The Mob Mentality Show

The Mob Mentality Show

Chris Lucian and Austin Chadwick discuss all things agile and product development from a mob programming perspective.


October 3, 2022 43 min

What is the reflection rhythm on your team? How about your team's refactoring rhythm? How do the two interplay?

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss "Reflection & Refactoring Rhythm" with Giorgio Sironi and Kevin Rutherford. After Giorgio and Keven share about the retro cadence in their ensembles and their reflection prompts, we jump into "tracer bullets" on all the things. Lastly, we discuss the "when ...

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Ever suffered through a traditional training session? What about it made it painful? On the other hand, ever came out a learning session refreshed and ready to apply new skills? What was the game changer that really elevated the session?

Join Chris and Austin as they have a great time with Ted M. Young discussing traditional training vs. learning ensembles. Ted shares his journey through many different styles of training including ...

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When have you seen teams be the most effective? Standing teams? Or, just-in-time teams? Instead of forming long-lived teams around a product, a domain, or a component, what would it look like for a team to self-organize around a thin-sliced full-stack task?

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss the innovative practice of "Task Force Driven Development" (TFDD) with Steve Bishop. Come hear what happens when concepts from lean...

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September 11, 2022 44 min

Is laziness in software development good or bad? How about a lack of focus? When is it good for a system to favor short attention spans? When is it not so good?

Join Chris and Austin as they have a lively discussion with Dustin Thostenson on the topic of "Clear & Simple." They first dive into learning by doing, katas, understanding others, and being understood. Then they not only explore the paradoxes involved in lazine...

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September 4, 2022 22 min

Heard of dedicated learning time but never experienced it yourself? Curious what people actually do during this mystical time?

Join Chris and Austin as they share about what goes on in dedicated learning time. They not only give examples of some activities they have seen (e.g., solo vs. group learning), but they also share what they are doing in dedicated learning time right now. Topics also covered include learning how to learn an...

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August 28, 2022 14 min

If silos are problematic for technical knowledge, are they also problematic for product knowledge? Should product experimentation, decisions, and prioritization be owned by the "single wringable neck"? Or can it be owned by a team?

Join Chris and Austin as they share about "Collective Product Ownership." After they discuss the distinction between a siloed feature factory and a shared feature discovery shop, Austin s...

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"Production Deployments" …does this phrase strike fear into your soul? Or Joy? Stress or Peace?  What things are conducive to dreadful delivery? What things are conducive to delightful delivery?

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss "The Joy of Continuous Delivery" with Dave Farley. Dave not only shares about the Zen of Continuous Delivery (CD) but also shares about barriers to CD, TDD/BDD & CD, small steps, and...

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Is Theory of Constraints and Throughput Accounting in opposition to Lean and Agile thinking? How about with Mob Programming? Or, are the relationships more synergistic?

Join Chris and Austin as worlds collide in this discussion with Daniel Doiron on "Throughput Accounting for Knowledge Work." It starts off with summaries of Theory of Constraints, Throughput Accounting, The Goal, Brown Money, and Green Money. Then they dive ...

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What things make a career in tech unattainable for some? What would make a career in tech accessible to more people? Once someone has started their code journey, what things help a career flourish?

Join Austin and Chris as they discuss with Mike Roberts making tech careers accessible and equitable at Creating Coding Careers. Mike not only shares about the mission and results of but he also shares many aspects...

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You may have heard about Mob Programming from a professional developer's perspective. But have you heard about it first hand from a college student's perspective?

Join Chris and Austin as they ask college students Jack Wei, Joel Plotnik, and Alec Arce about their ensemble experiences with other students and with professional engineers. Jack, Joel, and Alec share about what they liked and what they did not like in their week...

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July 24, 2022 18 min

How did you learn to communicate well? How do you teach emotional intelligence and tact to other team members? What are ways teams can interact with others where it feels like it's coming from a team and not just an individual?

Come join Chris and Austin as they share how they write emails and learn/teach communication skills in an ensemble. Flow efficiency patterns and anti-patterns are covered. Email "refactoring" sto...

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July 17, 2022 15 min

"To refactor, or not to refactor," that is the question when starting new work and before writing the first test.

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss the applicability of "Refactor, THEN... Red Green Refactor." Inspired by the Kent Beck quote "For each desired change, make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change," they walk though some examples of when they found it valuable ...

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Is there something that could put learning into hyperdrive in your context?  For example, what environment, principles, and practices could enable onboarding to occur with speed and quality?

Join Chris, Austin, and Willem Larsen as they not only share stories of "Ludicrous Speed Learning" but also discuss #EnsembleFirst as an alternative mindset and way to experiment with flow efficiency. In addition, they talk through orga...

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What is management?  Is it simply getting people to work hard? Is it supervision? Is it extracting maximum labor and value? Or something else?

Join Chris, Austin, and Esther Derby as they not only discuss ways to rethink management but also discuss ways to nurture positive change in management, organizations, and teams. 

Video and Show Notes: 

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Mob Programming turns 21? Or, is Mob Programming still pre-teen? Or, more loosely has the generic form of mobbing been around for ages under different names?

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss with Moses Hohman and Andy Slocum their 2001 Mob Odyssey. Moses and Andy not only share about Mob Programming at Thoughtworks back in the early 2000s but also recent mobbing at Flare Health and Thoughtworks. Lastly, they discuss the side...

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June 19, 2022 18 min

What are the different styles of mob programming you have seen or experienced? Ever been in a mob that was "Fast and Furious"? An ensemble that favors autonomy first and is hyper focused on solving the problem in a more "multi-threaded" fashion with rapid cycles and lots of concurrent experimentation? On the other end of the spectrum, ever been in an ensemble that was more synchronized and peaceful?  A mob that is m...

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June 12, 2022 16 min

How do you collaborate with people from disciplines like finance and legal? What collaboration patterns with inter-dependencies lead to higher availability in the system, higher responsiveness, and faster flow? What collaboration patterns lead to more waiting, more queues, more context switching, and large batches?

In response to a listener's request, join Chris and Austin as they reflect on multiple mobbing experiences with pe...

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What methods from operations management science and manufacturing should be applied to software development? From Taylor? From Gantt? From Deming? Does operations management science thinking lead to mobbing? Does Scrum imply ensemble programming?

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss "Advanced Napkin Math, OM Science, Scrum, and Mobbing" with Steve Hallman. First they discuss the history of ideas in operations management sc...

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When you are passionate about one of your current ideas or practices, how do you share it with others?  If there are multiple competing ideas/practices for your team or org to experiment with, how do you evaluate the next best one to try?

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss "Sharing Ideas with Clarity and Delivering Value" with Tom Gilb. After they talk over each others' principles of "Just Sharing," Tom gives...

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Do you remember the moment when you first experienced “agile magic?” What was your experience like? If the “agile magic” has since then been lost, what can be done to bring it back? Can it be done remotely?

Join Chris and Austin as they discuss “Remotely Recapturing the Agile Magic” with Tom Ayerst. Tom not only shares about the state of remote work and agility but also shares about "evil empire agile” vs. effective agility. L...

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