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July 14, 2024 62 mins

Biden's out on the road. The effort to save his campaign is making it worse.

Politics has become religion.

Western medicine sucks. Mike has had a recent experience he shares.

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Mike Russell & Rob Hunter discuss.

We get deep.

Currently, federal law allows someone to vote in federal elections if you promise you are a citizen.

Republicans are pushing a law to require ID.

Rob isn't sold on the fear tactics that migrants will vote. The potential penalty for violating this law is jail. Mike thinks it could be a factor.

One activist goes even further - migration is replacing Black people.

This ...

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Who controls the information controls the power.

Thousands of years of human history have taught us that. The Catholic Church did it. So now, does the US government.

Look at the Biden Administration. A small circle of loyal people know the full truth. They shield us from it.

To protect the person in power.

Meanwhile, a Democrat tries to make a case Trump shouldn't be president because he hung out with Epstein.

And was...

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Plenty of great questions today.

On our LIVE Stream (M-F, Noon - Arizona time), we were asked questions about politics, how we met, and worst job ever.

Mike Russell & Rob Hunter give you all the answers. You'll get to know us. You'll laugh. And hear some deep thoughts.

Check it out.

Our goal is to offer a different conversation. Almost every channel is monolithic these days. Now for something completely different...


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Mike Russell goes to the Circus. He loved it - even though it was woke in the quietest way possible.

Flip phones are making a comeback. Why?

And Rob Hunter has dug into some polling. The polls say we don't like either candidate or party. Now what?

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Dr. Deborah Birx wants every cow to be tested for bird flu. Will this lead to killing all the cows?

Mike Russell and Rob Hunter also discuss how fear is used to manipulate you to pay attention. Which brings up a question: are you in control or being controlled?

We also discuss movies. Mike has been trying to get Rob to watch Super Troopers and Beer Fest for years.

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The media is acting surprised Joe Biden is old.

So are donors. This is what happens when you are blinded by partisan loyalty - you don't see what's right in front of you.

Mike Russell & Rob Hunter walk through the establishment falling asleep behind the wheel. Now we watch as they scramble to figure out what's next.

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July 3, 2024 62 mins

Democrats and Biden are in full panic mode after the president's debate performance.

Meanwhile, Trump is reposting things calling for military tribunals for people like Liz Chaney.

Come on, man.

Plus Mike Russell & Rob Hunter weigh in on Supreme Court ethics.

Join us.

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The debate no one wanted. Yet 51 million people still watched.

Biden was bad.

Trump was Trump.

Let's look beyond that. What Rob Hunter thinks was on display: hubris. And it comes in four levels.

Mike Russell thinks the Democrats will try and make a move after Biden's performance.

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You have to hear this.

The Oakland A's brought in a play by play announcer who said '4 base hit' instead of home run. What happened to standards?

A newspaper headline says we are cooling the planet while warming it. What?

And do you really care about The Trump - Biden debate?

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Mike Russell & Rob Hunter are back daily with 'In Other News.' In other words - no Biden or Trump.

Joey Chestnut - the most well-known competitive eater - has been kicked out of Nathan's hot dog eating contest. The reason why is hilarious...

The most famous player in the WNBA - Caitlin Clark - was not put on the Olympic roster.

Apple has gone all in on A.I.

What does that mean for you? Join The Brewmance LIVE weekda...

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Jack Dorsey - Twitter's Creator - says you should be allowed to control your own algorithm.

Because our phones control us.

Mike Russell & Rob Hunter think this is a great idea - especially if you look at their phones. Ha.

You'll also hear that processed foods aren't linked to obesity anymore. Nope. And guess the percentage of college graduates who are bringing their parents on job interviews...

Join us for The Brewma...

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Donald Trump's guilty verdict exposes two Americas. Today, an examination of how our belief systems are completely different.

Pandemic hero, Dr. Anthony Fauci, may have kept some important communications secret. Republicans are now looking for access to his personal email account. What were you hiding, Dr.?

Young Americans think America is corrupt. Republicans and Democrats. But, there is reason for optimism in this poll.


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The attention WNBA player Caitlyn Clark is getting isn't well received. There's race implications. Yes, the same old, surface level conversations are appearing again. What to make of those conversations?

Buying a new home is now 70K out of average American's budget.

No, Red Lobster did NOT go under because of endless shrimp. Mike Russell shares the real reason.

Gun Ranges: Indoor or Outdoor? Rob Hunter went to an indoor ran...

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On this episode...

The Iranian President is dead. What does that mean for you?

Are Republicans and Democrats both ruining America?

How much more open minded are you after the pandemic? Mike Russell and Rob Hunter discusses in a system that lacks trust anything is possible.

Join us. Cheers.

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Mike Russell and Rob Hunter as The Brewmance get into more college protesters.

First, because they boycotted comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Second, Hillary Clinton said these college kids don't know anything about the Middle East.

Oh oh.

Plus, people take to TikTok to tell you how unfair mother's day is. You'll love this.

We also discuss Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau's comment that Facebook should pay journalists.


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A special Tuesday edition of Russell & Hunter's The Brewmance...

After 17 years Mike has finally influenced Rob to embrace country music. Meanwhile, Mike goes to an arts fest and chats up communists in Arizona.

We also cover dumb student protests that continue across college campuses, Bill Maher's Phoenix tour stop, and comments from you.

Join us. Subscribe. Rate & Review. Share with your friends. Cheers.

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Rob hosts solo today fresh off his weekend at the Stagecoach music festival.

Country music is not Rob's favorite. But, he pushed himself out of his comfort zone. And loved it.

This is how we have to start approaching our political discussions. Because we have big problems we are facing, but not talking about.

This silence is done on purpose.

Also, the number of Gen Z'ers who don't think being American is important is gro...

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Mike Russell hosting solo today as Rob Hunter is stuck in travel delays.

Covering the latest on Iran attacking Israel and the White House's tepid response.

The GOP doesn't like the 4th Amendment and wants the government to be able to spy on you without a warrant. So much for protecting the Constitution.

And lessons from The Masters golf tournament.

Thanks for joining The Brewmance. Catch Mike & Rob live Mondays at ...

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The Arizona Supreme Court rules an abortion ban first passed in 1864 is the law in Arizona.

Now it falls on lawmakers in the AZ legislature to repeal it. Mike Russell & Rob Hunter walk you through this decision and how it proves politics isn't about solutions.

Updates on the human trafficking allegations about Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy. Here's how the entire scheme could possibly work.

Also, California lawmakers pass a ...

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