The Unbroken Ground

The Unbroken Ground

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? The Unbroken Ground Podcast explores ways to follow Jesus. Sometimes answers are presented and sometimes the episode ends with more questions than answers. Just like following Jesus, producing this podcast is a journey - one I hope you will join and invite others to participate in. Follow for news and updates on Facebook - If you have questions or future topics - Instagram: I also write a blog; you can find it here: Check out my other podcast -


July 21, 2024 27 mins

When we look back we can better see the blessings of God and how He is always working behind the scenes. Like Peter, who steps out of the boat and walks on water for a moment, we all need reminders that we can do this. And we should keep going, even farther than we first believed or thought was possible. 


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Unbroken Ground ...

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Are you called out? Set apart? Is your life any different than your neighbors? Community must continue to be chased and culture must continually be shaped. What skills are you passing on to your children or young people to evaluate culture? It is hard to be different. Different can make you vulnerable and lead to isolation. But what if God is calling all believers to be different? Following Jesus will change you and make you differ...

Mark as Played

Walking alongside others, especially youth, in ministry one of the most common topics is God's love. As humans hoping to connect with a spiritual being in God, we find it hard to believe that God loves us. We hear God loves us unconditionally, but do we believe it? We see how hard it is to make relationships work among humans, and we convince ourselves it must be that hard between us and God. Not only that, but no one knows us like...

Mark as Played
June 30, 2024 35 mins

What is so wrong with getting old? American Culture is built around staying young, healthy, and beautiful for as long as you can. But in God's kingdom, it is those peopl who have lived lives for decades as they chase after God that have great honor. How can our communities reclaim the prestige of being old? We live in such a time where generations are purposefully pitted against each other. How do we redeem this into a community wh...

Mark as Played
June 23, 2024 44 mins

Who is in your community? Despite our many efforts to make following Jesus about a singular, personal experience - it just doesn't work that way. Much of the Bible is written to groups of people or communities. Even the most singular verses have the background and understanding that they are to be lived out in a community of people. So who are you intentionally following as an apprentice to Jesus? Who are you walking with shoulder ...

Mark as Played
June 16, 2024 40 mins

Is it better if God allows suffering versus actively causing it? Should God remove all suffering from my life? My finite brain and limited understanding are no match when thinking about how the world "could be." God is the good Father at work, bringing situations around for our good and His glory. 

Mark as Played

Part two of the two-part episode.  Does God want me to suffer? Does Jesus say anything about suffering? What conclusions can we make about life and what to expect in life? 

Mark as Played

Does God want or enjoy it when I suffer? Is there a clear explanation in the Bible for why suffering exists? In part one, I will discuss issues highlighted in the OT Book of Job and questions that have existed for centuries. 

Mark as Played

I'm just going to come out and admit it. The theology of God's love being reckless doesn't bother me. Mostly because we are trying to use human words and experiences to define a mysterious spiritual being. God reveals so much to us, but our knowledge and understanding barely scratch the surface. So listen in as I list three things about God's love that seem reckless from the human standpoint. Don't worry, if you want to hear about ...

Mark as Played
May 19, 2024 37 mins

People walking through difficult parts of life make us uncomfortable. We don't know what to say or how to help. Does your community (church or otherwise) welcome the hard-to-love, to explain, to-find answers? How can you learn how to welcome those people into your life?

Mark as Played
May 12, 2024 38 mins

I would guess that more people like to think of themselves as in charge of their lives than to believe they are out of control. But with God, there must always be room for mystery. How we think about God, and what we think about God should shape how we live. How much mystery do you embrace in your walk with God?

Mark as Played
May 5, 2024 46 mins

Nope, not about about that book. Is God good? Is He Great? Is there a difference? What and how we think about God is super important, and should shape how we live our lives. So join me as I walk through some of the themes of God's greatness and goodness. 

Mark as Played

Is a lack of faith causing you to have struggles? Or are your struggles how God is strengthening your faith?

Mark as Played
April 20, 2024 21 mins

Take a breath. Be still. Take a moment and enjoy sitting with Jesus. 

Mark as Played

What do you do if you are in the spiritual season of winter? I use Mark Buchanan's book "Spiritual Rhythm" as a guide on what to do when everything seems dead or dying. 

Check out the book here, Books | Mark Buchanan

Mark as Played
April 7, 2024 47 mins

As promised from last week's podcast, this is about the day between Jesus' death and resurrection. How did the disciples feel? How did they cope? What do we do when we are faced with loss and death? What if God has built a physical and spiritual changing of seasons into the world? Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall but for your everyday life. What should you do when you find yourself experiencing or needing to let go of things in you...

Mark as Played

Happy Easter! This one delves a little bit more into the theology side of things. But if you don't know why Jesus' death and resurrection were important (other than being told that at church), this may answer some of your questions. I hope it answers more than it creates anyway! 

Mark as Played
March 24, 2024 23 mins

A short reflection on this Palm Sunday. 

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Is it time to clean all the cobwebs out of your heart? I talk through using the Lord's prayer as a guide for spring cleaning. I also blogged about it on  


You can follow my blog at Unbroken Ground - Exploration of Christ, Community, and Creativity (

Mark as Played

What do you do when you pray, and God answers and says no? What do you do if it seems like there is nothing but silence? Prayer is an invitation on so many levels. Do you trust God enough to invite Him into your mess? This podcast is the intersection of finishing Forgotten God (last week), Praying like Monks and Living like Fools (see link below), and learning about the importance of trust in the corporate world. 


Check out Pray ...

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