The Nostalgia Test Podcast

The Nostalgia Test Podcast

🎙Join longtime friends Dan & Manny 👬 as they put their mainstream pop-culture past to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST!


October 30, 2022 84 min

🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOSTALGIA FAM!!! On this special Nostalgia Test Now episode, Dan & Manny welcome self-described Hocus Pocus expert Lauren Malott to put 🧹Hocus Pocus 2 to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST (NOW)! This is a classic Nostalgia Test Podcast episode filled with tangents, hot takes, everyone yelling over each other, and SPOILERS (BE WARNED)! Lauren & Manny team up to fight Dan's negative vi...

Mark as Played

Dan & Manny put the 1993 cult classic 🧹Hocus Pocus to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! Manny has a really hard time trying to figure out if the movie is fun, if it's scary, why people love this movie, and creates a brand new drop, "He Casper-kissed her." Dan is confused by Sarah Jessica Parker's entire performance, is extremely tired from fighting with technology to get this episode edited and rele...

Mark as Played

Dan & Manny see which of Robert Palmer's biggest hits, "Addicted to Love" or "Simply Irresistible," reign supreme in this totally 80s episode. Find out which one will pass the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! This episode has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait because Manny FINALLY agreed to put Over the Top to the ULTIMATE TEST, yet Dan has to watch the Sarah Michelle Gellar 90s romcom Sim...

Mark as Played

Dan & Manny are joined by Ms. Tracy Jose, an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Stella Maris College, Chennai, India, to learn all about the impact that American culture had on the experiences of a post-liberalization India. This was such an unbelievable learning experience. Ms. Jose brought not just academic points to the pod, she provided personal context from her own life. This was one of those special momen...

Mark as Played

In the first 📚Nostalgia 101 episode, Dan & Manny invite Georg Csarmann to do a deep dive into the complexities of nostalgia, how it works to create community, the ways we experience nostalgia through different pieces of media, and how the term was coined. It's time to go to school! 

Georg Csarmann Bio: Narratives and the contextualization of information are at the heart of Georg's life purpose, either through s...

Mark as Played

Dan & Manny get into it with The Adult Babies Podcast to put the 1991 classic 🏴‍☠️Hook to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! This episode is a beautiful collage of chaos, yelling, and insane laughter, meaning it's a classic Nostalgia Test Podcast experience. The guys dig deeply into 🏴‍☠️Hook and try to figure out if Neverland causes amnesia, all the surprise cameos in 🏴‍☠️Hook, the fact that Spie...

Mark as Played

Dan & Manny put 🧑‍✈️Top Gun: Maverick to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST (NOW!) This episode is just a Tom Cruise lovefest from top to bottom. They talk about every minute of 🧑‍✈️Maverick so be warned, THERE ARE SPOILERS! But get with the program and see this movie, NOW! They talk about the 80s of it all, the homages to 🧑‍✈️Top Gun 1, how Tom Cruise is the last action star, that there shouldn't...

Mark as Played

Dan surprises Manny with a random assortment of useless 90s toys/knick-knacks/things-we-did-as-kids/etc., to put to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! The random 90s list is:

  • 📣The Yak Bak
  • 😂Troll Dolls
  • 🌊Water Talkies
  • 📒Trapper Keeper
  • 🚴Putting a Soda Can on the Back Wheel of Your Bike
  • 🐇Lucky Rabbit Foot
  • 🐾Furby
  • 🐣Tamagotchi
  • 💣Minesweeper
  • They talk about why The Nostalgia...

    Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny welcome their longtime friend Jeremy Madson (aka 🦆The Duck) to put the 1993 classic 👵Mrs. Doubtfire to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! Dan, Manny, & Jeremy get into the most heated battle in Nostalgia Test Podcast history. Manny tries to take down Sally Field's character, Dan rips apart Robin Wiliams' character, and Jeremy tries to keep the peace. They also talk about why Robin Wil...

    Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny welcome Ryan Pak from Soundtrack Your Life into the nostalgic fun to put 3 🤪🎶Ridiculous Music Videos to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! The three videos being put to the test are: 

  • Manny's video: David Hasselhoff music video - "Hooked on a Feeling"
  • Ryan's video: David Bowie & Mick Jagger - "Dancing in the Streets"
  • Dan's video: Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse of the ...
  • Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny welcome Jenn & Austin from I Hate Your Taste In Movies to put the 1992 Disney classic 🧞Aladdin to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! This episode is an OG tangent-ridden episode that dives into if Abu is the real evil of this movie, why is Disney obsessed with dead moms, Disney needs to release the Robin Williams Cut of🧞Aladdin, how old are the Disney princesses...

    And so much more!

  • I Hate Yo...
  • Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny welcome Brandon from the Namely 90s Podcast into the nostalgic chaos to put four 90s power ballads to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! The four songs being put to the test are: 

  • Manny's song: November Rain by Guns N Roses
  • Brandon's song: Say Hello 2 Heaven by Temple of the Dog
  • Dan's song: It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion
  • Andrew's song: I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do ...
  • Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny put the recent Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie trailer to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST (NOW)! Dan & Manny had to call an audible when this trailer dropped, and oh man, did it drop a nostalgia 💣bomb all over their childhoods. They try to figure out why Andy Samberg & John Mulaney are voicing Chip n' Dale, is this just Roger Rabbit 2, will this movie be nothing more than a hyped-up ...

    Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny welcome Lauren Carey from The Beer'd Al Podcast to put the Rupert Holmes' classic "🍹Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! This episode has it ALL. They try to figure out who's to blame for the terrible relationship in "🍹Escape (The Piña Colada Song)," what's up with getting caught in the rain, making love at midnight in the dunes of t...

    Mark as Played
    February 21, 2022 66 min

    Dan & Manny talk to Warren Davis, the creator of 1982's hit arcade game Q*bert. Warren talks about going from RPI engineering student to improviser at Chicago's Second City to developing Q*bert at Gottlieb, he takes Dan & Manny on a serious deep-dive into how Q*bert went from a simple coding exercise to an arcade smash, are schooled on some arcade game history from the 80s & 90s, and Warren talks about his contr...

    Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny return to the infamous food episodes by putting 3 cookies to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! The 3 cookies are: 

  • Lotus Biscoff
  • Stella D'Oro Margherite
  • Voortman Vanilla Wafers
  • And they bring this test to the next level to see if these cookies are better dunked in tea, coffee, or milk. Manny needs to be regulated in this episode because he houses these cookies unnecessarily, Dan tells a weird childhood story ...

    Mark as Played
    January 27, 2022 44 min

    Dan & Manny say goodbye to 2021 with a scorching 🔥 roast of all the ridiculous trends, people, products, movies, & anything else they feel needs roasting. They talk about the return of Y2K fashion like the bucket hat, CBD everything, The Milk Crate Challenge, Mac & Cheese Ice Cream, Pete Davidson, and much more. They also celebrate some 2021 wins like Jadakiss & The LOX, WandaVision, and, and, and... hmmm......

    Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny talk about Hollywood's obsession with rebooting 80s classics by putting the news of a possible 🍻 Road House reboot starring Jake Gyllenhaal to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST (NOW)! Manny is on FIRE 🔥 this episode and puts Hollywood on BLAST for even trying to reboot 🍻Road House. They discuss why it's impossible to reboot any 80s movie, how MGM should cast Regé-Jean Page in the ...

    Mark as Played
    December 28, 2021 49 min

    Dan & Manny look back on 2021 in Nostalgia Test Podcast history. They reminisce and give out 🏆"awards" for: 

  • Favorite Episode
  • Best Episode
  • Episode They Thought Would Be More Popular
  • Episode They Were Surprised Did So Well
  • Best Guest
  • Best Drop
  • Most Ridiculous Episode
  • What Episode We Want to Re-test----more----
  • Episodes mentioned in this episode: 

  • Episode 40: 🎥🧡The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story w/ D...
  • Mark as Played

    Dan & Manny welcome Brendan Ryan of The Adult Babies Podcast on this amazing Christmas versus journey as they put 🦌Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer & ⛄Frosty The Snowman to the ultimate test--THE NOSTALGIA TEST! This episode is a comedic masterpiece, driven by extreme confusion. They try to unpack why Santa is such an a**hole to Rudolph and all the elves, is Santa the head of a weird North Pole Cult, how Elf literally...

    Mark as Played

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