Where Does It Come From? How our ’stuff’ impacts people and planet

Where Does It Come From? How our ’stuff’ impacts people and planet

Most of use have a lot of ’stuff’ in our lives - from furniture to fashion. We’re all becoming much more aware of how the creation, use and disposal of these items can impact the people who make them, our planet and even ourselves. This podcast will share Interviews with amazing people who have made it their life goals to make a difference - creating businesses, campaigns and writing books to help us understand these impacts and make better choices going forward. Host Jo Salter, social entrepreneur and founder of ethical clothing business Where Does It Come From?, encourages them to tell their story so they can inspire us with the challenges they’ve faced, the impact they’ve had and their big why. Intro music - rushing deadlines by dylan-darby (from Pixabay) #greenliving #ethicalliving #green #ecofriendly #climatecrisis #ethicalbusiness #sustainability #ethicalfashion www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk


June 11, 2024 51 mins

Welcome to episode 40 of the Where Does It Come From? podcast.


In this episode your host, Jo Salter, founder of ethical clothing social enterprise Where Does It Come From? chats with Sue Campbell.  Sue is the founder of Kind2, creating haircare that brings you great hair with zero plastic.  Your dog can also benefit - there's a doggy shampoo bar available too!


Kind2 creates multi-award winning, high performing solid shampoo and...

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'The Nettle Dress' is a film documenting 7 years of Allan Brown's journey foraging for nettles, designing, spinning, weaving and finally sewing a dress made entirely of nettles.


The film has been released widely in the UK and beyond during 2023 to awards and positive reviews, including:


'An exquisite, inspiring film' Sir Mark Rylance

'One of the best cinema surprises of 2023' Film Review Daily

'Lyrical and moving, like a fairyt...

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Welcome to episode 38 of the Where Does It Come From? Podcast. I’m Jo Salter, your podcast host, and founder of ethical clothing brand Where Does It Come From?

In this episode I'm chatting with Allan Brown, a local and natural fibre enthusiast based in Brighton, and star of the film 'The Nettle Dress' which has been showing in cinemas around the UK and beyond.

Join me in this the first half of our two-part dialogue as we explore Al...

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Where Does It Come From? podcast! In this episode, your host Jo Salter, founder of the ethical textiles brand Where Does It Come From?, sits down with Emma Mathews, the pioneering mind behind Socko, the UK's first 100% recycled sock brand.

Join Jo and Emma as they embark on a fascinating journey into the world of sustainable  entrepreneurship and textiles. Learn about Emma's innovative approach ...

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Join host Jo Salter on this enlightening episode of "Where Does It Come From?" as she sits down with Vanessa Barker, founder of Papillon Bleu, to explore the fascinating world of regenerative textiles. Vanessa shares her journey into sustainable fashion and the mission behind Papillon Bleu—a platform dedicated to promoting regenerative textiles and ethical fashion practices.

Discover the meaning of regenerative textiles and why the...

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In this episode of the Where Does It Come From? podcast, your host Jo Salter, founder of ethical textiles brand Where Does It Come From?, engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Sangeeta Waldron, an accomplished and multi-award-winning Public Relations professional. Jo, recently shortlisted as a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, brings well over a decade of experience running her own business dedicated to tr...

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Welcome back to the Where Does It Come From? podcast after our summer break. In this special episode, we're diving into an exciting project that brings together five passionate individuals to create something truly unique – Sanja Stories, a regenerative jeans brand.

Over the past year, as part of the Ecosystem Incubator, we've poured our time, energy, expertise, and creativity into crafting Sanja Stories' regenerative denim jeans. ...

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Welcome to the Where Does It Come From? Podcast, hosted by Jo Salter, founder of Where Does It Come From? – a social enterprise dedicated to kind clothes that tell tales. Where Does It Come From? believes in the power of transparency and ethical sourcing, ensuring that every garment has a unique story behind it, connecting consumers with the people and processes involved in its creation.

In this episode, Jo sits down with Mike Keen...

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Welcome to the Where Does It Come From? podcast where podcast host and social enterprise founder Jo Salter chats with a wide range of guests who are focused on creating positive change.  Jo founded ethical clothing business Where Does It Come From? in 2013 to create kind clothes that tell tales.  She is also a director of Khadi London, a regenerative textiles knowledge hub.

In this episode we are discussing economic models and spec...

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A growing number of people want to know where the items they use in their life come from - who made them and the impacts on people and planet.


The ethical market is growing.  In the UK ethical sales and investments grew by over 34% in 2021 and the trend looks set to continue.  


Businesses know that that customers are increasingly driven by their values - that's why greenwashing has become so common!  But if a business can share...

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Cotton is often criticized as being unsustainable, polluting and water thirsty.  However the truth is far more complex and such messaging is usually confused by the mass production and genetic modification that is a part of the current 'fast fashion' system.

Cotton has been farmed for fabric for thousands of years and supported livelihoods for farmers in many regions of the world.  Cotton is a natural fibre that, when farmed in har...

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Most of us still purchase gifts from time to time, even during a cost of living crisis and an environmental crisis.

So how can we turn this to good effect and ensure that the gifts we choose are helping to ensure positive outcomes for the people who made them and the planet?

Growing up in India Arshad Khalid was struck by the differences between artisan created item and their cheaper, plastic counterparts.  Even as a child he could...

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Around half of the population will have monthly periods at some point in their life.  There's a growing recognition of the waste produced by period products - sanitary towels, tampons etc - which end up in landfill.  In recent years there has been a growing awareness of sustainability in period product choice with options such as moon cups, re-usable sanitary towels and period pants.

In this episode of the Where Does It Come From? ...

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Living more sustainably is something many of us feel passionate about, but how do we embed our values at those most challenging times?

In this episode we are discussing a sensitive topic, exploring the area of bereavement and how we balance grief with our personal values. 

Where Does It Come From? founder Jo Salter discusses the topic with guests Claire Lyons and Simon Holden.

Claire has been writing and speaking on issues related ...

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Here we are in January!  This month contains so-called 'Blue Monday' and is the time of year when many of us plan and book our holidays for the year.  We all need something to look forward to!

However there are hidden downsides to many of the trips we book, which can cause negative impacts to the communities and the environment in the places we are visiting.

Growing awareness of these problems has led to an increase in 'responsible...

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Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, with high use of plastic, hazardous chemicals and waste as well as slave wages and hazardous working conditions for farmers and workers.

In this episode Where Does It Come From? founder and podcast host Jo Salter chats with fellow ethical fashion entrepreneur Susanna Wen of Birdsong.

Birdsong is a certified B-Corp and winner of Marie’s Claire’s Best Ethical Brand o...

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#ShopEthicalInstead is a positive alternative to Black Friday - encouraging people to support small, ethical and sustainable businesses throughout the holiday season.


In this episode of the Where Does It Come From? podcast, host Jo Salter chats with Sian Conway-Wood, founder of #EthicalHour and organiser of the #ShopEthicalInstead marketing campaign.  #ShopEthicalInstead is now going into its 5th year and is set to be bigger and ...

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We're all becoming increasingly aware of the need to move away from fast fashion, plastic based fabrics and clothing waste.  A key way to make the move is by re-exploring heritage fabrics and production methods, aiming for a much more considered approach to the clothes we wear.

Hemp as a fibre has a long history in the UK going back thousands of years, but fell out of favour during the last hundred years or so.  However it offers n...

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Think of Gandhi and he is likely to be wearing his simple white robe.  This was khadi - a traditional handspun fabric traditional to India and promoted by Gandhi as part of his movement.

Where Does It Come From? is proud to have supplied fabrics for the current production of 'The Father and The Assassin' by Anupama Chandrasekhar, a play about Gandhi's assassination, which is showing at London's National Theatre.  The production tea...

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B Corp is a growing movement of businesses that are certified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.  There are now over 4900 B Corps in 79 countries.

But what is a B Corp and why go through the rigorous process to be accredited as one?

In this episode of the Where Does It Come From? podcast host Jo Salter chats with Sarah Jordan.  Sarah is the founder and CEO of Y.O.U Under...

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