The Global Marketing Show

The Global Marketing Show

The podcast for global marketers to hear experts talk about opportunities and challenges in increasing multilingual lead gen and revenue. Explore the highs and lows and then delve into best practices for strategies, technologies, processes and quality for translation, transcreation, localization and more.


July 10, 2024 33 mins

Christy Brown is CEO of Dr. Noze Best, an innovative pediatric healthcare company committed to bringing hospital-grade respiratory devices into the home. After only two years with the company, Christy already has a plan to launch their direct-to-consumer medical device in 10 countries. She’s a mover and shaker! 

The company’s mission is to make sure that every child can breathe – and for parents to feel “confident and supported” wh...

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Steve Becker is committed to improving human health by unlocking the power of molecular diagnostics. In the world of medical devices and diagnostics, you might think the latter falls under the purview of the former, says Steve, yet: “from a regulatory standpoint, diagnostics is covered by a lot of the medical device rules.”

Unlike medical devices like implants, however, “diagnostics is really the ability to measure your body, whet...

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Rapport International President and Owner Wendy Pease was a recent guest on Michael Becker’s Identity Praxis podcast. Michael is a strategic advisor to Fortune 500s, startups, and non-profits worldwide, with a focus on global marketing and product, new market, and business development. In this episode they discuss the importance of translation and interpretation in this interconnected world. 

Translation can be traced back to the R...

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March 13, 2024 33 mins

Waseem Kawaf has built over 400 websites and is an expert in global user experience (UX). He’s currently the co-founder of Seicho Syndicate, where he and his partners design and develop great user experiences for their clients. 

Prior to Seicho, Waseem served as Global VP of Digital Experience for Stanley Black & Decker and worked in marketing agency roles. 

“Seicho” means exponential growth in Japanese, says Waseem, and his co...

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February 21, 2024 33 mins

Ivo Verhaegh, founder of Powerhouse AI, came to entrepreneurship through an interesting path. He knew he wanted to start a company, work with a co-founder, and live abroad from his home country, the Netherlands. Since he didn’t have an idea for a business and couldn’t find a co-founder on the same timeline for starting a business, he applied to a program called Entrepreneur First. The organization screens hundreds of applicants, ac...

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Liz Fendt is Global Chief Marketing Director of TÜV SÜD, which specializes in testing, certification, auditing, and advisory services for different industries. There exist only 10 major players in the compliance industry, which ensures safe practices around both goods and services. 

As an example, think about airport safety. Proper testing, inspection, and certification means the airport management company must connect all relevant...

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    Faruk Heplevent is founder and CEO of The Scope, a company specializing in computer-generated imaging (CGI) for the automotive industry. He is a pioneer in the industry, leading the charge for a more sustainable process for new car reveals; his client list of brand-name manufacturers throughout the world is proof of how The Scope’s approach and technology have inspired change. 

    The process for planning and executing new car reveals...

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    December 6, 2023 33 mins

    Josh Medow is CEO of Mercury, a healthcare and life sciences shipping company. After years as a leader in the Army Infantry and living abroad, he knew that he had an interest in running a global company. In this episode, he tells the compelling story of how he searched for and found the right company to buy and build. 

    At first glance, Mercury met Josh’s requirements – global reach, a good culture, clear opportunity for growth, and...

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    November 15, 2023 45 mins

    Have you ever heard the saying: “Not my circus, not my monkeys”?  I use it all the time, yet never realized that it is translated from Polish. 

    Dr. Lynne Bowker, professor of translation technologies and information systems at the University of Ottawa, recently returned from Poland, where she was collaboratively researching ways to make academia more language inclusive. Scholars from around the world are encouraged to publish and ...

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    Laurent Kahl is an International Export/Import Consultant at the University of Georgia (UGA) Small Business Development Center (SBDC). He brings years of experience as an export manager, export consultant, and international sales expert to this episode, delving into the abundant US state and federal resources available to anyone looking to conduct business across borders.

    These free resources exist because the US imports much more ...

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    Artug Acar, COO of Mercury, knows what it’s like to move to a new country and start fresh. He also knows how to open a new international market for a company. 

    Mercury supports innovation by simplifying the shipping of time- and temperature-sensitive product for healthcare and life sciences companies. Currently, the management team is conducting due diligence on geographic options for international expansion. Artug talked about all...

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    Stefan Repin is the founder of LuckBoosters, a company helping B2B companies with complex and long sales cycles grow demand and close more customers through full-cycle marketing and sales practices. He’s worked all over the world, growing companies by adapting sales techniques to meet specific industry needs while respecting local culture. 

    Stefan helped one client, a Belgian software developer, enter the South African market. The ...

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    August 23, 2023 35 mins

    Jasmine Martirossian is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief People Officer (CPO) of Mercury, a company simplifying time- and temperature-sensitive shipping for healthcare and life sciences companies. She speaks seven languages and has lived in as many countries, helping a host of well-known companies expand globally along the way. Jasmine shares her wisdom with us on this episode of The Global Marketing Show.

    “Bottom line: stay...

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    Adam Bittlingmayer is CEO and co-founder of ModelFront, a language services technology company striving to “make high-quality human translation radically more efficient” for large enterprises. The ModelFront API helps translators and language services agencies quickly determine the quality of machine-translated content, analyzing content segments for accuracy; with AI and human guidance, the technology’s ability to “predict” qualit...

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    Inge Carr is the owner of Altair Strategic Marketing, through which she provides Fractional and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services. Her vast experience consulting throughout the US, Canada, and Europe and fluency in five languages, gives Inge tremendous insight into how companies can successfully align corporate strategy with branding and marketing, especially internationally, to drive revenue.

    Inge was a member of the team who...

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    Perry Nalevka, CEO of Penguin Strategies, specializes in launching technology companies internationally. In this episode of The Global Marketing Show podcast, he talks about the global launch of GuardKnox, a technology and engineering company specializing in electric/electronics (E/E) products and solutions for the automotive industry.

    GuardKnox offers next-generation software to carmakers, enabling the development of secure, high-...

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    Dave Roccio of Lando and Anastasi, a Boston-based law firm specializing in intellectual property (IP), takes a holistic view on patent filing – it’s not just about filing the patent application, it’s about his client’s stage in business, what they want to achieve, and their long-term goals.

    One telling example, he shares, is that of a tech company client that received funding and had 10 technologies to protect. They had funding, a ...

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    Natalya Berdikyan is Founder and CEO of Life by Design, an executive coaching company “help[ing] individuals and organizations grow beyond borders and boundaries.” A truly global citizen, Natalya hails from the former Soviet Union and has lived in 6 countries; she speaks 4½ languages. A former executive for a multimillion dollar chocolate producer in Belgium, she has sold confections all over the world.

    I found it fascinating to le...

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    John Coveyou is the founder of Genius Games and king of dad jokes around the campfire: “Have you heard the one about the sidewalk? It’s all over town!” So, it makes sense that he’s always had a passion for game design, too. Throughout his military service – during which he discovered his love for science – and while earning a master’s degree in engineering, he wondered why there were no games on science concepts like the periodic t...

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    Christian Klepp, Co-Founder of EINBLICK Consulting, explains that as a “third culture kid” he grew up in Austria, the Philippines, Singapore, and Germany, landing in China as a young adult. This experience of living across countries gives him and other second- or third culture kids the appreciation and ability to navigate cultures since they’ve had to do so from a young age.

    It's fascinating to hear about how Christian helps Chines...

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