The Talking Place

The Talking Place

It’s the place where we talk. About what? That depends on the week! Every show brings a new guest, and with them, a new topic to cover. And if there’s no guest, I’ll be going on by myself, speaking my thoughts and opinions on anything from gaming, dad stuff, and life in general. If you’re looking to talk, I know a place.


May 10, 2024 147 mins

Forever Judging Special Edition Books by their Covers

Another book show! I know, I know, it's like I don't know what else to talk about these days. But hear me out! Or better yet, hear US out.

I'm joined today by Sara, whom you may recall, joined me on a previous show back in December. We knew we wanted to chat again because there's always something to talk about with so many books to be throwing money at.

But we're also joined by ...

  • Mark as Played


    Alright peeps! If I were crazy enough to do seasons on my podcast, I would say this is the beginning of a new one. After sitting on this feed for so long, and much hesitation and skepticism, I'm finally going to try my hand at publicly talking to myself lol. 

    I get into the details in this episode, but look forward to bi-weekly shows from now on. Heck, maybe even weekly if I plan it righ...

  • Mark as Played

    Invoking the right of parley with the Cap'n!

    After so many years of listening to each other's shows, our paths have finally crossed! Cap'n Mike has been the host of a handful of popular podcasts since the Xbox 360 era. And now, after a brief 2.5ish year retirement, he's back behind the mic! 

    During the show we dig into how we're both old farts and have been in the podcast game for a long time. Talking about the way it has changed s...

  • Mark as Played

    It's not hoarding if it's pretty books!

    This is a show many months in the making! Turns out coordinating a podcast with someone in Australia is not as simple as you would think. But it finally worked out and here we are! 

    I wanted to talk to Sara because she runs a fairly awesome bookish community that would've been wiped from existence if she didn't raise it from the ashes. And now, it's alive and thriving and about 200 people str...

  • Mark as Played
    September 1, 2023 48 mins


    The time is finally upon us! After years of development and hype, fans of Bethesda  Game Studios are getting their hands on Starfield! I sit down with Matt (Ve6a5, in Future Monkey lore) and talk about the excitement and expectations we have for the game! He also gives us his impressions on his first hour of play time, discussing space combat, character creation, and more! 

    As of this episode, Starfield ...

  • Mark as Played
    August 26, 2023 43 mins

    Another show, another Al, part 2... or 3?

    It's been sooooo long, I figured it'll be cool to have Al on again. We talked a little about podcasting and what it's like to handle the technical stuff about recording. And after a sweet, sweet interlude, we got into some VR talk. The main focus was children and how they are not supposed to be using VR headsets. But are they? Who knows! Not me, but I may have some ideas here.

    Until next ti...

  • Mark as Played
    July 13, 2023 46 mins

    Another show, another Al

    Look, I'm not going to gloat or make a big deal here, but this show is out EXACTLY when I said it would be out! And it's right on time with when my player said to expect my next episode. Sorry, this may seem like small potatoes to people but it's a big deal in my book! But enough about me, what is going on this week?!

    I had the pleasure of having Al back for another show! He is one half of The Retro 'Rents,...

  • Mark as Played


    Welcome to the unofficial beginning of season 2 lolol. I mean, it's dumb, but I feel like that's where I'm at here. New intro music, updated and ridiculously awesome art, it's like a breath of fresh air being blown in to get the *checks watch* nine months worth of dust off everything.

    NINE MONTHS! Nine freaking months since my last show. Almost to the day. I mean, technically, yeah, this CAN be considered ...

    Mark as Played
    October 31, 2022 26 mins


    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! This episode is going to be all about Ken Turner! I thought Ken would be a great reason to dust off the ol' podcast because he lives in historic Salem, Massachusetts! We went on about how it is to live there throughout the year, the craziness of Halloween, and so much more! 

    Fun bonus! Check out the links below and you'll find not only Ken on twitter, but also the brand new Delvin Cox Exp...

    Mark as Played

    Solo, round 2

    Solo show numero 2 and I feel much more organized! Let it be known though, I recorded an entire OTHER show before I recorded this one. It was so all over the place and unorganized, I decided to ditch it and start over. I'm glad because it's amazing how much more focused you get when you write yourself a little plan to stick to. Organization. Who knew?!

    Things Discussed

    I talked numerous topics in the 30 minutes I allo...

    Mark as Played

    It's Not My Ffff

    I've been having this itch to record something, but at the same time, I didn't really want to commit to a date with someone. And so, my first solo show is born!

    Will there be more? Maybe. Only time, and my laziness, will tell. 

    I went on about a few things I've been meaning to talk about. And I feel like it would've been a much greater discussion with...myself... If I would have planned it out better. I rambled a f...

    Mark as Played
    June 8, 2021 70 mins


    In true Future Monkeys fashion, Los is joined again by Beardy, and they talk games! They discuss Mass Effect and how little progress they've made on it, and then get into what they're predicting for E3. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all discussed, and Los hopes for number one next-gen killer app that the Big N can announce that would bring balance to the Force. 

    Links and Info Discussed

    Mark as Played
    June 7, 2021 46 mins

    BACK TO NORMA... Oh, wait, not quite

    Beardy and Los are back again! Talking about our new lives as vaccinated citizens! And as it turns out, it's not that much different LOL. We catch up with things that have been going on, how we've been, and talk about getting vaccinated. We kinda go into a tangent about our disagreements with how things have progressed and how difficult it is as people with families who cannot be vaccinated, but...

    Mark as Played
    March 30, 2021 80 mins

    Other Stuff to Do

    After a needed mini mental break, I'm finally mustering the strength to get this show posted. Ridiculously huge apologies to Elaine! I feel horrible, I do. But trying to move forward, let's keep going.

    Episode 11, if you never heard it, was probably one of my favorite shows I've ever recorded. I'm so happy to have had Elaine on these back to back shows. If you can recall, we discussed a few very real topics. It fe...

    Mark as Played
    February 3, 2021 99 mins

    Today's Positive: An awesome show

    Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! On this, the 3rd day of February. Elaine, etdragon, OG,  pioneer of pioneers, originator of originators, was awakened at sunset from her trash panda haven, and spoke to me in Elainese and said: I will join you on your show! 

    So here we are! Still in Groundhog Day mode like we wear top hats, this is episode 11 and I'm joined by Elaine! We went over a ton of topics ranging ...

    Mark as Played
    January 27, 2021 109 mins

    Who You Gonna Call? Not the Turtles!

    TEN EPISODES! Isn't that amazing! At double digits now! It's probably ok to retire now, right? Call it quits after hitting this milestone. Well, for this episode it's a nostalgic trip to our childhood, as Al and myself go back to the 80's and 90's to talk cartoons! 

    So many different shows defined many a childhood growing up. It would be nearly impossible to mention them all, or even give most o...

    Mark as Played

    Survey Says!

    Two shows in a row! One more, and it'll probably be some sort of record for me. Also a record, is the amount of shows done by two guys who quit their last show because they could never get together to record. (That's us!)

    Yup, Beardy and I are here another week and we're back to our old gaming antics. But we're not discussing current trends and the new hotness. No, we're going back over the past 7 years and talking abo...

    Mark as Played

    Ani-mani, and Totally Insaney

    Beardy and I are back and we're tackling the heavy hitting issues of today. Like when is the best time to take down your holiday decorations. How you should decorate for Valentine's Day. And much more! 

    We get into the excitement and adventure that is raising boys. It's a full-of-surprises kind of experience where one minute you can be greeted with a hug, and five minutes later you're staring down the ...

    Mark as Played
    December 22, 2020 126 mins

    Christmas Call-in Spectacular

    Ok, fine, "spectacular" isn't exactly the right word, but let's not dwell on that! Let's dwell on the fact that it's been about 5 months since the last show! .....No, you know what, let's not dwell on that either. Ok, here, dwell on 2020 coming to a close! There you go, something positive. And personally, with so much craziness that happened in 2020, and so so so much happening since the last show, let...

    Mark as Played
    July 2, 2020 89 mins

    LEGO Loving Fools

    It's been over a year in post-production but I'm finally getting this episode out! Once again, apologies to Mr. Ve6a5 for slacking so much. But hey, if you're a fan of LEGO, this one's for you! 

    Matt has been building bricks since he was a kid. Me, not so much, but that doesn't stop us from going on about one of our favorite hobbies. It may be a little dated, talking about sets that come out "next year" and now li...

    Mark as Played

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