The Midnight Founders Podcast

The Midnight Founders Podcast

The Midnight Founders Podcast is focused on telling the behind-the-scenes stories for what makes a successful entrepreneur.


November 29, 2023 43 mins

We had a great conversation with Lucien and Jake who are trying to change the world of health care one cash paid procedure at a time. They have built a really cool company that is on track to disrupt the healthcare market. both of them have cool entrepreneurial journeys that have led them to this point and had tons of great advice for other entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Savvos Health. 

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We had a great conversation with Vicki Jacobson about her journey with Stonehenge fence. Vickie’s husband Nate passed away in 2020 and she shared her experience rebuilding her company back stronger than its ever been. Vickie may have fallen into entrepreneurship, but she has a knack for it and had some great advice for other entrepreneurs. 

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November 16, 2023 29 mins

McKenzie led us on a culinary journey this week as she talked about going from being a dietician to deciding to start her own meal prep company. Citrus Pear is trying to answer that dreaded nightly question of "what's for dinner?". McKenzie is helping families eat healthier by making it convenient and affordable. She had great advice for all those moms out there to not discount the experience they have gained as CEO's of their home...

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November 8, 2023 39 mins

We had an amazing conversation with Adrian about the difference that EOS can make for a business. He shared incredible advice from beginning to end. We talked about his background as an M&A attorney in New York and the transition to being an entrepreneur and his path that has led him to becoming an EOS implementer helping companies run more efficiently and stop having bad meetings! We hope you enjoy our conversation with Adrian...

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November 2, 2023 35 mins

We had a great conversation with Jaron about his path to creating Sales Dojo. He is focused on helping people land jobs in tech sales positions. If you are interested in getting a sales position you should listen to this episode and check out sales dojo to help get your foot in the door. Jaron had great tips for the entrepreneurs that are still wearing the sales hat in their organizations. We hope you enjoy this conversation with J...

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October 25, 2023 52 mins

This weeks episode is a conversation with Robbie Law. Robbie has spent his career on stage and had some great advice for founders on how to improve at public speaking and engaging with an audience. We talked about how important it is for founders to develop the skill of speaking with a group and how uncomfortable that setting is for most people. Robbie is working with some friends to host an event that is focused on helping founder...

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October 18, 2023 57 mins

This weeks episode is a conversation with Scott Porter who is the founder and CEO of San Diablo Churros. Scott shared some amazing stories about how to do more for your customers than just provide a product. He is all about creating the best customer experience and brand experience. He shared great insights about how to empower employees to help build the brand for your company. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Scott. 

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October 12, 2023 55 mins

Bubba took us on a deep dive of how his VC firm is focused on helping companies learn how to work with influencers. It was a fascinating conversation and bubba shared so many great insights for startups. We hope you enjoy our conversation with bubba 

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October 5, 2023 40 mins

We had a great conversation with Mark Sullivan from ERC Specialists. They built ERC specialists quickly to respond to a big gap in the market and have helped 65,000 businesses around the country get access to federal tax credits. Mark explained that there are 7,000,000 businesses around the country that potentially qualify for these credits and only around 1,000,000 have currently applied. He also gave us a sneak peak of what the n...

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September 20, 2023 40 mins

we had a great conversation with Wade Millward who is the founder and CEO of Rikor. We talked about his transition from Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship. He shared advice from tough lessons learned along the way and had some great advice for becoming a better leader.  

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September 13, 2023 36 mins

This weeks episode is a conversation with Nate Sanders who is the founder of Artifact. they are using AI to help retail and SAAS companies get a better understanding of what their customers are saying. we talked about the importance of picking good co-founders, and also how critical it is to have mentors when building a company. Nate shared a little about the current trends in AI and what is on the horizon for the industry. This wa...

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September 6, 2023 38 mins

This weeks episode is a great conversation with Hunter Sebresos from Bacon. they are revolutionizing the temporary staffing industry. this project is close to his heart because he grew up in a single parent household and saw the value of flexible work options. He has built a great team and is helping hundreds of thousands of temporary workers around the country. We hope you enjoy our discussion with Hunter. 

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September 1, 2023 47 mins

This week's episode is a conversation with Amy Rees Anderson. She shared her incredible journey from being a single mom trying to make ends meet to selling her company for over 370 million. This episode is jam packed with lessons for entrepreneurs, we hope you enjoy our conversation with Amy.

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August 23, 2023 44 mins

This weeks episode is a conversation with Dr. Travis Parry. The Make Time Institute is all about finding balance. Travis shared some great tips for entrepreneurs about finding balance while building their company. He talked about how entrepreneurs typically leave their 9 to 5 to get better balance and it ends up getting worse for them, the make time institute is there to help entrepreneurs avoid the workaholic trap. 

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August 16, 2023 50 mins

We are starting off season 2 with a bang! this conversation with Ben Perkins was fun. It all started in Hong Kong and bens hatred of white shirts. He wanted a white shirt that was comfortable and decided it was time that one existed. &Collar makes White shirts for guys who hate white shirts by guys who hate white shirts. this was a great episode and we hope you enjoy it. 

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It’s a wrap for season 1. This week we do a quick recap of our first season. We talked about the lessons we learned, stories we heard, and incredible founders we were able to meet this year. It has been a fun year, both of us are looking forward to the exciting guests we have lined up for the start of season two that will be out next week! As always thanks for tuning in. 

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August 3, 2023 45 mins

This week's episode is a conversation with Dan Roberts. He was working for a corporate law firm and saw a need for a software platform to help automate some of the standard transactions for startups. he looked around and couldnt find a solution that he liked so he decided to build it. It was fun to hear their founder story and the lessons they have learned along the way. We are excited to see their progress continue with this next ...

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July 27, 2023 37 mins

We had a great conversation with Dave about the company they are building. His cofounder was fortunate to survive a mountain biking accident, after a miraculous recovery he had the idea to use biometric data to help seniors be more proactive about their health. Dave talked about balancing joining the startup while keeping his full time job and the crucial decision on when to jump over and commit to proactive health full time. He ha...

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July 19, 2023 38 mins

This weeks episode is going to make you hungry! it was a great conversation who is on the investment team with Savory fund. They focus on helping existing restaurants scale and grow. He talked about what they look for in a founder when they are making investment decisions and the key aspects he sees in successful entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy this week's episode. 

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July 12, 2023 34 mins

This was an enlightening conversation with Chad, His midnight founder moment was waking up in the middle of the night with the idea that there was a way to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases really early on. He has been able to surround himself with experts to help him accomplish that goal. This was an amazing conversation, We are excited to see Wasatch Bio Labs change the world. 

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