The Rewild Podcast

The Rewild Podcast

Join James Shooter, host of The Rewild Podcast, as he travels across Europe discovering inspiring stories of rewilding across the continent. Produced in collaboration with Rewilding Europe.


November 30, 2023 38 mins

The Velebit Mountains are a 145km long mountain chain in Croatia. On the face of it, these forested hillsides seem like a rich wilderness area, but beneath the canopy, humans have shaped the land and the array of animals that live here.

The Rewilding Velebit team is reinvigorating trophic chains through reintroductions of herbivores and carnivores alike. They're on a journey to transform the extractive economies of forestry and hun...

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Lille Vildmose is Denmark's biggest protected area and home to northwestern Europe's largest raised bog. This is a vital store for both carbon and water.

As with many ecosystems across the continent, it has been exploited by humans over past centuries through sphagnum moss harvesting and peat mining.

In this episode, we explore how four-legged tree trimmers are being utilised to restore the bog for the future.

Lille Vildmose is a m...

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The Meuse Valley River Park is a pioneering partnership in the southern tip of the Netherlands. Here, an unlikely collaboration between miners & ecologists is working hard to rewild a river.

The different stakeholders have come together to pave a new way for gravel extraction, nature restoration and flood protection to work side by side. Where a historically modified landscape recently sat, a dynamic ecosystem is now progressin...

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Knepp Wildland has become one of the most important areas in Britain for breeding birds. It's brimming with butterflies and humming with crickets. It's bucking the trend of biodiversity declines across the board.


Because the team here has allowed in the untidy. They've welcomed a tangle of scrub and a knot of thorns.

The most inspiring thing about this is the speed of change. Just 15 years ago, this was an intensive farm.


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June 26, 2023 40 mins

Grote Netewoud is a rewilding area in the heart of one of Europe's most densely populated countries. Here, Belgium's largest nature organisation, Natuurpunt, is restoring the natural flow of water to allow the return of alluvial forest. This special ecosystem is a tangle of willow and alder, where beavers work their magic & an eruption of dragonflies & damselflies dance above the standing water. But can rewilding still work at a ...

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The Greater Côa Valley is a 120,000-hectare watershed where rewilding is helping create a healthy, natural corridor for some of the country's most iconic species.

The Rewilding Portugal team is working to improve co-existence between predators and rural communities whilst creating more natural ecosystems that are resilient to fire.

The Greater Côa Valley is one of ten pioneering, large-scale landscapes created by Rewilding Europe t...

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April 30, 2023 38 mins

Tour du Valat is a private research institute that owns and manages land on the French Camargue. These Mediterranean wetlands are rich in life thanks to a patchwork of habitats created by river, tide, wind and wave.

From the iconic Greater Flamingo, to the wonderfully weird European Eel, a wealth of wildlife can be found here. But even so, these are habitats under stress, and this low-lying ecosystem is at the sharp end of a changi...

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March 27, 2023 38 mins

Iberian Highlands is 850,000 hectares of some of Spain's best-kept wild space. It hosts as-far-as-the-eye-can-see forests, towering geological wonders and strangely flat Mediterranean steppe.

There are, however, some important levels of the trophic chain completely missing. Learn how Rewilding Spain is working to change this, whilst improving the lives of rural communities that are suffering from an ongoing trend of rural depopulat...

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On the west coast of Scotland, by the shores of Loch Craignish, a community has come together to help restore their marine environment. 

When deciding on how to put something back, they identified two priority marine features they could do something about. This is a story about carbon capturing seagrass, water filtering oysters & the passionate people tirelessly working to restore both. Seawilding is a member of the European Rewi...

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Whilst many visitors come to Scotland for romantic notions of wildness, the truth is, ecologically speaking, it's a massively nature-depleted nation. The Caledonian Forest, Scotland’s native pinewoods, once stretched over much of the land but has now dwindled to just a handful of sites. The remaining trees are aging, and without help, they will struggle to reproduce and disperse, leaving only isolated fragments across the landscape...
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January 25, 2023 1 min

The Rewild Podcast will bring monthly stories of nature recovery from Rewilding Europe’s pioneering Landscapes and European Rewilding Network. Episode 1, Affric Highlands, coming 30th January, 2023.

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