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April 23, 2024 24 mins
And I do go to?
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What was your dream last night?Last night, I'm not I'm not really
a dreamer. I'm I'm take twoibuprofen and try to knock out for it
all night, right, No,no, no, And that's fine.
Listen. So you're one of thosepeople like myself that doesn't remember dreams in

the morning, and there's nothing wrongwith that. It's actually very very normal
to not remember dreams in the inthe morning, even though research will tell
you everybody dreams every night, rightfor the most part. I'm sure there's
the the the the scant exception tothe rule, but everybody dreams every night.
But they'll say it's very very commonfor people not to remember their dreams.

I fall into that category. Theonly dreams that I remember a dreams
that I die in my dreams.But I'm I'm willing to accept based on
a couple of things number one research, Number two wetness, that I do
have dreams at night that I don'tremember. Okay, So can we all
agree on that as a premise thatwe dream, we just may not remember

it, right, Yeah, youdon't write it down, it's gone,
right, Well, I wouldn't evenlike if I think about it when I
wake up, there's nothing to remember, you know what I mean, Like
I don't remember it, and yourwhole body shuts down, which is why
like if you're having a dream aboutrunning, or if you're having a dream
about fighting, or if you're havinga dream about anything that you don't necessarily
like, your body doesn't move.It essentially goes into like a mini coma,

or like like you would be underanesthesia, where like somebody could cut
you and you don't feel it.Your body kind of shuts itself down.
Right, That's true for you evenif you are awakened in the middle of
the night by a dream. Whatdo you mean that I don't remember it?
No, unless it is literally unlessit's a dream where something bad is
happening. Like there are times whereI have been I'm trying to think of,

like dreams that I died in.I've been in a horrible car accident
where I'm on fire, and I'llwake up while I'm on fire, so
i haven't died yet, but I'min the process of dying, and I'll
wake up from that and I'll rememberthat, which is like last night,
I know two or three times Iwoke up because of dreams did you real

here we are hours removed from it. I don't remember, but you know
you woke up for it. Irecalled there was like pressure to get something
done, but I don't remember itall. By the way, it's interesting
you say that they said a lotof times they've studied some people. And
then I'll get to the whole pointof this research thing that I read.
So they looked at people the daybefore they had to take a major I'm

going to use test in quotes,right. So it could be somebody who
was taking the LSATs, It couldbe somebody that was taking the MCATs.
It could be somebody that was takinga huge exam. It could be somebody
that was taking a test for work, like a CDL test or something like
that. And people who had abad dream about that test the day before

you forgot your you can't get intothe classroom, whatever it is that would
mess it up. But a dreamthat you would think like, oh god,
here we go, like I hada horrible dream about taking the test.
Those people actually tend to score betteron the tests in the morning.
Wo is you're so like riddled withanxiety? No, because it's the brain's
way. This is according to research. It's the brain's way of preparing you

that throw out all of this craziness. You made it to the test room.
You've got your pens or your pencilsor whatever it is. Just take
the test so that you kind ofrid yourself of all of the anxiety and
everything about it by having a dreamwhere everything goes wrong beforehand. Like they
say, every profession has that dreamof like like they'll always say for disc

jockeys, the DJ dream is eitheryou can't get in the studio, the
you're supposed to talk but nothing's comingout of your mouth. I don't know
what it is for other professions,but they say every profession has it where
it's the this went wrong dream.And they'll say, like for disc jockeys,
it's before like something big that day, like the driver error coming in

today, where it'd be like,oh, I for I don't know how
to talk to Ross and Rocky,which may be true in a couple hours.
Yeah, I slate that it cametrue. But that's your brain's way
of eliminating anxiety. Man, Thatis counterintuitive, completely completely counter into it.

Guse that it's very basic. You'dthink it's messing with your sleep flip
the script, meaning here's the belief, and they'll they'll say, researchers only
for somebody who doesn't remember their dreams. I got so wrapped up in this
yesterday. Let me know if youbuy into this, Okay. People look
at dreams as the icing on thecake of sleep. So sleep is the

sleep is the entree. Dreams arelike the appetizer of the dessert, right,
Like, but the main meal issleep. What if it's really the
other way around that you need sleepjust in order to be able to dream.
That dreaming is the real reason yousleep. The sleep part is just

the appetizer or dessert, And theonly reason we sleep is to let dreams
out. Bro. That's like,that's intense. And I'll tell you so
a couple of things they looked at. They looked at kids or people,
not just kids who had half theirbrains removed because of like real medical issues.

You know what, they still didevery night. They still dreamt still
dream every single night. Blind peoplethey dream, they ain't never see nothing,
but they still dream every night.Now they may dream more sounds or
imagination, interesting, but they stilldream every night. I could cut your
head open and use a probe onyour brain. You know, like you

always see like the and your brainyour brain has no no feeling, like
you don't feel nothing but the melike there's nerve ending or there's no nerve
ending. There's no there's no nervereceptacles in your brain. That's why you
see that probably in the guitar.When they do brain surgery, they want
you to do something that they couldtake a probe in your brain and touch

it here and start a nightmare andthen touch it there and then the nightmare
goes away. But you don't feelthem touching your brain. What happens if
you stay up way too long,you can you can hausit. Yeah,
that's kind of like away like dreaming, dream like state. Yeah, so

research and they'll say they only studyremsleep right when they study dreams, and
they think you dream way more thanjust remsleep. That it's not the it's
not the ninety minute cycle to getto rem sleep and then start dreaming.
No, you actually start dreaming themore tired you are, the the but
think if you're even more tired,then more tired, you're more tired er.

The the second you go to sleep, you start dreaming it's to let
the dreams out. So again,what if I told you you don't dream
because you sleep, You sleep becauseyou need to dream. You're making it
sound like a movie trailer. Yeah, but that's but that's do it in
the voice. Yes, never doa movie trailers in a world. Yeah,

Oh that sounded good, Like mynuts are really big today the no,
no, but that's that's what theythere. There is a growing belief
that yes, your your body needsto relax and stuff. Ye, very
real, absolutely, that you doneed to sleep, but the driving force
for sleep is to allow your brainto dream. Eh. Yeah, eh,

bro, that's that's that's massive.Isn't that good? Though? It's
it's a better thing that really makesyou think. It's a massive change.
I always like when my dreams arewet, No, oh no, how
can't we cover that enough now whenit is a younger version of myself,

and like when you're a kill itcould be college, just just not in
me currently or in the future.And oh do people have future dreams?
Yes? No, you're imagining yourselfas an old person. Really, yeah,
oh I feel like we're not.I've never had that dream you picture
yourself as an old lady, I'msure over the years. What do you

look like me? But gray?The but like hunched? No, no,
not like let's get a snapchat lens. Like when you picture when you
dream yourself old, do you looklike an old man? Yeah? But
when I dream myself young or inthat case, I'm not really dreaming and
these scenarios are very real. Butyou know what you look like when you

were young? Correct. But what'sfunny to me is I will wake up
in a panic because maybe I'm relivinga stressful moment, whether it be significant
or rather insignificant. But when Icome to realize it was a dream and

all is okay or all is well, I will almost mock my brain,
like stupid brain. I'm here,it's fine that that didn't happen again.
But they'll say it is the brain'sway of living out, whether it's fantasy,
fear protection, like it's all facetsof your of your brain that you

what, what's the old saying youonly use ten percent of your brain,
That it's your brain working out.I know that's not true, but it
is the It is the brain workingout all you can't use your brain,
it's working out all the parts ofyour brain that you can't use or you
don't use on a regular day.And the only reason we sleep is to

let our brain work. I thinkhow powerful your brain is now? Is
this new research or are they justcombining a lot of recent study, a
little bit of a little bit ofb it's a it is a it is
a future research of I think wemay have this all wrong. But listen
people's and like they'll go to likesleep labs and stuff and they'll test all
this crap out and they'll go likepeople who go in for sleep studies and

stuff, Like they'll go in andthey'll test their sleep and see how long
they're sleeping and are they waking up? And the whole thing where they should
be trying to figure out what arethey what is the dream cycle? And
then put the sleep on top ofthat. That we should be going in
for dream studies and not sleep studies, not to study your dreams, like
why are you always aroused or whatever, but that how often are you dream

You spend a thirty year year dreamingis what they believe. Wow, a
third of the year. Yeah,Well, let me think about it.
If you slept eight hours a nightand there's twenty four hours in a day.
It's a thirty year day. Yeah, but I get why Diana at
first, and I too, waskind of like taken aback by the number.
Right, it sounds like a longtime sure, And maybe your research
in not your research right, Well, the research I read you're reading didn't

touch on this. But has goingback so many centuries, have we go
back to the cave, have weas beings always dreamt the same and our
understanding of dreams has evolved? Well, I don't have a dreaming evolved.

Well, I don't think the cavemanhad a dream about what am I going
to say to Ross and Rocky whenthey get here? That's not what I
mean. The like haves it evolved. No, it's the same crap.
So it's just it's just different scenarios. Anxiety dreams is they're running from dinosaurs.
The Okay, well now we're gonnamock but yes, no, but
I'm just saying no, no,they did not live together in their dreams.

They did, Okay, but no, what Tyler is saying in real
life, if I was a caveman, like a real person, not like
fishes, Yeah, the a realperson, I would be running I would
be running from another tribe that waskind of to get me or predator,
right, but the predator wasn't aTyrannosaurus rex. The you know what what

I mean? No, but dreamreal life for you, your your your
dream would be hey, here's Diana, and you would be like, like,
I don't know what to say.What would that have been for a
tribes person? It was time toskin a buck, but you wouldn't know
what to do. So it's like, Diane, you need to make clothing
for the for the tribe, andyou'd be like a same thing. But

take what you're saying, yes,only maybe a portion of it, and
and forget the actual scenario right andthe context right. But was so much
more when we were hunters and gatherers. Was so much more dreaming, like
nightmare based because maybe you didn't feelthat safety and security of a home.

Oh I bet it was both.Maybe they had more nightmares. Well that's
that's the question that I'm asking.Oh, yeah, they may have had
more nightmares because more crap could gowrong, like illness, fire, predators,
yes, dinosaurs. Yeah, sothere could have been more. There
could have been more nightmares, Butpeople have nightmares now yes they do,

and so I find the nightmares Ihave are often like repeats, Oh that's
common, you're always back its presentday me. But I'm back in college
and it actually happened to me,And I just recreated where I was studying
for an exam and I fell asleepon the floor and I woke up two
minutes before the damn eight o'clock test. That's a nightmare. Yeah, well

it actually nightmare, actually happened.Building collapses, it actually happened, and
I it recreates all the time.Remember when I took ozempic, not ozen
pic? What did I take?What shantics? Remember when I took shantis?
Yeah? Yeah? And then thatthat building collapse that killed me and
the kids, that that was inducedby the shantis. Yeah no, exactly

exactly. That's a nightmare waking upbecause you're going to be two minutes late
to a class. Whoopee, dowalk fast? How Jill wasn't too take
that compliment right back? She gaveyou off the area yesterday, Hi Elliot
in the morning, morning, morningclass. I am doing great, thank

you, how are you time?Well? So for teachers, that nightmare
is field trips. This is suchan interesting conversation. I've been teaching for
thirty seven years. Three to fournights before every field trip, I have
dreams that I leave them at thezoo. They're terrible. They get lost,
they don't get on the bus,the bus doesn't show up. That's
great, that's great. That's aninteresting thing. Yeah, no, that's

great. You know what that means. That means your body. And then
I healthy response, you perform perfectlyon the field trip. Now, I
mean, listen, you can't controltheir behalfer, but then you end up
control like perfectly executing your job onthe field trip. And again, I
thought that was fascinating people who havelike those the two minutes before a test,
I bet you did great on thattest. I don't remember the Oh,

but I didn't dream that happened.You actually actually did. That's Diane's
worst nightmare. Oh my god.No, but I just remember at times
I've been shot the head. OtherI've had other other weird nightmares, like
the floating crosses above my parents' housethat were on fire. That's not a
nightmare, sure was. I've beenon No, Oh, I've drowned.

Yeah, that's a nightmare. Sorry, my dream stopped upping dream. Yeah,
no, nightmare. No, butthat's not a nightmare to me.
Seeing a burning cross well, Imean it's a nightmare for I remember that,
crawling under a tunnel under my parentslawn and looking out and looking up
into the sky and seeing burning crosses. Dude, that's odd, that's messed
up the uh no, no,but ma'am, here's how I want you

to think of it now. Wedon't dream because we sleep. We sleep
because we dream. I'm all intothis and I'm looking into it more.
I think this is fascinating, excellent. Thank you, it's my research.
Thank you, ma'am, thank you. Can we, even though you struggle
to remember, can we maybe allfour of us over the next three nights

really try to journal our dreams.I'll try, but I mean, like,
there, I understand you may comeon Friday with a blank sheet of
paper. Oh, like we literallyhave to write them down. Yes,
okay, yes, I'll try.The second. If you're awaken in the
middle of the night or it isjust your regular alarm, I won't wake
up in the middle of the night, oh, because I'm perfect. No,
I just I The only time Iwake up in the middle of the

night. Never, No, Ican't tell you the last time I woke
up in the middle of Saturday.I woke up in the middle of the
night because I drank a ton ofwater playing hockey and I woke up and
had to piss right and then wentback to bed. But other than that,
I don't wake up. Kristen,are you in? I I don't
know if it's like the playground orsomething. You don't want to mess with
it the So you remember your dreams? Did you dream last night two nights

ago? I'll try, but Imake no promises and I don't want to
be a bad bit person. ButI may not. That's OK. Yeah,
I may not remember the dreams.That's why we were doing three nights.
So it's like Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Today's Tuesday. You in?
Sure? You in? You inabsolutely all right? You may say
I'm a dreamer. Michael writes,I wake up and starts to write down

the dream and it slips away asyou're writing it down. Oh that's aggravating.
Oh this is gonna be good.Wait, so he'll remember parts of
it or like like he just writesdown a word and then he doesn't remember
anything else. I have it it'sso clear, and five seconds after I
wake up, it's like holding waterin your hands. It's spilling and you
can't do anything to keep remembering it. Can I can? I ask this

though the the with like people whotell you to write your dreams down and
journal your dreams and stuff? Areyou like literally the second you wake up?
Or like can I make it?And like like think about it while
I'm taking a piss. That's aprime time for forgetting it. Peing.
No, do I lift the lido the dream? Yeah, but I

want to be able to remember it. You have to do it, like
I just told you. Literally,when I wake up, I want to
see and I want to see ifI can't even get through five seconds,
I want to have the pen capoff next to a blank sheet of paper
and I'm and I'm writing immediately.Do you know, piss Jackie's gonna be
that At two o'clock in the morning, I'm turning the lights on so I

can write. So just use thelight of your phone, but don't use
your phone because the blue light.I never fall back asleep. Well,
I'm not. I'm waking up.It's two I'm up. I'm gonna I'm
gonna journal. I'm gonna journal.You know what I've never done in my
life, journal about anything, anything. But I'm gonna journal the next three

days. But I'm apologizing ahead oftime. If the next three days are
like the last three years, Iwill write nothing down, but I'll try.
That's okay, but I will try, and we and we kind of
expect that from you because you havetold us for the longest time, this
is this is me, this iswho you are, this is what you
get. And you don't have afit what I definitely dreamt over in the

weekend. I remember my friend wasin it, but I don't. And
there was some sort of conflict thatwe ultimately resolve, but I don't remember
what it was. Were you fighting? I feel like there was a puncher.
No, Have you ever fought yourdreams where you punch somebody? Yeah?
Have you really? I get onaggressive aggression that way right on?
Was it me? No? Haveyou ever had a dream about me?

Yes? Really, I feel likeI have. I think we were fighting.
Oh, I hope it happens thenext three nights. Now, I
hope I have one about you.No, I think I think it wasn't
good. Yes, Tyler Josh can'tdo it. Wait, oh good,
because he wasn't invited to. Well, let him explain. Oh, I

can't dream because I don't have akidney a dream that I'm a kidney a
shoehorn my own dream, I'm ashoehorn. I can't dream because my seatpat
chokes my dream. Oh oh oh, now you're onto something. Oh,
my seatpet prevents me from dreaming.That is such a load of crap,
because my body's too worried about breathing. That is not true. That's not

true for him, relieves the stress. He doesn't know, Diane, he
has no idea. He can't dogood. I don't want it to you
know what. I don't care abouthis dreams. I don't know whether like
his dreams for life or what hedreamt about last night. Two sets of
dreams I don't care about. Butthat is untrue that joh I was texting

with him earlier that I can't believein her dream was arguing with you about
something. No, no, no, but kay, I refuse to believe
that anybody on a seapap doesn't dream. That is the stupidest research I've ever
seen in my life. Maybe theydon't they think they don't dream because they
wake up so often. They he'ssleeping through the I mean he's got an

elephant hose off his face so thathe doesn't use those wake up a lot.
That's okay, But you still dream, well, he says, you
don't. Well, he doesn't know. There's a lot of things Josh doesn't
know, and that's one of them. Here we go. What Josh writes?
Oh, no, I'm not gonnajournal. Whatever am I gonna do?

Oh? You know what? Oh, let me tell you some loser
the uh no, if he wasinvited to be a part of it for
the beginning, be not like,oh, let's include Josh, he would
be. He'd be he'd be oh, okay, okay, all right,
very good, Ellie, I'm apart of the show. Elliott streamers.
He destroys all your funko pops.He's gonna go in with a big gasoline

can and a lighter. Yes,yes, Oh, he wet himself to
be part of it. Are youkidding me? Please? Where am I
going? Line one? I gottago quick. Hi Elliott in the morning,
Hi is king? Yeah? Hi? Who is this? Hi?
There? I'd rather not hear myname if that's okay, But I was

just gonna share how before I visitmy family, who live about eight hundred
dollars away. For a reason,I have anxiety nineneares where I actually have
been pulled by my boyfriend. Iwake up, screet will not wake up.
I am screaming my mother's name inthe middle of the night, getting
in fights with her in my dream. Yeah. I mean, listen,

if you believe this research, thatis your body's way of living out a
scenario that is in your mind isreal. Like you're not going to do
that in real life, but inyour mind allows you to do that.
It is turning on the microphone andnot being able to talk. It's like
knowing that your mom, You're goingto be in this situation with your mom.

Yeah, And I mean a lotof the time those fights have happened
in the past, and I'm tryingto prepare myself that they might happen,
but I don't want them to ofcourse, right, of course, of
course. Listen, the caveman didn'twant to be set on fire by another
tribe, but they dreamt about it. Yeah. It's it's insane what our

bodies can do, or our mindscan do when the mind is the most
powerful thing that you have. Hey, let me are you going to journal
with us over the next three days? I want everybody to do it.
But jobs at the airport right now? Oh? Where are you going for
a work trip? Where are yougoing? Minnesota? Oh like Minneapolis St.

Paul. Yeah, Oh, goodfor you. Have fun, have
fun while you're there. All right, very good, very good. I
appreciate it. Thank you, ma'am, thank you. All right, So
we're journaling, yes, well,that four of us are
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