Well, I Laughed

Well, I Laughed

Semi-educational and organically funny, “Well, I Laughed” is a podcast for listeners who find themselves in search of a good laugh and their next strange story to tell at parties. Each week one of our hosts shares what they have learned on topics ranging from Birth Control to Pirates. Join Grant, a public school teacher, and Maia, an engineer, as they find the humor in the mundane. Well, I Laughed, and we think you will too. New episodes every Wednesday.


April 17, 2024 150 mins

A true crime podcast episode on the Red Barn Murder in Polstead in 1827. Maia introduces us to a surprising number of Anne's as she explains who was Maria Martin. How tragic and unnecessary her death was, and the man behind the crime, murderer William Corder. Grant and Maia cover the difficult choices women were left with in the 1800s, why a bad man got away with so much, and finally the trial and execution of William Corder. Join ...

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It is our first listener episode! Listeners from the Well, I Laughed universe share stories about surviving family curses, gay haircuts, a terrible first date story, and the unsettling "St. Mikulas" tradition in Prague! An episode of shocking, surprising, and funny episodes all about being Out and About.

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April 3, 2024 110 mins

Drag is art, drag is exciting, drag is… old? This week, Maia explores the history of drag. From drag in Ancient Greece and Rome and male only casts, to more contemporary artist like the work of Julian Eltinge. Maia shares the life of William Dorsey Swann, who was America’s first drag queen, or at least one of them. Taking us to the Drag Balls of Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance and the extravagant homes of DC that first held dr...

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March 27, 2024 144 mins

Where did the phrase “coming out of the closet” come from? Is history gay? And if it is, why is gay history a secret? This week’s podcast episode looks at famous gay people in history. Including gay Kings of England and America’s first gay president, at least potentially. Grant and Maia also take on the controversy of learning gay history. Explore the perks of being a spinster. Before ending with a tour of modern gay history in the...

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March 20, 2024 77 mins

Stories from the Reddit AITA page. The challenge of being a new mom with a clueless new father. A family that respects their daughters wishes. A family prank that went too far. And disappointing husbands that could do more to support their spouse. A series of funny Reddit stories about people who might have taken it a little too far. Excessive force AITA!

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March 13, 2024 125 mins

A podcast on workers rights and the labor movement! Striking workers and unsafe working conditions, a uniquely American story. This week, Grant explores two historic moments in the labor rights movement. The Haymarket Riot in Chicago and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York. We learn more about Albert Parsons and Lucy Parsons, Clara Lemlich, and even get a surprise appearance from gilded age aristocrats. Discover the me...

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March 6, 2024 110 mins

Today’s podcast episode is about a famous school rivalry. The rivalry between Denver University and the Colorado School of Mines. Maia covers some pranks that go too far. Pranks with explosives, hostages, and lots of ways to go wrong, at least a little. It is about more than a game of football, or a big white M on the side of the mountain. An episode on school pride and smart people doing dumb things. CU vs CSU. Auburn vs Georgia T...

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February 28, 2024 90 mins

Stories from the Reddit AITA page. For Valentine's day we cover terrible dates. Being too honest with your friend about their dating expectations. Reacting to sudden hostility while grabbing drinks. And telling your friend they’re wrong, even when pressured not to. Four Reddit stories about dating, and terrible dating experiences.

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Do aliens exist? Or are we alone in the universe? In this week’s podcast episode we explore Fermi's Paradox. Maia covers topics like the “great filter theory”, the day a UFO sighting stopped a football game with Ardico Magnini, the “coso artifact”, and the US Congressional Hearing on UFO sightings and the testimony of Retired Maj. David Grusch. An episode that addresses the question, if there are supposed to be plenty fish in our g...

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February 14, 2024 103 mins

Grant tells Maia about the rarest fish in the world, found in the strangest of places. An episode about the Devil’s Hole Pupfish and Devils Hole, located in Death Valley National Park. We learn more about Ash Meadow, the legal rights of a tiny fish, and the many strange occurrences that have been documented at Devil’s Hole. A podcast episode that will leave you enchanted with the oddity of fish in the desert.

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February 7, 2024 69 mins

Stories from the Reddit AITA page. Maia covers the story of a roommate who is a bit too casual with the cops. Later, a mother-in-law's famous Mac and Cheese that goes too far. Or maybe it was the daughter-in-law who could have handled things better. Two AITA stories about family drama and the cops, what else is new?

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In today's podcast episode, Grant covers some Civil War history. Specifically, the life and legend of John Brown. Abolitionist, hero, domestic terrorist? Depends on who you ask. Also covered is the conflict known as “Bleeding Kansas”, the raid on Harpers Ferry, and the work of important abolitionists like Fredrick Douglass and Gerrit Smith.

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A podcast episode about the Pinkertons and the internet group Anonymous. Grant and Maia play a game of "good cop, bad cop" as we dive into the history of both groups. We travel to the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln and the death of a famous revenge porn website. Part history podcast, part storytelling experience. Join us as we discuss Jesse James and his gang and the vile Hunter Moore!

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Pigeons in New York City? Groundbreaking. Today we discuss the animals that make New York City their home. Are birds real? Why did we use to love pigeons? Also talked about is Ethan Couch and his infamous case of "affluenza". And an AITA story from Reddit that asks "should I run away from everything and move to NYC? Our answers probably won't shock you. Well, we laughed!

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January 10, 2024 119 mins

Maia unveils a spy ring that was operating in the US! We laugh and gasp at the true story of Anna Chapman. A Russian spy who was either very good at her job, or was terrible at it. America loves a messy celerity story, so Welcome to New York! Part two, Victory Tour.


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Grant takes us back to the Gilded Age with the origin story of the word "JUMBO". A tale at times hilarious and heartbreaking. Our story starts in East Africa and winds its way through Europe before arriving in New York. Buckle up for this story, it can feel like a real circus.

In this episode Grant and Maia cover Jumbo the Elephant, possibly one of the inspirations for the movie "Dumbo" (or maybe Dumbo's father?). Listen in to hear...

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LIVE from our friend's living room. It is the Well, I Laughed Christmas episode! Recorded in the most festive room either of us have ever seen. We discuss the holidays, vasectomies, and eventually share a couple AITA stories from Reddit. Grant and Maia unpack all the weird and hilarious holiday traditions and stories from each other.

A special thank you to Kelsi and Edgar for being such wonderful friends and hosts.

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December 20, 2023 121 mins

Grant... also transports us back to the Gilded Age in a completely unplanned turn of events. When is a murder just a murder, and when is it a stand in for larger social concers? Like racism. Or misogyny. Grant relives a story he was first taught in college, a story he then very promptly forgot. Hometown Hijinx part two brings us to Lincoln, Nebraska to figure out who is Linc-ed together!

The murder of John Sheedy. We discuss the in...

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December 13, 2023 95 mins

Maia transports us back to the Gilded Age and tells the story of means girls and high society. Who was who in early Denver society? What made them so interesting? And who ends up getting played by Kathy Bates? That, and so much more, covered in Hometown Hijinxs (Maia's version).

Grant and Maia discuss The Unsinkable Margaret (Molly) Brown as well as other characters like Louise Sneed Hill, JJ Brown, the RMS Titanic and more!

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December 6, 2023 186 mins

Patty Hearst, Part 2. After witnessing the death of your friends, what do you do next? And where do you go? How does tragedy and trauma shape and reshape Patty Hearst's life. And what does innocence, guilt, and justice look like when the crazy ride finally comes to an end? 

This episode covers everything after the house fire which tragically kills many of the members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) through present day. We d...

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