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August 31, 2023 8 mins
Bob checks in with Pat Green and got some great news!
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Buddy on the phone. Right hereis pad Green and that song that you're

in the background, that's that's Ug, the pug snoring right through the background.
So yeah, you don't have toembarrass me, Bob. I'm just
here for you. You're a doglover, minute I am. We have
three dogs, we do. Wehave Friday, Friday's our lab ug,
the pug, and then we havea little kind of cat sized dog Ella.

Who's the Brussels were fawn? Idon't know. Yeah, we've we've
always been big animals, and Ithink it brings watch to the home.
You've got a snoring pug. I'vegot a farting Boston Terrier. He just
let one on right now. Thatgood thing. Well, my wife has
a farting husband. So all right, I want to get this is really
it's not really nervy. It's moreof a conversation because we've known each other

for years, I mean ever sincewell way before Dance All Dreamer. How
long has that album been out?Now? How many years came well?
So yeah, nineteen ninety five thatcame out and can't be nice. I
have a hard time, yeah,yeah, yeah, that's exactly December fifth,
actually nineteen ninety five was when DanceSaw Dreamer came out. But you
know, you know, you've alwaysbeen you. You and Kad have always

been, you know, some ofthe kindest people to me, uh,
since the start of my life.So we've we've always been a big fan.
But I mean, I realized,I'm gonna tell you now, I
just think you you've released your I'veloved every album, every album, don't
get me wrong, but I thinkyou have just released your best album.
You bet, because you sound morerelaxed, you know, Miles. Yeah,

but I don't know. I don'tknow whether it's because that you're older
now the kids. Yeah, butit's exactly right. But god, this
album is my favorite song on thealbum is this old Hat? You know,
I didn't write that. My producerdad had just passed and he wrote
that song about him and cool.You know, I didn't know that that

he'd written out about his pop andand I said, hey, this is
a great song. What's you write? And then once he told me,
I felt, I don't know,I just felt very connected to the song.
My dad and I are best friends. We talked to each other every
day, and so I thought,was you know, I just don't want
to miss an opportunity to write,to excuse me, to record something that

says kind of exactly how I feelabout my own dad, about my own
experience. So yeah, yeah,it's a very powerful songs. It's beautiful.
It reminds me of the Guy Clarksong. It really does great.
I agree. How do you feelabout being called? This is how Austin
three sixty described you. They calledyou Texas country Music's modern era founding father.

That's a pretty cool title, man, being that's that's fantastic. I
also feel like that just needs thatthey're pointing out that I'm old fire with
that, you know. I mean, what I realize is that you know
what's come behind me and within themusic world of Texas. You know,
guys like Randy Rogers and Cody Johnson, uh and Randy Roan. Excuse me,

I just said Randy Rogers, WadeBowing, Casey Donahue, uh,
Kevin Fowler, I mean, andthe guys. I mean it just it's
a giant pile of really uh talentedindividuals that you know, and I've got
to see kind of grow up alongwith me. Yeah, but you've started
the man you started it. Oh, come on, you know, I

wish that I WILLI started Let's justbe Will started it. But let me
tea. You've carried on this generation, which is great. I wish that
you were a tech when I wasa tech. Of course, i'd make
you a few years older, youknow, than me. But you know
I love it that once you,once you, I promise you that,
and everybody that's over fifty right nowwould agree. If you're fifty years old,

everybody that's you know, not eighty, is your age. I think
I think that we appreciate more atthis age. We appreciate life more.
Well, we can say, it'salmost like our vision is better even though
we're worth yea all the time.Tell me about Abby Abby Anderson. How'd
you find her? Because she's great. You know, we were just in

the studio and it was her namewas brought up, and I really,
honest, to have to be frankabout it, I really didn't. I
wasn't that familiar. But then Ilistened and I was like, oh my
god, hell yeah. And thenbut not only that, you know,
if you listen to what she didon the record, you're just like,
okay, I mean, you can'tfake talent. You can't fake talent.

I mean, I guess you canin this day. You can put some
fake you know, you can useelectronics to make your voice sound better.
But this was all real and genuineand I just my face fell off and
I was like, yeah, puther on the record. Oh beautiful duet.
You sound much better with her thanyou do with Corey. No,
I'm just you know, I loveCorey Morrow, but yeah, a much

rather thing with her, for sure. Okay, we've never talked about the
tribute album that came out years ago. I mean that had to mean something
to you. Oh yeah, butdude, let's still talk about that,
especially with Raddy Season. It waswhat what are unique honor? It is
that my friends got together and recordedmy songs. It's a treasure to me.

It really is a It's hard totake that kind of compliment, it
really is. And uh And whatI told my manager is that now that
just means I had to sing onall their tribute albums. It's going to
create a lot of work for me. But but I'm down with it.

But you know, yeah, andthen now we're going in next week,
we're going to record you really wantto date me? Here's the deal.
We're recording our greatest hits them nextweek. What I know, right,
I mean, it's just like,you know, that's what I remember about
learning about the Doors, the Eagles, Jerry Jeff Walker, James Taylor,

Willie Nelson, you know, allof the albums that introduced me to what
I thought was the classic country orclassic rock was all their greatest hits albums.
And now I'm making one any newtracks on it. This is cool,
this is big new. Yeah,we're gonna feel We're gonna throw a
few new songs on there, justto you know, to to peak anybody's

interest that's actually looking for new songs. But for the most part, you
know, it's kind of like whenwhen the Eagles put out their record and
the after, you know, theirgreatest hits came out. I don't know
whether the early eighties, seventies.Man, so I was there a late
seventies well you know, the onewith the blue eagle face on it,
Yeah, right right, you know. But their next record came out.

It was called Hell Freeze Is Over. I was tight. I learned about
two songs off of that, andI was like, and nobody really I
went to the concert, and everybody'ssaying take it easy, and nobody else
saying anything else off the new record. So my point is, I'm gonna
put a couple of new songs onthere just for me, but I'm really
not expecting anybody to listen to them. Oh well, man, I tell

you, it's such a blessing toknow you and to see well, just
watch everything that's happened to you sinceDance All Dreamer has come out. It's
always a treasure to see you onstage and looking for I know, we've
got you a course, like Isaid, stay, we've got you at
the hot Spot in October as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly

down there and see the park.I'm sad about that. And uh that's
right down the street from my bassplayers now, so that make it easy
for him? The catch? Whynot right there? You go on and
I'll just sit there and watch TVuntil it show time. But anyway,
yeah, I'm jazz to come backto Austin. My son, Like I
said, is it is going ut? And yeah, it's it's I'm excited

that he and his little buddies getto come out and sell pops play before
the game, well again, beforeyou buy the greatest hits before kibs out.
Listen to Pat's latest album, Milesand Miles of You, because it's
a masterpiece. It really really is, and we look forward to see your
Saturday. I'll pick it. Youare the man. Thank you so much

for having me on here. Youare the Man. And pet that pug
for me if you don't mind putthat pet that pug. Oh yeah,
man, no, I just have. All I have to do is stump
it in the year when it's snored. It's just the same thing to me.
It works on me too. Yourfantastic
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