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February 20, 2024 103 mins

Former president Donald Trump gets slammed with a massive penalty in one of his lawsuits.

Fair or unfair, it is too late to do anything about it?

Also, Mike Russell ran into former governor Doug Ducey over the weekend. It's been a while since Mike called him Lord Ducey. How did their reunion go?

Meanwhile, Rob is turning into a hippie. Is this influencing how thinks about issues?

Thank you for being here with us. Please sp...

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We are living in unprecedented times. A president on trial. A presidential rematch no one supposedly wants. Yet he we are.

We'll discuss the latest in the Trump, Georgia RICO case. Plus, America is spending more and more time alone.

How does that impact us?

Join Mike Russell and Rob Hunter

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Mike Russell rolls solo today. Rob Hunter got the Flagstaff flu and was down for the count.

Mike will recap all the SuperBowl controversies.

Unveiling the Biden's weekend show Avengers

We knew this was coming. Now it's official. All major leagues have united for gun control.

Finally, another shooting that lost media steam because the shooter is on the LGBTQ spectrum.

Jump on in.

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It's Friday, which means it's the perfect time for a nooner.

Today, Mike Russell & Rob Hunter discuss Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Should he have done so? And what do you make of Putin's propaganda?

The SuperBowl conversation is not about football, but about pop star Taylor Swift. Is she a Democrat psychological operation on America to help Biden win re-election? Or just a bunch of p...

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Mike Russell and Rob Hunter are back.

We took a short hiatus, but have regrouped to check in on the US/Mexico border. A bill is being talked about, a bill that is doomed to fail.

Also, one university thinks freshman has to go. Freshman will be replaced with something more inclusive.

And where are we going as a country? We seem unsure. We remain optimistic, but see a lot of Americans giving up.

How are you? Let's going goin...

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September 5, 2023 41 mins

We here at The Brewmance are in our mid-40s. We're noticing things change.

With aging comes some challenges, but also comes with life lessons you can apply your wisdom to.

On today's episode, Mike Russell & Rob Hunter discuss how they are approaching aging and what they are learning.

Aging allows you to see things from a different perspective as your back may hurt a little more.

Join us.

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Rob Hunter just got back from a 3,000 mile road trip across the country with his father and younger brother.

This idea to Mike Russell sounds crazy.

So he wants to know how it went. In short, it was such an amazing experience.

We also uncover Mike's past in Buffalo, NY. He wonders if he was Made there.

The stories and experiences await. Join in.

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July 26, 2023 41 mins

What does Independence Day mean to you in 2023? Let's talk about it.

Also, there's something new out there in the COVID world, long vaxx. Some people are getting weird reactions after getting their booster. What should we make of this?

We'll also talk about how you have to be your own best health advocate.

Join us.

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July 22, 2023 41 mins

The times are a changing.

That means America must be saved by Gen X'ers. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter, both in Gen X, have found a generational divide over beliefs about America.

We discuss. We have ideas. This is going to be fun. Join in on the fun, especially if you are Gen X.

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A submersible seeking the Titanic imploded.

Should we feel bad 5 people died?

Or accept they took risks?

Mike Russell & Rob Hunter talk a lot of risk. What would they risk their lives to do (to a degree)?

What risks have you taken? What will you take in the future?

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In Phoenix, Arizona some of us stay here in the summer for staycations. Mike Russell is coming around.

Because Rob Hunter has influenced him over the years, as Mike has influenced Rob on firearms.

Also, as we get older we understand the need to have more new experiences.

Join us. We get real with you.

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June 17, 2023 41 mins

The US government essentially acknowledged aliens (or at least alien tech) is real. And no one seemed to mind.

Do you believe in aliens?

Do you believe in the FBI? Mike Russell & Rob Hunter discuss. The FBI needs to improve in our opinion.

And how free are we?

Join us!

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June 2, 2023 68 mins

Danny Bullock is not only a race car driver, he's a chief instructor at Radford Racing.

So we have to know about the racing mindset. And you'll learn some tips from Danny about how to be a more alert driver with some simple changes.

Mike Russell has already been out to Radford, Rob Hunter will join soon.

Will you?

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Mike Russell & Rob Hunter watched the Pinal County Sheriff's Office SWAT team train. It was eye-opening.

We'll walk through what we learned about clearing a house and how vulnerable officers are when doing so.

20 years ago the FBI came for Mike. The story is pretty intriguing. Mike also learned how to race a car properly and he asks Rob what his hobby will be.

Join in.

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Meet Slavo.

He's changed. One day while walking down the easy path, he decided to challenge himself.

After taking the challenge path Slavo grew to like it. Now he hikes rim to rim, goes on long, cold hunts for days, and does 100 bike rides in 90 days.

Why? Because fear is a motivator he says.

Slavo also created Slavo Salt, the best seasoning you'll ever taste. Check out this episode to hear how our friend Slavo changed hi...

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April 15, 2023 117 mins

Malcolm Alexendr and Ryan Hale drop by to talk about the issue most would rather avoid. Race.

Not us. Recently, Mike Russell came across an article that said 'coffee is now racist.' So, we wanted to talk about that.

With Rob Hunter, Malcolm, Ryan, and Mike get deep about race in America. How is race different now than in the 1960's? Is American politics exploiting Black people?

Weigh in. You'll learn and may open your per...

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April 7, 2023 41 mins

Deep fakes, created by people and/or artificial intelligence, are here and are looking more and more real.

At what point will you get fooled? Have we been fooled already?

Also, how much is our reality not real? What are we shaped by when we see something online.

Mike Russell & Rob Hunter also talk about how hard it is to eat right.

Join in.

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March 31, 2023 41 mins

Elon Musk and several prominent people are urging developers to pause development of artificial intelligence (AI) for six months.

Can the US do that if China is already ahead with their AI?

Let's grab a beer and dig in. Are you pro-AI or worried about the future? What if AI becomes self-aware enough to want to act for its own survival?

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Mike Russell has always been a fan of Disney. Rob Hunter never has been. Until now.

After a trip to Disney World with his family, Rob has changed his mind. He finally understands what Mike has been saying.

The Brewmance talks about what goes into shifting your perspective and how it broadens your perspective.

Rob also received a stem cell therapy. He tells us why he did it.

And New Belgian has changed Fat Tire to a dif...

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February 25, 2023 41 mins

Mike Russell has long has Faith in a Higher Power. Rob Hunter has not. But, Rob is opening up to the idea.

This week on The Brewmance we discuss over a beer. Rob ran into a young man on a skateboard who asked him if he believed in Jesus.

The conversation starts there. Join in.

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