The HR Sound Off Podcast Show

The HR Sound Off Podcast Show

This podcast has been created to help shed light on some of the many misconceptions about the Human Resources profession. To show you who we are at our core and what we are passionate about, which is championing for the people in our organizations. You will learn of our struggles and our fears. You will see our human side and I hope that it makes us as real to you as you are to us.


June 30, 2024 34 mins

This week, we're thrilled to have Emma Djemil join us. Emma is the Founder of Be Unstoppable, a movement dedicated to transforming workplaces for everyone, one brave woman at a time.

In our conversation, Emma emphasizes the importance of truly knowing yourself as a human being to discover who you are as an HR professional. She shares her captivating HR origin story, detailing her journey and the lessons learned along the way.

Emma ...

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When I share success stories from my coaching practice, I always tell the story of my guest's today. Melissa Lockhart and I met at a pivotal moment in her HR career. Our work together led her to leave a successful career in HR to start her very own nightwear brand, Melda Moda. Today, Melissa joins me to share her HR story and explain why she left corporate HR to pursue her passion.

It was a pleasure speaking with Melissa to learn a...

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The brilliant Stephanie Lemek is joining me in the studio this week. Stephanie left In-house HR after spending 16 years working in various industries. Why? Like many of us who took the time to reflect on our HR careers during the pandemic, she realised corporate HR was not serving her gifts as an HR professional.

Today, Stephanie runs her own HR consultancy and spends time on a pet project she likes to call The Wounded Workforce, w...

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This week's guest joins me from New Zealand as I talk to fellow HR for HR Coach - Lisa Young. Lisa joins me to share her HR origin story (coming into HR having started her career in TV).

Lisa is very passionate about the work she is doing now to support HR professionals in building their competencies and skills. Check out her online community and follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with her work.

Lisa shares som...

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Join me in the sound booth this week as I sit down with the dynamic Bria McCray! Bria's journey from her first HR role to becoming the VP of People at RelationalAI and Founder of HRBP Consulting is nothing short of inspiring.

In this episode, Bria shares her unique HR origin story and invaluable advice for anyone seeking an HR internship. Her passion for creating innovative and effective people ops strategies that support rapid gro...

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In this episode, I sit down with Felicia Shakiba, the founder and host of CPO Playbook. Felicia shares her HR origin story, and then we get into organizational design in HR. Felicia emphasizes the importance of effective people management in supporting business growth and suggests that HR teams should adopt a Center of Excellence (COE) model and implement agile practices.

Felicia also shares her decision to leave corporate and star...

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My guest this week is the brilliantly talented Cavelle Joseph-St. Omer. Cavelle is the Divisional Manager of Human Resources at UDeCOTT in Trinidad and Tobago. She is devoted to creating great workplace experiences and is focused on her HR career's legacy story. As such, she serves as the President of the Human Resources Management Association of Trinidad & Tobago (a.k.a. HRMATT) and the Caribbean Institute of Human Resource Ma...

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This week, I am magnifying the voice of Nicholas Roberts. Nicholas is the Regional Manager, Human Resources (Barbados & The Eastern Caribbean) at Coralisle Group Ltd. and the President of the Human Resource Management Association of Barbados (HRMAB).

In this episode, Nicholas shares his HR origin story. I was today years old when I learned that Nicholas has a culinary background.

Nicholas also shares some of the amazing things ...

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What is Fractional HR? Is it the same thing as consulting, or is it something more? The brilliantly talented Anessa Fike is here to answer these questions this week. Anessa has been working in fractional HR roles for over a decade, and in this episode, she shares her HR origin story and her Fractional HR journey.

Anessa started her career in journalism and shares some of the similarities between journalism and HR.

Anessa is also th...

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On this week's episode of HR Sound Off, I interview the amazing Cassidy Edwards, the Director of People Operations at Tradeblock.

Cassidy shares her HR origin story and offers valuable insights into her journey and experiences in the field.

In our conversation, Cassidy discusses the importance of radical rest and shares tips on how to deal with a toxic boss. She emphasizes the need for HR professionals to prioritize self-care and n...

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I had the pleasure of meeting Candice Walker while she was interviewed on the Redirection Podcast by Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid. Her story and insights were so compelling that I knew immediately she had to be a guest on my show. Candice is an HR professional and an Attorney at Law, bringing a unique perspective to her work at Toyota Jamaica.

In this episode, Candice shares her inspiring journey in HR and highlights the impactful initia...

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Do you believe that happiness at work truly matters? Many organizations are now recognizing the importance of well-being and engagement, but what about ensuring that your employees are genuinely happy? If you're an HR professional, I want you to treat this episode as your annual retreat, a moment to pause and reflect on the essence of creating a happy workplace.

Joining me this week is Sriram, an HR Professional and workp...

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In this episode of HR Sound Off Live, I am amplifying the voice of the brilliant Samara Jaffe, the Co-Founder and GM of Transform, one of the most well-attended conferences in the world. Transform is the people-driven thought leadership ecosystem driving the conversations and innovations shaping the new world of work. Samara shares some details about the conference and the story of how it was created. I am honored to be one of th...

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This week, I'm amplifying the voice of the remarkable Anthony Howard. Anthony serves as the Founder & CEO of HR Certified and has over two decades of HR expertise across diverse industries. What began as a side venture evolved into his primary focus following profound introspection prompted by a traumatic event that led to a period of depression. Emerging from this ordeal, Anthony birthed HR Certified, dedicating himself to sup...

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In this eye-opening episode, I sit down with Ivori Johnson, the Head of People & Inclusion at ChartHop. Join us as we delve into Ivori's unique journey from studying medicine to becoming a trailblazer in Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Discover how Ivori's life took an unexpected turn when someone entered her world and redirected her path from medicine to HR and DEI. Despite facing discrimination in ...

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This week, I am magnifying the voice of the remarkable Cassandra Rose. Join us as Cassandra takes us on a journey through her extensive career in Human Resources, shedding light on the unique challenges and triumphs of working in HR.

Cassandra, a seasoned Global HR Executive, brings a wealth of experience to the table. In this episode, she generously shares insights into her HR journey and the intricacies of steering the HR ship in...

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Join us for a fascinating conversation with the incredibly talented Leah De Souza, a renowned expert in Talent Development and Workplace Performance Improvement. We delve into a wide range of topics that are sure to inspire and inform:

🚀 AI in Talent Development: Leah shares why she believes that AI cannot replace what she does.

👩‍👧‍👦 Lessons from Mom: Leah reflects on a valuable lesson she learned from her mother about entrepr...

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In this week's episode, I sit down with the remarkable Melanie Naranjo, the VP of People at Ethena and the brilliant mind behind the popular newsletter "How to People." 

In this episode, Melanie peels back the curtain on her incredible HR journey, revealing her HR origin story and how she climbed the ladder to become a true leader in the field. Her insights are not just informative but incredibly inspiring.

We delve deep into the p...

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Today, we have a truly remarkable guest with us. Laurie Louard is the HR Manager at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and the Immediate Past President of HRPAB. Laurie joins us to share his incredible journey of wearing many hats, from being a father and husband to an HR professional, mentor, coach, and facilitator. How does he manage it all? We're about to find out.

Episode Highlights:

The Multifaceted Laurie Louard In thi...

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I am thrilled to welcome Sheba Wilson to the show. Sheba has not only excelled in HR but has also made her mark as an accomplished author, speaker, and resilient figure in her personal life. Today, Sheba opens up about her unique HR journey and the motivation behind her insightful book, "Get Up and Lead."

Exploring HR Leadership: We kick off the episode by examining the qualities that make Sheba an exceptional HR leader. Sheba emph...

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