Other: Mixed Race in America

Other: Mixed Race in America


A magical web series, a rock concert, and transplant shock

May 4, 201717 min

17 min
'I’m not a Jap, I’m a half-Jap'

May 3, 201716 min

16 min
When you don’t 'look black'

May 2, 201719 min

19 min
The bridges we build within our families -- and the ones we can’t

May 1, 201720 min

20 min
'Am I an Asian-y trinket to you?'

April 30, 201719 min

19 min
Introducing 'Other: Mixed Race in America'

April 23, 20172 min

2 min

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This five-part miniseries explores what happens when your parents come from two different countries, cultures, or races. Host Alex Laughlin shares her own stories and interviews multiracial people about what their racial identities mean to them. Five episodes, five themes and a whole bunch of stories to make you think about what it means to be an American.... Show More

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