Unconstitutional Awakening the Podcast

Unconstitutional Awakening the Podcast

We’re a collection of freedom minded individuals who wish to spread truthful nonpartisan information about government tyranny and corruption that effect all humans, and to promote bottom unity between all the people at the bottom of all political and religious ilk’s and lack thereof.


February 4, 2023 85 min

Tonight, Kaytlyn joins me in welcoming back the Fantabulous Lowell Johnson to catch up with what's been going on since we last chatted, then we jump into conspiracy's, spirituality, the twisted falseness of religions for control, bigfoot, light beings, and more, then we are joined with a special appearance from Kell to talk further on raising the vibe of humanity.

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Mark as Played

Tonight, Bandit and Kaytlyn join me in welcoming world renound author, and journalist, Mark Jacobson. We start the night off getting to know Mark and learning some history about him, and his years as a writer, then divulge into how the internet killed real journalism, and how the journalists of yesteryear (like himself) actually do the investigative foot work. We touch on his book about the infamous Lampshade, as well as his book a...

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January 27, 2023 107 min

Tonight, Luis, and Bandit join me in welcoming back show friend, Jody Albert Maas, to chat for the first time since last year. We have a great convo to catch up, and introduce him to Luis, we discuss shadow banning, and banning in general on social media, Texas' law against social media bans, the convention of states, forever chemicals in the water, nano tech to clean the ocean from micro plastics, natural gas, our show friend ...

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January 23, 2023 77 min

On this 150th episode of UA the podcast, Luis and Bandit join me in welcoming, the great William Ramsey, of William Ramsey Investigates podcast. William is independent investigative journalism broadcast covering a variety of subjects including politics and parapolitics, true crime, history, conspiracies, religion, cults, exposing the occult, and more! Tonight, he joins us in discussing the Smiley Face murders, something he's wo...

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January 21, 2023 65 min

Tonight, Luis joins me in hosting show regular Uncle Johnny, from Canada, on this night of the celebration of his born-on day, we chat about Gretas arrest, Canada becoming the world's leader in euthanasia, planes running into each other, planned parenthood and organ donations, the USPS pension fund, Bank of America, the great depression, Black Thursday, and much more.

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January 19, 2023 128 min

Tonight, Luis and Bandit join me in welcoming the hosts of the Cult of Conspiracy podcast. We start the night off getting to know the fellas, and discussing mutual combat states, then jump all the way back to Caligula expelling the Muurs from Spain, followed by chatting about all the left behind military equipment in Afghanistan, We discuss some new tech Russian soldiers seem to be sporting, the brush over ancient Egypt and the lan...

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January 16, 2023 104 min

Tonight, Bandit joins me in welcoming back my two favorite Aussies, Drew from Missing the Point podcast, and Terry founder of Defeat The Media, We chat about the failures of the board of education worldwide, GMO's, and big tobacco owning most of our food production, that one time Americans couldn't do fractions, how medieval surfs had it better than most of us today, White lung, Americans fist fighting bears, and so much mo...

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January 13, 2023 109 min

Tonight, Luis joins me in welcoming back show friend and sponsor (friend in liberty) Brett Pike, founder of ClassicalLearner.com, Homeschools Connected, and author of the Cubs to Bears books. We chat home schooling in general and how things have grown exponentially for his grass roots movement, we chat propaganda, calendars, Modern monetary theory, the Arkansas drag show bill, about the needs for self-sufficiency and small, strong ...

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January 10, 2023 107 min

Tonight, Bandit and Luis join me in hosting a couple show friends, Canadian John returns to give us some News Updates for Real, and Steven adds his bit of gruff flair as he does. The nights full of well, Current world events being completely ignored by MSM, John shares with us some of the stories he's covering currently, like Riots in Peru, Brazil, France, and more, the Battle of Athens and that one-time Puerto Rican Nationalis...

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January 8, 2023 78 min

Today, Neptune joins me in welcoming Harry Guiremand of the Bloodstained Men. BSM, is an advocate group trying to fight for a different aspect of human rights than you're probably used to hearing. We discuss the fore front of the fight to stay intact, as well as the trials and tribulations of the horror stories even I've faced with such a procedure., as well as a positive side to it with Neptune, we talk about the activism,...

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January 5, 2023 110 min

Tonight, Bandit and show friend Uncle Johnny, join me in welcoming the fantabulous Spike Cohen. We chat about his run for VP, ideas he had if they'd have won, the need for accountability for Police, and Government officials, Spikes memes and trolling of federal agencies and Police Depatments, you rights as a human being compared to corrupt law, What Spikes up to now, as well as the great work with his non-profit You are the Pow...

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January 3, 2023 98 min

On the first episode of the year, Bandit, Neptune, and Luis join me in catching up with clown world, kicking things off talking about the tyranny of Winnie the flu that's still prominent in some places, and the world since Snowden first blew a whistle 10 years ago, but the ideas of city's still attempting to lock citizens in a minimal radius, we show proof of changed definitions and talk about the addition of made up words ...

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December 31, 2022 104 min

On the final episode of Unconstitutional Awakening the podcast for 2022, Ox, Luis, and Kaytlyn join me in welcoming show fan and friend Steven. We chat about the ups and down of the show, fun times of the past year as well as wild situations the past year, we chat about the 419 scams, the most recent government spending bill, missing pentagon money, dark forest theory, the biggest void in space, infinity theory, what Saturn sounds ...

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Today on this special edition of UA the podcast, Luis and Bandit join me in hosting, Nate from Reality Czars, Voila-Me, and Uncle Johnny to chat everything occult, mystic, mythical, and conspiratal surrounding the biggest holiday in human history. We chat cultural traditions in other places, and fun facts about different perspectives, to the truths about it being tied to Saturn and Saturnalia, we joke about Krampus, as well as poin...

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December 23, 2022 116 min

On tonight's episode, Bandit and Luis join me in welcoming the host of the Rained-Out Rant Cast, Chris. Chris tells us a little about himself, and his show then we get pretty wild. From Baba Vanga predictions to humans in artificial wombs, the founder of the weather channel calls Climate change "Baloney", and we joke about the annal leakage caused by Olestra (Member? You member?) We get into some info on some not so sav...

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December 21, 2022 115 min

Tonight, Luis, Bandit, and Neptune, join me welcoming back show friend Voila-Me. We chat pros and cons to artificial intelligence within the home, as well as climate theories, Military trained bomb dolphins, the bat bomb, ridiculous things the government blows money on, digital currencies, the removal of red heads from pop culture, giants, Thomas Eddison being Mexican, books too expensive for us peasants to own, fallacies of the ci...

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December 19, 2022 90 min

Tonight, Luis joins me in welcoming the host of The Cosmic Peach Podcast, Julia. We chat about her and her show, and start the showoff playing with AI, then get into UFOs, and the lack of sea exploration. Discuss cryptids, and different Loch ness type monsters worldwide., we joke about the grimace costume and Luis gets me to share my cosplays, we joke about Krampus, and tube Julia into little Germany in Argentina, then talk Antarct...

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December 16, 2022 92 min

On tonight's episode, Bandit and Ox, along with show friend Steven, join me in welcoming Co-Founder of The Free Thought Project, and founder of Policing the Police, Jason Bassler aboard. We of course kick off thanking Jason for being an OG in the great meme war inspiring many of us to be as vocal as we are today. We chat his history of liberty spreading, the ups and downs he endured throughout, being banned on many platforms, T...

Mark as Played
December 13, 2022 80 min

Tonight, Bandit joins me in welcoming back show friends Lyman Bishop, and Steven to chat about Hoplites latest armor advancements, as well as Lyman's intentions to run for Govenor of Montana, and his plans of secession from the union when he wins. We chat about what's drove him to this point, his ideas for a free state based off the Montana Constitution, what he plans to do about the "Federal" land and other "Fe...

Mark as Played
December 11, 2022 114 min

Tonight, Bandit and KellKell join me in welcoming Ghost, the host doing the most in the podcast world. Ghost runs my third eye podcast as well in partaking in a few others. We chat more about race swapped characters, Amish farms being raided by the FDA, the fallacy of "fossil fuels" the joke of electric cars, the North Carolina power outages, the best states for off grid living, the flintstones/jetson theory, and so much mo...

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