EB be Interviewin'

EB be Interviewin'

Elizabethany is an iHeartRadio host who loves to Expose the artists behind the new music. Listen as she brings them in to reveal truths about their lives and the music industry, and play games like Truth or Dare, Urban Dictionary, and more!


October 11, 2023 14 mins
Whether you love him on Married at First Sight, or you're looking for some sort of relationship advice, this conversation with Pastor Cal is for you! We get right to the truth of the casting of the show- are they PURPOSELY picking people who are bound to be a dramatic problem? Where does he come in?

We're also getting advice for people who think the dating pool in their city sucks, or they're burnt out on the apps... plus what abou...
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Lauv is embracing a life he never imagined- creating songs for Pixar, and being sober. We're diving into why he's gone sober and what his plans are for it... plus- lots of details of how a Pixar movie and soundtrack comes together, and the changes that are made in a short amount of time!

It's one of my favorite chats in a while, so enjoy!

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February 7, 2023 11 mins
Straight Outta Compton and Real Friends of Weho's Curtis Hamilton is living his life in full color for the first time ever, but it's not coming without worries and possible consequences. As he joins MTV's latest reality show all about gays' lives, he's dealing with newly coming out to his family who is not taking this decision easily, and assuming that he'll lose future career opportunities. Still, it's worth it, he says, to repres...
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January 31, 2023 10 mins
Below Deck and The Traitors' Kate Chastain calls this week to do what she does best: share her opinions! Is Arie lame? What is Ryan Lochte like? How will she be as a mom? and most importantly- what bigger reality TV plans is she working on?! Turns out, the baby won't slow her down!

Listen as we come up with a too-late plan for her to win the game, and more!

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January 3, 2023 24 mins
A couple of months ago, I was diagnosed with depression. It's not that I kept it a secret... it's that I was in denial that I had already hit that low. I want to talk about it, and interview myself, for selfish/therapeutic reasons, but also in an attempt to help one person somewhere.
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December 27, 2022 11 mins
Jessica Chastain, star of George and Tammy [and plenty of other things] calls in to talk about why and how she became a part of the project! It's been in the works for over a decade, so did she ever want out?! Plus- now that it's nominated for the Golden Globe, what does she do on nomination day? Turns out, she avoids them... and the reason she hopes to get the nominations is selfless.

Cancel Culture has a connection to this show, ...
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November 8, 2022 10 mins
Tony Hale, from Arrested Development, Veep, Toy Story 4, Hocus Pocus, and The Mysterious Benedict Society, calls in to talk about the secrets of playing two characters in one project, and how it surprises him when he sees the final project! Plus- he admittedly has a lot in common with villains, and says we should all look for what we have in common to have the empathy.
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November 2, 2022 12 mins
One Republic's Ryan Tedder talks to EB about the conception of "I Ain't Worried," including the happy accident of how he got the gig even though he never expected it. Then we move on to the good stuff: How each of us were conceived as humans.

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Anees came in to the studio to give us a performance and a pep talk! Listen in to hear him perform [clips of] two songs... but first we're talking about how he passed the Bar, only to quit law and go into music, thanks to an epiphany he had when in a bad depression. His words are uplifting and will make you want to sign up for any self help classes he may do in the future! Can we help him manifest having a song with John Mayer on t...
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The now late comedian David A Arnold called to talk about "That Girl Lay Lay" before it came out, and it ended up being one of those mind-changing conversations for me. It was very self serving, but now I think there are lots of things his family, friends and fans would love to be able to hear! He shared how to juggle being with someone and having "sacred" things be turned into comedy, how he handled the controversial topics, and w...
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August 3, 2022 25 mins
Leah Kate comes into the studio to perform her two best songs [10 Things I hate About You and Life Sux]! Plus- let's find out what she loves and hates out of the world's most controversial things like gender reveals, Kardashians, Marvel movies, etc. EB also asks her about her family's radio past, how she made it in the biz with them working AGAINST her, and her exes thinking her music is about them... Does she think she'll ever wr...
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In the wildest of opportunities, EB talks to one of the mafia's biggest names- Sammy the Bull- about how he feels about his past. Listen to why he wakes up "feeling crushed" every morning, and what it takes to get him out of bed... but also why he considers himself to be a different kind of gangster.

Hit up @elizabethany on IG with your comments, and listen to her on iHeartRadio stations across the country!
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Washington Commanders' Julie Donaldson stops by to talk about what we can expect for the 90th birthday celebration of the team, but most importantly- where we're at with the fight song. Will it be the same?! Brand new?!

Follow for more!: @elizabethany on IG
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Disney+'s "Heartland Docs" Erin and Ben Schroeder join me to talk about their VERY GRAPHIC show!!! I barely made it through a few minutes of the show, but had a LOT of questions about how they treat for our animals while keeping their composure, if they're afraid animals won't wake up after surgery, and the biggest miracle they've created. I love these people.

FOLLOW EB ON IG: @elizabethany
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December 7, 2021 17 mins
Terrence J was a lovely little conversation that started with talking about his new Christmas movie, and ended with us talking about how all of his superstar friends, like Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx and Virgil Abloh, inspire and help him out. They're not the only ones inspiring him, though. He remembered lots of dbags that he's had to interview or work with to help him with this latest role. Listen to fall in love with him and his frie...
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Floribama Shore's biggest personality and heart, Codi Butts, calls to answer whether or not he REALLY paid Kirk $500 to suck Gus' nasty, bloody toe... and to also Expose how production acts when those things are happening. Are they stopping the cast from doing illegal things, or helping facilitate it? Plus we talk about who his *real* friends are in the house, who picks their vaca homes, and why he's glad they had a big confrontati...
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MTV's True Life Crime is kicking off its second season with host Dometi Pongo.. but turns out, the job wasn't always his! It was a job meant for many others, but when he was given the opportunity, he took it and ran far with it. Now they're investigating true crime cases in a new way... bringing social justice into it, and a connection to young audiences that other true crime shows don't have. Hear his story, how they pick the case...
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Shelby stars in 16 and Pregnant on MTV, where she shares her story of getting pregnant by her ex boyfriend, who had another baby on the way with his current girlfriend. We talked about making toxic decisions when you're in that teenaged headspace and how it affects your life, but also how she got on the show! Turns out, she didn't apply for herself! Has she heard from any of the Teen Moms yet?

MORE WITH ELIZABETHANY @luvelizabethan...
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March 11, 2021 23 mins
*This is the recording of portions of my show on HOT 99.5, the day we found out Kane had passed away. I wanted to save it so I could personally listen back in the future, but then realized that with all of the calls, support, etc that we've been receiving, maybe someone else wants to listen to it, as well. I can't even put into words how much everyone else has helped this week, and the amount of love and inspiration I have felt. Th...
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Jeopardy Champion Zach Newkirk played games hosted by Alex Trebek, and then Ken Jennings... with a lot of COVID-time between. Now he's sharing what each host is like, and the moments he'll remember with each. PLUS giving us lots of behind the scenes info! Did you know they have the answers on a PAPER in front of them?! And they have to use a crayon! Zach also gives tips on how to get onto the show, and what he was worried would com...
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