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November 4, 2023 41 mins

Gansy (Founder, Rare Satoshi Society) joins Yohann to talk about why art on Bitcoin using Ordinals brings so many new benefits to artists that it’s inevitable that artists will come to the Bitcoin scene in droves. 

Follow @RareSatSociety on X/Twitter and visit their website for more info. Follow our guest, Gansy on X @theGANSmachine.

Read “Why Art on Bitcoin” as a supplement to this interview if you’d like to learn more.


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A 20min primer on Bitcoin NFTs vs Ethereum NFTs.


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September 3, 2023 30 mins

Yohann interviews Lemonhaze, an artist inscribing on Bitcoin since #12136.



Follow our guest on Twitter:

Lemonhaze (@Ordinals10K)


Visit his website to learn more -


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Website: https://www.nft...

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Yohann interviews CB Spears and Psifour from Luxor Mining, and talks all things Quadkey.


Follow our guests on Twitter:

CB Spears (@cbspears)

Psifour (@Psifour)

Quadkey (@quad_key)

Visit their website to learn more -


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August 15, 2023 41 mins


NFT Hype Presents:


Yohann interviews the NFT/Crypto artist Mauricio @ChiapasCrypto.


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NFT Hype Presents:


Bluejays interviews the RealmNFT team of Ryan Storey (Head Developer), Matt Calcutt (Project Manager & Developer), Kirsten Lea (Marketing Coordinator). We get to know the team. Get a chance to ask questions about the game. An inside look into Realm. 


About RealmNFT:


Realm is a WAX based Play-2-Earn resource management game where you strategically utilize your NFT Leaders to save the world from devastation. ...

Mark as Played


Bluejays interviews the CEO and Founder of the game company Outblaze and co-founder of Animoca and Animoca Brands, who have invested in over 60 NFT related projects. We discuss:


1) Where is the NFT market going?

2) What are the valuable NFT use cases?

3) What he sees as the evolution of this NFT market.

4) How we are creating Netwo...

Mark as Played

Alien Worlds Backstory and Lore w/  Rob Allen


Alien Worlds is the fastest NFT game and metaverse. 


Rob Allen, Bluejays,  Big Mike break down Alien Worlds and the backstory, lore, and a hint of things to come in the Alien World Metaverse. 


More on Alien Worlds: 

Alien Worlds Metaverse Strategy - Going down the rabbit...

Mark as Played

NFT 101 - Two long time NFT collectors explain NFTs in simple terms


Bluejays and Big Mike break down NFTs in simple terms. 


We cover:


1) What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

2) Why is it related to blockchain?

3) What is the big deal about NFTs?

4) Why does supply and scarcity matter?

Mark as Played


Bluejays and Big Mike interview Jihoz @ Axie Infinity and discuss:


- Axie Infinity 101

- Building Bridges across Communities

- The Metaverse

- Play to Earn


About Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contribut...

Mark as Played

Bluejays talks to Jacob the Community Lead at Dapper Labs and NBA Top Shot.


We talk about:


- TopShot pack designs

- His favorite TopShot Moments and players

- NBA Players and investors in their community

- Some hints at upcoming releases 

- His assessment of the community

- and much more! 


Mark as Played

Alien Worlds Metaverse Strategy - Going down the rabbit hole w/ Michael Yeates


Bluejays and Big Mike discuss Alien Worlds 101, but also dig deeper into the AW Metaverse and the potential from a collector, gamer, and governance perspectives. Enjoy!


About Alien Worlds:


Alien Worlds, which pitches itself as 'DAOs and DeFi in space,'...

Mark as Played

Bluejays and Big Mike have Recourier back on the show to discuss CryptomonKeys and dive into the project.


About CryptomonKeys:


CryptomonKeys is a freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading card series, here to disrupt the meme economy. Made in the @banano_official jungle. 


In brief, we create BANANO (https://...

Mark as Played

The Horrors - Horrific Digital Trading Cards  -  Interview with John and Richie


Bluejays and Big Mike discuss the recently release The Horrors NFT trading set on WAX, which sold out on the first day it went on sale!


About Ultra Rare:


Ultra Rare are John and Richie, a couple of lovely fellas from the North of England. 

Mark as Played

HodlGod - The first blockchain battle royale game Interview w/ Marc @ Onessus


Bluejays and Marc @ Onessus discuss the upcoming WAX battle royale game sale launching on Dec 21st


About HodlGod:

The original economic battle royale game built by @OnessusBlock on the blockchain, funded by



#NFT immor...

Mark as Played

Bluejays and Big Mike discuss the upcoming Bitcoin Origins MOMENT 2  launching on 12/19/20 @11am PST - The Genesis Block, and dive into the project.


About Bitcoin Origins:


Bitcoin's most significant moments Immortalized


Bitcoin Origins is an exclusive collection of digital collectible cards immortalizing the most significant mome...

Mark as Played

Alien Worlds - NFT Defi Metaverse - Interview w/ Saro and Michael Yeates


DAOs in space...

NFT Defi metaverse.


Defi and Collectible Digital Items Meet


Bluejays and Big Mike discuss the upcoming Alien Worlds Land Pack launch on Dec 4th and dive into the project discussing the details of the game, future plans, and col...

Mark as Played

New TokenHead Mobile App makes NFTs easy to browse


Bluejays and Big Mike discuss the TokenHead app with Nate Denning and Patrick Burns:


About TokenHead:


Track and showcase your digital collectibles


TokenHead is your mobile gateway to the digital asset (NFT) world where you can browse all your virtual...

Mark as Played

Uplift.Art Series One - Own History, Ultra-rare Art on the Blockchain w/ Mblu


Bluejays interviews Mblu on his upcoming Series One release on Sun Nov. 15th and dives into the project and what drives Michael Blu to create such amazing art.




Uplift.Art, designed with a mission to aid in the creation of a resource mo...

Mark as Played

Bluejays and Big Mike discuss and chew on the topic of Mints.


Not the edible kinds, the digital number you see on most every NFT!


We talk about:

- Where did Mints originate?

- What are Mint scores?

- How to assess NFT values?

- Different collector philosophies.

- Mint distribution and new m...

Mark as Played

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