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The Hoax List Grows

February 19, 2019156 min

156 min
Losing the Lottery

February 18, 2019155 min

155 min
There Is An Emergency

February 15, 2019155 min

155 min
Don't Read The Bills

February 14, 2019158 min

158 min
Silencing A Victim

February 13, 2019156 min

156 min
There Will Be A Wall

February 12, 2019155 min

155 min
The Green Deal Is Great For Conservatives!

February 11, 2019156 min

156 min
The Truth About Abortion

February 8, 2019152 min

152 min
SOTU Bump!

February 7, 2019156 min

156 min
Walls Work

February 6, 2019156 min

156 min

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