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May 24, 2024 81 mins
On today’s 5-24-24 Friday show: we go through the first talkbacks of the day, Graham gives his motivational speech, kissing your partner for 6 seconds can improve your relationship, it’s another edition of Chidi’s tweets, Kelly Rowland addresses the incident with the security guard, Diddy finds himself in another lawsuit, we play ‘What the Bleep’, Drake drops a new song with Sexxy Red with the BBL Drizzy beat, Lauren Hills album wa...
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On today’s 5-23-24 Thursday show: We go through our first talkbacks of the day, Bethenny Frankel gets denied from the Chanel store due what she was wearing, we talk about taking a break for a year to love yourself and finding your perfect match, J Lo touched a little on the Diddy situation, Patrick Mahomes has made a comment on the Harrison Butker backlash, it's another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, a pineapple is being sold for mor...
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May 22, 2024 75 mins
On today’s 5-22-24 Wednesday show: Chidi gives us a motivational speech, Selena clears out her screenshots in her phone, Darty is the new slang term for day parties, Selena wants to purchase the new skims bra, a competitive eater officially retires, Microsoft’s AI chatbot will remember everything you did on your computer, J Lo is confiding in Jennifer Garner amongst the breakup rumors with Ben Affleck, a Southern Charm reality star...
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May 21, 2024 85 mins
On today’s 5-21-24 Tuesday show: We go through 1st talkbacks of the day, Graham and Selena both have snake stories they want to share, Jess explains what dream scrolling is, Cam’ron had awkward interview with CNN about Diddy, Jess recaps a new reality show she is watching called ‘Love Undercover’, Camila Cabello shares a story about her first time doing it with her ex-boyfriend, Courteney Cox says she still feels Matthew’s spirit, ...
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May 20, 2024 72 mins
On today’s 5-20-24 Monday show: Graham and Jess give their weekend recaps, many people were out at the Bay to Breakers, silent appointments are becoming the new thing, Ben Affleck and J Lo were spotted together this weekend, Selena Gomez gets a 9 minute standing ovation, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, shocking details come to light about Diddy and Cassie, Ryan Seacrest is taking over Wheel of Fortune, a huge debate goes viral...
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May 17, 2024 82 mins
On today’s 5-17-24 Friday show: Selena shares her daughter’s play disaster, it’s another edition of ‘Chidi’s Tweets, Graham shares some new drinks Disneyland and McDonalds are coming out with, a woman gets locked jaw from yawning, Kanye West’s wife concerned for his new adult Yeezy collaboration, Chief’s kicker is getting a petition to keep him on the team, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Ben and JLo might call it quits, fans ...
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May 16, 2024 53 mins
On today's 5-16-24 Thursday show: two men get into a sword fight and a hand gets chopped off, Graham’s wife almost gets her phone stolen, Jimmy Kimmel causes a debate on what can men post of their significant other, Nikki Glaser says Tom Brady had to know about the roast would cause backlash from his family, Sophie Turner reveals details about being married to a Jonas brother, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Benny Blanco says ...
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May 15, 2024 69 mins
On today's 5-15-24 Wednesday show: Comcast is coming out with their own bundle that will include Netflix, another edition of ‘Cool or Not’, Graham has finds himself in road rage, Chidi gives an update on her dating life, Kanye’s Chief of Staff quits, there is going to be a new ‘Golden Bachelorette’, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Tom Brady regrets doing the roast, Red Lobster is closing and selling some furniture, the Olympic...
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May 14, 2024 71 mins
On today's 5-14-24 Tuesday show: Jess and Chidi redeem themselves with their diss tracks, Gypsy Rose is getting backlash on her Mother’s Day post, Jess recaps a new reality show that she is watching (Smothered), Kelly Clarkson admits to using a weight loss drug, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, fans think there are clues for the Bieber’s baby, Bad Bunny was swarmed by fans, a man shows his pettiness after he was asked to build ...
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May 13, 2024 70 mins
On today's 5-13-24 Monday show: Graham shares how he celebrated his anniversary and Mother's day, Selena gets a weird massage, Jess tries going sober this weekend, a woman is suing an ice cream shop for misleading an ice cream flavor, there was another tresspasser at Drak'es house, another edition of 'What the Bleep', Jess and Chidi have a rap beef and so much more! 
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May 10, 2024 82 mins
On today's 5-10-24 Friday show: It’s another edition of ‘Chidi’s Tweets’, a NHL team in Utah are looking for a new name, Jess and Chidi share their recap from Taco Bell, Graham goes on a rant over lollipops, the alleged stalker in ‘Baby Reindeer’ has an exclusive interview with Pierce Morgan, the Biebers announced their expecting, J Lo is going viral for being rude at the Met Gala, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’ Selena opens u...
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May 9, 2024 60 mins
On today's 5-9-24 Thursday show: We go through some of the first talkbacks of the day, Gen Z’s says press on nails are the vibe for 2024, Kelly Clarkson walks around barefoot at her job, Miss Teen U.S.A and Miss U.S.A announced they are stepping down, people are calling Cardi B racist after an interview she had at the Met Gala, we find out who really asked Netflix to take out Kim Kardashian getting booed, another edition of ‘What t...
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May 8, 2024 73 mins
On today’s 5-8-24 Wednesday show: Selena is reading the O.J Simpson book, its another edition of “Cool or Not” where we talk about pimple patches and waiting for parking spots, we talk with a listener about ‘The Idea Of You’ with Anne Hathaway, Sam Smith was denied from a Met Gala after party, Megan Markle says Princess Diana came to her, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’ Netflix takes off the booing from Kim Kardashian’s roastin...
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May 7, 2024 77 mins
On today’s 5-7-24 Tuesday show: Graham shares Hambone’s birthday fail, a video on YouTube is putting several people to sleep, a Catholic priest was caught stealing money from the church, Jess recaps a reality show that she is watching and asks us our opinions, Kylie Jenner appears to not be pregnant at the Met Gala, the woman who’s ex left her for Britney Spears speaks out, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, a man injures himself...
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May 6, 2024 80 mins
On today’s 5-6-24 Monday show: Selena almost breaks up a happy couple, Jess shares her weekend recap and winning some money, Tori Spelling shares some more unwanted information in her podcast, Boeing is now planning to go to space later today, Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco might be getting more serious, Megan Thee Stallion is trending for her low ticket prices, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, The Big Nude Cruise is set to sail...
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May 3, 2024 73 mins
On today’s 5-3-24 Friday show: It’s another edition of ‘Chidi’s Tweets’ A TikToker shares a video of a man allegedly time traveling, Lenny Kravitz works out in leather pants, Jess shares what happened to her last night that caused her to not sleep, Kendrick Lamar released another diss track towards Drake, Ryan Gosling’s new movie has some people upset, it's another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, we introduce a new game that involves ...
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May 2, 2024 61 mins
On today’s 5-2-24 Thursday show: A work survey shared that many people who work from home work on vacation, Graham asks the ladies how do they feel about a sausage party, Selena explains why scrolling on your phone can be a death sentence to your relationship, a couple goes viral for participating in an act in broad daylight, a girls closet was filled with bees, Selena Gomez photo with Benny Blanco’s cake goes viral, O.J Simpson’s ...
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May 1, 2024 78 mins
On today’s 5-1-24 Wednesday show: Jess suggest Graham get the new edition of crocs, another edition of 'Cool or Not’, a 70 year old man looks for love on a billboard, we get an update on Chidi’s love life, Drake has responded to Kendrick’s diss, Dawayne Johnson accused of being awful on set, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s fight is no classified as a professional fight, we talk to Mister E a local art teacher, Jess shares a survey of wh...
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April 30, 2024 70 mins
On today’s 4-30-24 Tuesday show: Gypsy Rose is back with her ex, Graham exposes the ladies for not tipping their hairstylist appropriately, Revolve is creating some controversy for the million followers entry to an after party, Diddy claims he can’t be sued for a specific reason, Drake has taken down is Tupac AI diss track, another edition of ‘What the Bleep’, Travis Kelce is the highest paid tight end in the NFL, Jason Kelce got a...
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April 29, 2024 76 mins
On today’s 4-29-24 Monday show: Graham shares how his weekend went, a woman says her marriage is on the rocks after her husband won’t stop farting, Jess shares how she almost lost her life this weekend, a grandmother in New Mexico is called a hero after an intruder breaks into her home, Ellen DeGeneres pokes fun of getting kicked out of Hollywood, fans speculate Chris Brown being the reason why Quavo’s show was empty, Justin Bieber...
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