The Gothic Podcast

The Gothic Podcast

The Gothic Podcast is a horror-and-humor actual play audio drama wherein our travelers navigate gothic worlds of creeping horror using Monster of the Week, Dead of Night, and other horror-themed TTRPG rules. Season Four, using the City of Mist ruleset, is currently releasing every other Thursday at 12:01 am (PST). Join us in the dark, won’t you, Sojourners?


January 6, 2020 1 min

Welcome to the world of the Gothic actual play podcast! Come brood with us!

Mark as Played

Our travelers have been invited the castle of Lazarus Caine, Lord Bledsun. But why? Soon, they'll be delving into more mysteries than that as they attempt to navigate the Gothic world they inhabit.

Mark as Played
January 23, 2020 50 mins

In Episode 2, our travelers must begin to unwind the tangle of mysteries that is the Castle of Caine ... if they wish to survive.

Mark as Played
February 6, 2020 45 mins

Our travelers find themselves at the mercy of the dark machinations within Castle Caine. Who will survive? And whose blood will quench the thirst of the castle?

Mark as Played

In this bonus, off-week episode, Grace Moreau, newly initiated into the mysteries of a secretive, monster-hunting sect, must face her first, deadly challenge ... alone.

Mark as Played
February 19, 2020 49 mins

In Episode 4 of Gothic, the simmering pot that is Castle Caine comes to a boil. Who will get cooked?

Mark as Played

In Episode 5 of Gothic, we aren't where we thought we'd be, and neither our the travelers. Any of them.

Mark as Played
March 19, 2020 47 mins

In Macon, Missouri, in the Contemporary Now, our hunters find what they are looking for. Or do they?

Mark as Played
April 2, 2020 49 mins

In Episode 7 of The Gothic Podcast, LJ meets a mysterious stranger, but that's not the strangest thing that's going to happen to him this night.

Mark as Played
April 16, 2020 29 mins

In Episode 8, LJ tries to work out what has happened to him and how to get back home.

Mark as Played

C. Patrick sits down (virtually, that is) with Richard Southard of the Adventurers' Vault AP podcast to talk about podcasting, players, and probably other things that begin with the letter 'P'.

The Adventurers' Vault podcast: The Adventurers' Vault Podcast Website

Jeff Zoet Art (as opposed to Jeff Loeb, which is what Patrick says during the chat):


Mark as Played
April 30, 2020 53 mins

In Episode 9 of the Gothic Podcast, we return to the Gothic Then where our travlers have just barricaded themselves against something large, furry, and howling.

Mark as Played
May 14, 2020 43 mins

In Episode 10 of The Gothic Podcast, Chauncey Candlewick does what he does best and makes some ... dark negotiations.

Mark as Played

In this flashback episode, Lori triest to stay in the light even as darkness descends.

Mark as Played

In this episode of The Gothic Podcast, we delve into Mr. Candlewick's past ... lives.

Mark as Played
June 25, 2020 65 mins

In Episode 13 of the Gothic Podcast, Grace, Lori, and Chauncey breach the still-deadly walls of the ruined Castle Caine. 

Mark as Played
July 9, 2020 68 mins

In Episode 14 of the Gothic Podcast, our Contemporary Now heroes follow up on the mysteries the past 24 hours have brought them.

Mark as Played
July 23, 2020 45 mins

In Episode 15 of the Gothic Podcast, our Contemporary Now investigators set their sights on The House.


If you're enjoying the show, please let your friends know! It's the best way we have of spreading our dark and gloomy (and sometimes hilariously funny) project. Thanks!

Mark as Played
August 6, 2020 52 mins

In Episode 16 of the Gothic Podcast, the Contemporary Now investigators encounter the truly terrifying.

The Gothic Podcast is a humor-and-horror actual play podcast that uses narrative-heavy tabletop rpg systems. In the first season, which takes place alternately in a Gothic Then of crumbling castles and foggy moors and a Contemporary Now of not-quite-now Macon, Missouri, the gang uses the Monster of the Week system.

We are based o...

Mark as Played
August 20, 2020 54 mins

In Episode 17 of the Gothic Podcast, Lori, Grace, and Mr Candlewick face the ultimate horror of Castle Caine.

The Gothic Podcast's first season is a humor-and-horror actual play audio drama using the rules light Monster of the Week rpg, but we still roll some dice here and there. Come for the story, stay for the brooding!

Mark as Played

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