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Welcome to Time Travelling TeamP, the weekly Doctor Who podcast where two friends review every episode of Doctor Who right from the very beginning. Each week we will be looking at The Doctor, the companions, the villains, and the story as a whole. New episodes drop every Monday. | Email: timetravellingteamp@teampproductions.com | Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: @TimeTeamP | Artwork by: Dinko Jun (email: dinkojun364@hotmail.com) (deviant art gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/soulbrake) | Music by: Colum Brady


March 20, 2023 69 min

"My name is Romanadvoratrelundar"

In this special episode Paddy and Tricia share their thoughts on Romana I and her time in the TARDIS.

Mark as Played

The Doctor and Romana approach the end of their search for the Key to Time but their hopes of an easy resolution are dashed when they find themselves in the midst of an interplanetary war.

This week, Paddy and Tricia watch as The Doctor and his friends come face to face with another force seeking the Key for their own desires. Can they complete their objective and save two planets about to be destroyed by The Armageddon Factor?

Mark as Played
February 27, 2023 112 min

The search for the next segment of the Key to Time brings the TARDIS to one of the swamp moons of Delta Magna, which is populated by the hostile natives who are attempting to stop further encroachment on their lands with the aid of their god, Kroll.

This week Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor and Romana as they attempt the find the penultimate piece of the Key to Time whilst trying to safe themselves from The Power of Kroll.

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February 21, 2023 121 min

With their goal halfway to completion, The Doctor decides to take a well earned break. However, things rarely go according to plan.

This week Paddy and Tricia follow the TARDIS team as they land on the planet Tara and become pawns in a political scheme for the throne. Can they find the next segment of the Key to Time and survive the plot of The Androids of Tara?


Mark as Played
February 8, 2023 124 min

The hunt for the remaining segments of the Key to Time continues as the trail leads the TARDIS to Earth.

This week Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor as he takes Romana and K-9 on a tour of his favorite planet in search of the next segment. However, their quest pits them against a murderous cult who seek to protect the mystery of the Stones of Blood.

Mark as Played
January 31, 2023 147 min

With one piece recovered, The Doctor and Romana continue their search for the rest of the Key to Time.

This week, Paddy and Tricia follow the TARDIS crew as their search exposes them to a terrifying force when they land on The Pirate Planet.

Mark as Played
January 16, 2023 118 min

The very fabric of reality is kept together by a series of checks and balances. One of these balances is the legendary Key to Time, a segmented construct that keeps Time from spiraling out of control.

This week, Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor as he is sent on a mission to retrieve all six segments. His first stop lands him in a very delicate and very dangerous Ribos Operation.

Mark as Played
December 12, 2022 136 min

This week, Paddy and Tricia take time to talk about their podcast journey so far and ask each other some burning questions, as well as some questions submitted by their listeners.

Mark as Played
December 5, 2022 85 min

"I'll miss you too, savage" - The Doctor In this special episode Paddy and Tricia share their thoughts on Leela and her time in the TARDIS.

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November 28, 2022 148 min

Since time immemorial, the Citadel of the Time Lords has been secure from all external threats thanks to the might of its founders. But what happens when the threats are internal?

This week, Paddy and Tricia watch as The Doctor betrays his own people to one of the deadliest forces in the universe. Only a small band of defenders lead by Leela and K9 are all that stands in the way of The Invasion of Time.

Mark as Played
November 15, 2022 97 min

At the furthest edge of the cosmos, the remnants of a long forgotten race struggle to find a future for their civilization in the legacy of their past. Unfortunately, sometimes a legacy can be corrupted.

This week Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor and his companions as they join a quest to recover a heritage ship from the dark belly of the Underworld.

Mark as Played
November 7, 2022 96 min

To paraphrase a great Earth philosopher "The tax man's taken all my dough and left me in my Pluto home". This is the sentiment of the majority of the people on Pluto, who solely live in order to pay their taxes to the mysterious Company.

This week, Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor, Leela and K9 as they attempt to help humanity take back their freedom from the oppressive taxation regime of The Sun Makers.

Mark as Played
November 1, 2022 96 min

For years, scientists have debated about how exactly human life started on Earth. Now, after a startling discovery, one such group of academics stand poised to unlock the secrets to mankind's origins.

This week, Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor and Leela as they race against the clock to stop an ancient evil from accidentally being awakened. Will they be in time or will humanity be forced to evolve in the Image of the Fendahl?

Mark as Played
October 24, 2022 88 min

The universe is home to countless lifeforms and entities, some of which exist without anyone knowing about them. These can prove to be the most dangerous lifeform of all.

This week, Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor and Leela on an adventure through time and space and the human body as they seek to protect the entire universe from The Invisible Enemy.

Mark as Played
October 10, 2022 125 min

The lighthouse island of Fang Rock is home to a legend of a beast that lurks amongst the rocks and brings death to whoever encounters it. However, on one fateful night the legend is about to become a reality.

This week, Paddy and Tricia watch as The Doctor and Leela must deal with the superstitious lighthouse keepers and survivors of a ship wreck as they attempt to defend the isolated building from the Horror of Fang Rock.

Mark as Played
October 3, 2022 131 min

On the fog shrouded streets of London City, a sinister presence stalks the night and is abducting young women for a nefarious purpose.

This week, Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor and Leela team with a pair of unlikely allies as they find themselves caught in a mystery involving an ancient criminal organization and a renowned stage performer. Can they release London from the terrifying grip of the Talons of Weng-Chiang?

Mark as Played
September 26, 2022 112 min

The first law of robotics states that a robot may not harm a human. But what would happen to a society dependent on robots if this law was ever broken?

This week Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor and Leela as they arrive on a gigantic sand miner where an unseen power is forcing the servitor robots to break their cardinal law. Can they help keep the crew safe and find out who is controlling the Robots of Death?

Mark as Played
September 19, 2022 109 min

There are times where we are brought face to face with the consequences of our past actions. But what happens when we can't remember what we did to cause those consequences? This week, Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor as he finds himself caught in the age old war between two factions that revere him both as a god and as The Face of Evil.

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August 1, 2022 119 min

It is the dawn of a new era for Gallifrey as the election of a new Lord President of the Time Lords is about to be announced. However, forces work in the shadows to use the political maelstrom to their own ends.

This week, Paddy and Tricia follow The Doctor as he returns to Gallifrey to deliver a dire warning and prevent the destruction of his people as he goes head to head with The Deadly Assassin.

Mark as Played

"Til we meet again Sarah"

In this special episode Paddy and Tricia share their thoughts on Sarah Jane Smith and her time in the TARDIS.

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