Wagging Tales

Wagging Tales

A podcast which tells the tales of companion animals and people. Interviewing guests who work, live with or volunteer with companion animals to help us learn as much as we can about the animals we love. Discussing everything from rescues, behavioural rehabilitation, training, medical treatment nutrition and many more topics. You can also submit questions about companion animals which will be answered by our hosts and guests.


July 3, 2024 74 mins

"Urban Dog Challenges: Living with Dogs in a City Environment"! Join Fraser Noble, Canine Behaviour Consultant, and Jay, Behavioural Dog Trainer, as they dive deep into the unique challenges and joys of raising dogs in bustling city settings.


In this episode, we cover:

🐶 Navigating city life with your furry friend

🌳 Finding green spaces and dog-friendly areas

🔊 Addressing common urban dog behaviour issues

🐾 Breed-specific con...

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Tune in to the latest episode of the Wagging Tales Podcast as Fraser and Jay dive into "Why Grooming is Essential & Fear-Free Grooming Tips For Your Dog"! 🐶✂️

What we discuss: ✨ The health benefits of regular grooming ✨ Common grooming challenges and how to overcome them ✨ Fear-free grooming tips to keep your dog calm and happy ✨ Must-have grooming tools and techniques

Don't miss out o...

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June 12, 2024 65 mins

Handling Aggression in Dogs


Are you struggling with managing your dog’s aggressive behavior? Or perhaps you want to learn more about understanding and handling aggression in dogs? 🐶💬


- The reasons behind dog aggression

- Identifying different types of aggression

- Practical tips and techniques to handle aggression

- What to do in the moment of aggression

- Long-term strategies for managing and reducing aggression


🛠️ L...

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June 5, 2024 90 mins
Wagging Tales Podcast - Episode 31: Importance of Puppy Training

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Wagging Tales Podcast! In this episode, we explore the essential topic of Puppy Training and its long-term benefits. Here’s a quick look at what we cover:

Why Puppy Training is Important:

  • Builds a strong bond between you and your puppy.
  • Teaches essential skills and commands.
  • Prevents behavioural issues before they develop.
  • Enhances com...
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Wagging Tales Podcast! Thunder phobia   Are thunderstorms a nightmare for your furry friend? Listen to our latest episode on "Managing Thunder phobia in Dogs" where we dive deep into understanding and soothing your dog's storm anxiety.   Explore comprehensive strategies to manage thunder phobia in dogs, from recognising signs to practical interventions that help reduce anxiety during thunderstorms.   Key Points Discussed:...
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Episode 29: Harmony in Public Spaces: Navigating the Intersections of Dogs, Children, and Community


Episode Description:

In this insightful episode of Wagging Tales, host Fraser Noble dives into the pressing issue of creating harmonious public spaces for both dogs and children. Sparked by a recent incident in a Singapore dog park, this episode unpacks the layers of shared responsibilities, behaviours, and solutions essential for ...

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"Global Paws: Navigating Pet Relocation with Ease and Care"

About This Episode:

In this insightful episode of the Wagging Tales Podcast, titled "Global Paws: Navigating Pet Relocation with Ease and Care," hosts Fraser and Jay, along with their guest Cherry from The Flying Fido, embark on a detailed journey through the complexities of relocating pets, focusing on the nuances of international travel. From the initial stages of prepar...

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Episode 27: The Influence of Human Behaviour on Dogs

Join hosts Fraser and Jay, behaviour specialists from Noble Canine, as they delve into the fascinating world of how our behaviour and emotions deeply impact our furry friends. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who loves, works with, or cares for dogs!


What You'll Discover:

The history of humans and dogs living together.

Understanding the two-way emotional bond between ...

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🐾💕 "Puppy Love: How Dogs Impact People's Love Lives" 💕🐾

  • 🎙️ How our furry friends shape our romantic connections.
  • 📖 Heartwarming doggy tales and insights on love.
  • 🧠 The psychology of dogs and relationships
  • 💘 Dogs as matchmakers
  • 🤗 Training together, staying together
  • 😅😍 The challenges and joys of dogs and your relationship
  • 🎤 Listener stories 🌍 From spontaneous meets in Singapore parks to rekindled flames in The Cotswo...
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February 8, 2024 50 mins
Wagging Tales Podcast - NAVIGATING DOG OWNERSHIP Join us on a journey through the perks and quirks of dog ownership, tailored for dog enthusiasts and future pet parents! From cuddles to commitment, we cover everything you need to know.   Upcoming Episodes Reminder: Next Up:🐾💕 "Puppy Love: How Dogs Impact People's Love Lives" 💕🐾 Please share your love life related stories with regards to your dogs, both positive and ot...
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January 31, 2024 56 mins

Travel Prep for Stay-At-Home Pups 🐾 Heading out on an adventure without your pup? This episode is packed with tips and strategies to ensure your dog is happy and well-cared-for while you're away. 🛄🏡 💡Episode Highlights: 🎒 Your Dog's Emotional Baggage: Smoothing out the emotional bumps of bidding farewell. 🧠 Understanding Separation Anxiety: Tackling the tough parts of time apart. 🏘️ Choosing a Temporary Home: What to scout...

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Festive Furry Friends Part 3: Reflections and Resolutions for Your Dog’s Holiday   Welcome to Episode 23 of The Wagging Tales podcast, the concluding episode of our festive series, where we guide you through preparing your dog for the next holiday season. This episode builds upon previous discussions, focusing on reflection and proactive planning.   Key Highlights:   Reflection on Past Holidays: Analysing what worked and wh...
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Festive Furry Friends Part 2: Paws and Protocols for the Holidays

Continuing from our previous episode, we dive further into ensuring a joyful holiday season for both your canine companions and guests. In this second installment of our festive-themed series, we focus on managing interactions to maintain a happy household.

In this episode, we cover key points such as:

Interactions with Family and Guests: Unwrapping the nuances of do...

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Festive Furry Friends Part 1: A Dog's Guide to the Holidays

In this, the 1st of 3 festive-themed episode, we unwrap the essentials of keeping your dog happy and safe during the holiday season. We delve into the often overlooked aspects of a dog's well-being amidst our celebrations.

We explore several vital topics such as:

  • Holiday Hazards: Identifying common festive it...
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In this episode we talk about the reality, benefit and restrictions of online pet care. We introduce the new partnership between Noble Canine and ZumVet, bringing online behavioural consultations to our listeners.

  • We discuss a. number of topics such as:
  • How online treatment for pets is effective.
  • The Need for Online Services for Pet Owners
  • The Online Treatment Process
  • Common Pet Health/Behaviour Issues: Online Vs. In-Person
  • Exa...
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Wagging Tales Podcast - Episode 19: Unleashed Instincts: The Canine Hunter Within

In this episode Jay goes into Canine Prey drive, how to better understand it and how to help your dog deal with this ancient and powerful evolutionary drive. 


"Ask Me Anything" On Dog Training & Behaviour

If you have any questions about this episode or anything else with regards to your dog, or dogs in general, please join us on our Live Faceboo...

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Ep18: Romanian Rescue Dogs: A Journey of Compassion with Meesh Masters

Meesh Masters is a distinguished behavior consultant and trainer specialising in Romanian rescue dogs in the UK.

We discuss many aspects of the topic including:

  • Importance of behavioural rehabilitation/training efforts and the unique challenges involved in working with street dogs.
  • The parallels with Singapore Specials who we work with and to Romanian Street...
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Wagging Tales Podcast - Episode 17: Managing Dog Reactivity & Aggression (Part 2)


Segment 1: Preventative Measures

Segment 2: Training and Behaviour Modification

Segment 3: Tools and Equipment (Pros & Cons)

 Sneak peek into the final episode: Rehabilitating Dog Reactivity & Aggression (Part 3)

    • The Role of Professional Help
    • Real-Life Success & How It Was Done
    • Long-Term Mai...
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Dogs & Allergies: Unravelling the Itch! with Dr Amanda Sim (Namly Vet Surgery)

Allergies, they're not just a human thing, right? Our dogs can suffer from them too. From constant itching and scratching to sneezing fits that leave our pups puzzled, uncomfortable and irritable. Allergies can be a real challenge.

But fear not! Our guest today, Dr. Amanda Sim, has a keen focus on understanding and treating these furry woes. She's he...

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We are discussing a crucial issue that many dog owners face: dog aggression.

Understanding Dog Reactivity & Aggression (Part 1)


Segment 1: Defining Reactivity & Aggression

  • Difference between reactivity and aggression
  • The spectrum of dog behaviour
  • Common triggers for reactivity and aggression

Segment 2: Recognising Signs of Reactivity & Aggression

  • Body language cues in dogs
  • Identifying early warning signs
  • ...
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