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July 15, 2024 70 mins
On today’s 7-15-24 Monday show: We are officially back from our vacation, Graham shares what he did at Herbert camp and how he almost got into this terrible accident, there is a new hairstyle that is trending called ‘Prism hair’, Jess shared she went to Arizona during her vacation time, Camila Cabello was spotted with Shawn Mendez over the weekend, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Graham shares 3 key things to live a long and h...
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On today’s 7-3-24 Wednesday show: We have some talkback beef with a listener, we figure out that Glorilla’s song mentions moose knuckles, it’s another edition of ‘Cool or Not’, Graham and Selena are hanging out together, Graham is getting ready for Herbert Camp, Gen Zers are sharing Gen Z trends they hate, people are upset that Prince Harry will an award at the ESPYs, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, 4th of July fun facts, peop...
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July 2, 2024 75 mins
On today’s 7-2-24 Tuesday show: We go through our first talkbacks of the day, a man lost his hand to fireworks, Selena gets her nails done at a sketchy place and shares a horrifying theory that can happen, a man who stars on 90-day fiancé tells his wife how many people he slept with, Jess gives us some details about a new show that she is watching, Kim Kardashian gets flipped at party, Klay Thompson has officially left the Warriors...
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July 1, 2024 76 mins
On today’s 7-1-24 Monday show: We go through our first talkbacks of the day, Selena calls out Chidi, Jess shares a new thing we should do called ‘Fart walks’, Selena almost flashed people at the Santa Cruz boardwalk, Justin Timberlake made a joke about his DWI, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Rick Ross got into a brawl after playing Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ song, Klay Thompson is now a free agent, a doctor says wome...
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June 28, 2024 73 mins
On today’s 6-28-24 Friday show: It’s another edition of ‘Chidi’s Tweets’, we celebrate Chidi’s birthday, Uber wants to select people and give them 1,000 dollars for ditching their cars, a massive sinkhole was found on a soccer field, we see what the JV show is doing this weekend, sources say that Ariana Grande is finally in a fulfilled relationship, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Matt Damon was fighting for Ben Affleck t...
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June 27, 2024 61 mins
On today’s 6-27-24 Thursday show: We share our experience with Waymo, a woman helps an Uber Eats employee pay for his wedding, Hallmark is making a Christmas movie partnered with the Chiefs, new Nike shoes that massages your feet when you wear them will be coming out soon, Ben Affleck was spotted with his wedding ring, the stalker from ‘Baby Reindeer’ has been exposed stalking someone else, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep’,...
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June 26, 2024 81 mins
On today’s 6-26-24 Wednesday show: There was terrible traffic coming into the bay area, some people are believing a mermaid video that went viral, it's another edition of ‘Cool or Not’ where Graham asks about raw dogging flights, Cybertrucks are getting recalled, there is a new trend for theme parks, J Lo is producing a show for how to cover a breakup, Celine Dion has a seizure while filming her documentary, a new Bay Area city has...
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June 25, 2024 69 mins
On today’s 6-25-24 Tuesday show: we talk about the weird weather that has been happening this morning, JoJo Siwa shares how she warms up her vocals before performing, people are hacking Apple’s vision pros and pranking people, Jess shares a new reality show she is watching which is a docuseries following Gypsy Rose, Cardi B plans on making a Spanish album, Morgan Wallen gets a thong thrown at him while he was performing, it’s anoth...
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June 24, 2024 75 mins
On today’s 6-24-24 Monday show: We go through our first talkbacks of the day, Jess has a little bit of bad luck this morning, Graham shares his weekend in Chico, Jess and Chidi have a bit of a dilemma at a restaurant, a woman is asking for donations to buy a Birkin bag, a bartender says Justin Timberlake only had one drink, Diddy has wiped out his IG posts, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Taylor Swift is feuding with Dave...
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June 21, 2024 70 mins
On today’s 6-21-24 Thursday show: it’s another ‘Chidi’s tweets’, Graham brings in hot dog water for the Chug Wheel, plastic found in men eggs, a basketball game that canceled for the name, SZA goes in a disguise to Kendrick Lamar’s concert, Yellow stone is filming their last season, a house in SF is selling for less than 500,000 but does come with a requirement, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Britney’s pop hit ‘Criminal’ from...
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June 20, 2024 62 mins
On today’s 6-20-24 Thursday show: It is national “take a geek hiking day, there is a scary side effect that comes with energy drinks, Selena discovered that she has a blinking problem, Taylor Swift is out here saving lives, Jacob Elordi has fallen victim to deep fakes circulating across the internet, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, tramp stamps are making a comeback, a woman is getting roasted for how dirty her pillow is,...
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June 19, 2024 71 mins
On today’s 6-19-24 Wednesday show: Selena gives an update on if she let her daughter create an Instagram account, it’s another edition if ‘Cool or Not’ where we discuss Muni announcing their Christmas sweaters, Chrissy Teigen bath water is brown, its another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, an update on Justin Timberlake’s recent arrest, Raging Waters is coming out of retirement, a Florida family leaves California after they get bipped...
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June 18, 2024 72 mins
On today’s 6-18-24 Tuesday show: We go through the first talkback of the day, the fire in Sonoma is still on fire, the Celtics won the championships, Nationwide is cutting pet insurance from some people, Sabrina Carpenter’s new song has parents on edge for cuss words, Jess gives her reality T.V recap, Joey Graziadei from the ‘Bachelor’ had to move in with the girl he picked because he couldn’t get apartment, there is a new law wher...
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June 17, 2024 74 mins
On today’s 6-17-24 Monday show: Graham and Selena give their weekend update, Waste Managment says they found about 10 million dollars in coins in the trash, a vegan bride needs some advice on her wedding, Jess shares that people are in about 83 group chats, Diddy gave the key to the city back, a fire broke out in Sonoma yesterday, Gordan Ramsey got into a terrible motorcycle accident, it's another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Insid...
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June 14, 2024 76 mins
On today’s 6-14-24 Friday show: We go through our first talkbacks of the day, it’s another edition of ‘Chidi’s tweets’, a man in the U.K is suing Apple for 5 million dollars for getting caught cheating, Kourtney Kardashian is finally moving in with her husband Travis Barker, Taylor Swift gives us an update on when her Eras Tour is ending, Bebe Rexha calls out G Eazy, there is a 6 minute intimate scene in Bridgerton, Wells Fargo fir...
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June 13, 2024 61 mins
On today’s 6-13-24 Thursday show: We go through the first talkbacks of the day, we talk about what gifts dads want for Father’s Day, some people believe that Joey Chestnut getting banned is a publicity stunt, there was 80th year high school reunion, Hailey Bieber has an “unexpected” pregnancy symptom, Amber Portwood from ‘Teen Mom’ new man is missing after a fight, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Chris Brown got stuck in ...
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June 12, 2024 74 mins
On today’s 6-12-24 Wednesday show: We talk about Gypsy Rose and her experience in prison, it’s another edition of ‘Cool or Not’, a mom says that a pool counts as a bath, Graham’s wife uses AI for her headshot, we dive into Chidi’s dating life, Oprah is recovering from a stomach bug, Teresa Giudice is getting roasted for what she wearing on a live show, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Euphoria is coming back with a whole n...
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June 11, 2024 85 mins
On today’s 6-11-24 Tuesday show: We go through our first talkbacks of the day, Selena has a question about mysterious stiff towels, there is a new combo that is trending on TikTok and we try it, Jess shares a new show that she is watching and asks about stalking social media, Tory Lanez wife files for divorce, Nick Cannon is giving his kids the “opportunity” to hang out with him, we have some guest join us and play our trivia game,...
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June 10, 2024 73 mins
On today’s 6-10-24 Monday show: Graham is finally watching ‘Love is Blind”, Jess shares a little about her weekend and this new thing movie theaters are now doing, a therapist weighs in on why you might dream about your ex, Bad Bunny gets part of his pants caught on his dancer, J Lo and Ben Affleck are selling their marital home, it’s another edition of ‘What the Bleep”, Megan thee Stallion breaks down at one of her shows, Golden G...
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June 7, 2024 80 mins
On today’s 6-7-24 Friday show: We go through the first talkbacks of the day, it’s another edition of ‘Chidi’s Tweets’, Selena shares when she “almost” committed a felony, a woman went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate 69 wings in 12 hours, Britney Spears’s ex, Sam, joins a reality show, it's another edition of “What the Bleep”, Elvis from the Doghouse joins us for a really cool announcement, Graham takes Jess to court during our Chug W...
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