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Fake News Faceoff: Has Trump Crossed The Line With His Attacks On The Media?; SE Rips Into The Media's Reaction To Trump's Health Report; Mixed Messages Over The Government Shutdown41 min
Will President Trump's Racist Comments Doom His Party?; Countdown To Government Shutdown; SE Asks Ashleigh Banfield About Her Fiery Aziz Ansari Take41 min
Trump Denies Racism Claims After "Shithole" Flare-Up; Dems Delaying DACA Deal?; Aziz Ansari Allegations Muddy The #MeToo Moment41 min
Trump's "Shithole Countries" Comment, Plus SE Gets Rep. Darren Soto's Reaction; DACA: Deal Or No Deal?; Will GOP Retirements Lead To A Blue Wave?; Congress Risks Turning #MeToo Into A Gimmick41 min
President Trump Risks Abandoning His Base On DACA; Fired For Being Conservative?: SE Interviews James Damore About His Google Lawsuit; James Franco Is The Latest Star To Face Sexual Misconduct Accusations41 min
Steve Bannon Steps Down From Breitbart; President Trump Lets Media Eavesdrop On Bipartisan Immigration Debate; Why Nancy Pelosi Could Doom The Dems; Will Celebrity "Trump" Substance In 2020?41 min
President Trump's Mental Stability: Is It A Fair Talking Point?; Steve Bannon Gets Cucked; It's Time To Talk About Oprah 2020; #MeToo Wins & Losses At The Golden Globes41 min
Sean Spicer Joins SE For The Full Hour: The Former White House Press Secretary Explains If His Credibility Is Permanently Damaged, Plus He Talks Fake News And "Fire and Fury"43 min
Trump vs. Bannon Hits A New Level; A Former Trump Campaign Advisor Quoted In "Fire and Fury" Weighs In On The Bombshells; Are The President's North Korea Tweets Actually Working?; Logan Paul Backlash; Momentum For The #MeToo Movement42 min
Sen. Hatch Out, Mitt Romney In?; Trump's Full Plate for 2018; Can Elizabeth Warren Save The Dems?; Unrest In Iran43 min

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