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February 20, 2024 41 secs

The cast of the new Fantastic 4 has been announced, featuring stars from 3 of the biggest shows on TV

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Direct from Hollywood with Ryan Seacrest.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
Arguably the most beloved superhero quartet in comic book history,
is returning to the silver screen feature in a cast
of some of the hottest names in Hollywood. The Fantastic Four,
first published by Marvel in nineteen sixty one. We'll see
Pedro Pascal stretch his legs as Mister Fantastic, Vanessa Kirby,
who recently started Napoleon as the Invisible Woman, Eben Moss
Backrack aka cousin Richie on the Bear as the Thing,

and Joseph Quinn as the Human Torch. It's been a
particularly fruitful few days for Joseph, who's also just announced
as the star of acclaimed author Rhet Easton Ellis's directorial
horror debut Relapse for Fantastic Four July of twenty twenty five.

Speaker 1 (00:38):
That's direct from Hollywood.
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