The Infinite Escape Room

The Infinite Escape Room

The puzzling podcast where a gaggle of geographically diverse chums come together, have a drink - and work together to solve a home made escape room of the ears.


December 3, 2023 46 mins

Jon sits down with Sarah, Mark, Colin and Jeff from CTRL+ALT+ESC and chew the proverbial cud within spitting distance of their very own Escape Room Bar. Topics include Why notes Are Important, Knowing your Puzzling Weaknesses, Pet Hates, Disastrously stupid customers and a Five Year Plan (that doesn't involve a failed agricultural revolution leading to the starvation of millions). It's all here!

Mark as Played

Join Jon as he ventures out into the real world for a sit down with CTRL+ALT+ESC of Margate, one of our favourite rooms! Apologies for the tardyness here, folks, editor Jon has spent the last few days intensively rehearsing, and then being Andy Warhol at a charity Gala Ball. Why? No idea. But someone offered him money to do it. So he did.


Mark as Played
November 19, 2023 46 mins
This week, Jamie and Mike are joined by Anna and Lisa of Scarlet Envelope to have a little chat about last week's episode - Let's Do The Time Loop Again! - where we chat about how difficult time loops are to pull off, discuss the entirety of Wales's contribution to rock music, and a short interview with Anna and Lisa about the highs and lows of running a puzzle-by-mail company.   Time stamps for those who like to skip ahead:
Mark as Played
November 12, 2023 43 mins
Featuring Anna Lysova & Lisa Levina of Scarlet Envelope   This week, Jamie and Mike are joined by Anna & Lisa of Scarlet Envelope - a Canada-based puzzle company that offers mysteries by mail.   Check out their Christmas puzzle cards!


The gang find themselves trapped in a time loop, and need to get themselves out of this particular jam before they get themselves Spaghettified.

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Mark as Played
November 4, 2023 38 mins

Join Mike, Bailey and Annekoos as they lick their wounds after commiting manslaughter in Jon's room last week. Topics of discussion include the nerve wracking diatery advice surrounding pregnancy, the human need for causality, everything bad that Alan has ever done, and of course, the ease with which Escapees can be distracted from what's really important...

Mark as Played
October 29, 2023 32 mins
In the words of Admiral Akbar - It's a trap! But can the team find it, hidden in plainsight, in a maelstrom of simple but time-restricted tasks. Can they spot the Nasty in the Noise. Join Mike, Annekoos, and Bailey as Jon leads them by the nose.
Mark as Played

Spoilers ahead! If you haven't already, hop back and listen to our two part RPG special, The Bourne Kerfuffle. Or don't, we're not your handler.

As well as the debrief, we're talking TTRPG mechanics, and some red hot media reccos.'s the last episode I'm producing before going on parental hiatus! Still going to crop up in some episodes as a guest, but I'll be taking a few months off production as my wee bambino comes in to...

Mark as Played
And here's the second and final part of this year's RPG special - stay tuned for a pubisode next week, and then back to our normal format :D
Mark as Played
It's our annual RPG Special! Mike, Tony, Jamie and Anna are GM'd by Dom - who's put together a lightweight RPG system to lead us on a madcap sleep agent adventure.   This is part 1, and it'll conclude next week with, you guessed it, part 2. We had a lot of fun with this - everyone went to Mike's house for the day, sat around the dining table, had a lot of beer and all of his mead and whisky, giggled non stop and had a laugh.
Mark as Played
This week, Jamie ,Mairi, Mike, Tony have a little chat about last week's episode - Stop The Presses! - where we briefly discuss why medieval popes were literally the worst, as well as exploring whether Jeff Bezos trapped in an Egyptian tomb is an immersion-breaking anachronism. Time stamps for those who like to skip ahead:
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Mark as Played
September 24, 2023 44 mins
Join Mairi (@mairispaceship), Mike and Tony as they have to create history's first tabloid newspaper and escape Gutenberg's printing press workshop!   - Marvel at how Mairi and Tony seem to have the entire periodic table memorised! - Stifle your giggle at Mike's squirty toot into a pneumatic tube - Roll your eyes in fake surprise at the custom shape they create to personalise the paper   A map of the room and all visuals a...
Mark as Played

After last week's disaster in the Desert, we descend on The Golden Draught - the only pub in the The Infinite Escape Room metaverse that's carbon neutral, and connects the privvies to the pumps.

Mark as Played
September 10, 2023 49 mins

Jon, Jamie, Anakos and Dom are stuck in Mike's horrid team building desert, and with a well researched and perfectly mimicked celebrity guest...

Mark as Played

Join the team as they reflect on last weeks Creepy Mansion puzzle, a room that felt very nicely polished so long as you don't look at it too closely. The discussion then moves on to consider the English weaknessfor morally corrupt but charming upper class charlatans, chat about rifling and what it did for the musket and the bizarre impact that banning cycling helmets might have on the roads.

And all of without any of us bursting in...

Mark as Played
August 27, 2023 41 mins

Another month, another cheery show by Jon. Themes for this week: Death, Murder, Eternal Rest in the Grave, Grammar Pedantry and disastrous International Relations.

Featuring, Dom, Aled, Annekoos and eventually an Estate Agent called Connor.

Mark as Played
The conversation took a few turns, starting from a recommendation for French radio and taking SEVERAL left turns to end up with the line, "I bet Jeff Goldblum's got more cum in him."   In context, it makes perfect sense I swear.   Also, hit us up if you fancy going head to head on Escape Simulator some time.
Mark as Played
August 13, 2023 38 mins
This week, Dom, Mike and Laura are trapped in glass cases of emotion, armed with only their wits and a convenient aux cable.   Marvel at how badly Jamie can butcher several popular songs (deliberately) and the Australian accent (not deliberately).   And see the whole thing unravel as he commits several goofs in the design.   Stick around until the very end to hear a cheeky little bit of audio from between recordings. It's li...
Mark as Played

It's the pubisode, where Mike and Jamie are joined by James Charnock and Nic Whitton to:

  • debrief last week's Home Guard room
  • chat about why working in Universities is weird
  • discuss the best kind of conference (spoiler, it's Playful Learning)

It's a good natter, grab a brew and join us.

Mark as Played
July 30, 2023 47 mins

Crumbs, jingo and flippery! It's Dad's army, and he's only gorn and bladdy locked some time travellers in a hut!

This week Jamie is joined by Nic Whitton and James Charnok in escaping Mike's frightfully patriotic take on the Home Guard, Britain's finest armed militia.

There's a lot of assets in this episode, you'll find all of the visual ones below:

Mark as Played
July 23, 2023 27 mins

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Especially when you were right. Totally right. And justified. AND NOT OBTUSE AT ALL.

Mark as Played

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