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February 16, 2024 59 secs

American Idol returns this weekend for its 22nd season premiere, which might be the biggest tearjerker episode in the show's history. 

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Direct from Hollywood. American Idol returns this weekend for its
twenty second season. All idle fans know that throughout every
season there are incredible stories about contestants, triumphs, and tribulations,
but this season is truly special. There are moments that
will leave you fighting back tears. Take McKenna Grace, for example,

a gifted singer who's never met her birth family in
person until the moment right after her audition. And there's
Atina Jette who's on the verge of being sent home
until her little sister Angelina interrupts the judges to make
a request that changes everything. And you'll also get a
bit of the judges backstories, as well as all three
post auditions in their hometowns Katie Perry and Santa Barbara

Lionel Ritchie in Tuskegee, and Luke Bryan in Leesburg lock
into the two hour season premiere. American Idol returns this Sunday,
hosted by our very own Ryan Seacrest at eight seventh
Central on ABC that's direct from Hollywood.
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