aired on 1490 WG...

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In this episode of the Friction Factor Fitness podcast, Tyler focuses on how to overcome exercise stagnation, a common problem that many people face when they stop seeing results from their workout routine. He explains why exercise stagnation happens, and how to break through it by changing your routine, challenging yourself, and tracking your progress. He also shares some tips to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goal...

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In this episode, I share how you can make sleep a priority and a habit that will enhance your physical fitness and well-being, even if you’re always on the go. You’ll learn why sleep is so important for your health and performance, and how you can improve your sleep quality and quantity with some simple tips and tricks that fit your busy schedule. You’ll discover how to save time by getting to bed earlier and waking up easier, how ...

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In this podcast, you'll learn how to make lifestyle changes for physical fitness without getting overwhelmed or giving up. You'll discover why it's important to change your behaviors gradually and sequentially, focusing on one change at a time. You'll also learn a simple technique to anchor a new behavior to an existing one, making it easier to form a habit. Watch this podcast and find out how to achieve your fitness goals more eff...

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In this video, Tyler Martin, a fitness expert and author, joins Kristi Slaughter on Super Talk to share his tips on how to stay fit and healthy in a busy world. You will learn how to:

- Overcome the fitness challenges of a hectic schedule

- Set your own fitness standards and not compare yourself to others

- Set realistic and achievable fitness goals that suit your lifestyle

- Overcome negative relationships with food and enjoy eati...

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What is the best time to exercise for optimal health and fitness? In this podcast I explore the idea of chrono-exercise, which claims that the timing of exercise matters more than the type of exercise. Is there any scientific evidence to support this theory? And how does it affect the average person’s well-being? Watch this episode to find out if chrono-exercise is a useful fitness concept or just another fad to ignore.


The Guard...

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In this episode, you'll learn how to exercise without thinking. You'll discover why habits are more effective than willpower or motivation for making exercise a consistent part of your life. You'll also learn two powerful tools for building an exercise habit: establishing cues and eliminating behavioral friction. By applying these simple strategies, you can turn exercise into a lifestyle that works for anyone, no matter how busy or...

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Are you tired of spending hours at the gym and seeing no results? Do you want to get fit without sacrificing your precious time and energy? This video explains why conventional fitness programs are a waste of your time if you live a busy lifestyle and how anyone can meet the basic fitness requirements in much more repeatable ways. It explains how to optimize your workouts and nutrition for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and rep...

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Are you afraid of getting too big and bulky from strength training? If so, you're not alone. But you're also missing out on one of the best ways to improve your health and fitness. In this episode, I'll bust the myth that strength training will make you look like a bodybuilder, and show you why it's a requirement for everyone who wants to live a long and healthy life. Tune in and learn how to get stronger without getting huge, and ...

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Do you struggle to find time and motivation to exercise regularly? In this episode, Tyler discusses why the constant drive to get yourself motivated for exercise is not the best approach to being consistent over time. He shares some practical tips and strategies on how to fit exercise into your busy day, without relying on motivation alone. You'll learn how to make exercise a habit, how to overcome common obstacles, and how to enjo...

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In this interview, Tyler talks about how busy people can create sustainable exercise and diet and how we can overcome different 'frictions' that create inefficient use of our time and derail positive repeatable behaviors. 


Originally aired on Conversations with Doug Duin - 100.7 The Wolf (Seattle, WA).

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Interview by John Busbee, The Culture Buzz Host/Producer In his exceptional life resource book, The Friction Factor: The Busy Person's Guide to Sustainable Diet and Exercise, Tyler Martin shares conceivable and achievable strategies to better health.  Topics Aired Feb 2023 on KFMG-FM (Des Moines, IA)
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February 19, 2023 31 mins

Episode Timestamps:


00:00:30 – Introduction

00:01:03 – Nutrition Challenges for Busy People

00:03:55 – Prerequisites for Meal Building

00:06:07 – The Value of Nutrition Apps

00:11:11 – The Meal Building Process

00:13:40 – A Meal Building Example

00:23:23 – Meal Building Recap

00:26:15 – How Much Time Does Meal Building Take?

00:29:16 – Recommendations for Foodies



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February 5, 2023 24 mins

Episode Timestamps:


00:00:13 – Introduction

00:01:05 – Travel makes fitness routines harder

00:06:41 – The challenges of exercise during travel

00:08:53 – Exercise tips for travel

00:13:38 – The nutritional challenges of travel

00:14:44 – Nutrition tips for travel

00:20:16 – Fitness tools for travel

00:22:16 – Key takeaways

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January 23, 2023 27 mins

Episode Timestamps:


00:00:13 – Introduction

00:00:55 – I was too busy for fitness

00:03:50 – The key idea: habit building

00:07:37 – Success without friction

00:09:58 – Exercising smarter

00:13:16 – A sustaina...

Mark as Played
January 8, 2023 26 mins

Episode Timestamps:


00:00:13 – Introduction

00:01:30 – What is a fitness metric?

00:02:25 – Defining fitness motivation

00:06:54 – How fitness metrics support motivation

00:10:08 – Aversion to fitness metrics

00:15:28 – Fitness metrics you should use

00:25:16 – Conclusion

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December 27, 2022 20 mins

Episode Timestamps:


00:00:14 – Introduction

00:01:29 – Should I exercise at home or in a gym?

00:03:38 – Eliminating friction from the exercise process

00:06:24 – The best solution for busy people

00:08:27 – Make exercise fun instead of quick?

00:11:41 – How to get motivated to exercise at home?

00:16:30 – When do commercial gyms make sense?

00:18:32 – Episode recap

Mark as Played
December 12, 2022 21 mins

Episode Timestamps:


00:00:14 – Introduction

00:02:04 – Why nutrition is so complicated

00:03:18 – How to simplify nutrition

00:07:25 – Understanding protein intake

00:10:32 – Understanding carbohydrates

00:13:51 – Understanding fat

00:17:59 – Episode recap

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