2 Voices Radio Podcast
2 Voices Radio Podcast

2 Voices Radio Podcast


Coffee cost, mother’s day lunch, drive-thru burgers, online shopping, daytime soap, and niche magazines EP 30

March 21, 201825 min

25 min
Snowmageddon, panic buying, HUGE breakfasts, moving house, IKEA, building flat pack furniture. Ep 29

March 14, 201829 min

29 min
Two Voices visit Weymouth podcast EP 28

March 8, 201831 min

31 min
Transport announcements, experiences & executives, trades of UK towns, junk leaflets, weather words, EP 27

March 1, 201828 min

28 min
Lottery win, Hi Di Hi anniversary, emotional support peacock, smart laundrettes, smaller biscuits, £1 houses EP 26

February 21, 201828 min

28 min
Family meals, hot plates, naughty people breakfasts, rubbish restaurants, desserts, smaller biscuits, Shop sales - are you convinced? Ep 25

February 15, 201826 min

26 min
Facebook, coffee flavouring, Fitbit, 2p sliders, bowling shoes, Clacton seaside, old cafes, Supermarket Sweep, Houseparty, Ed Doolan, EP 24

February 7, 201830 min

30 min
Brits music awards & Live TV Chaos, Boring Radio 2, S Club Ebay, working in Harrods, Meet Luke Walsh, and new tech EP 23

February 1, 201831 min

31 min
Plastic bags, Morrisons, Gin, healthy eating, Gregg Wallace, The Range, Food Nation, Sugar in Irn Bru, Bella Emberg, and studios EP 22

January 25, 201826 min

26 min
Ohio Cats update, awful phrases, Welsh TV, new UK Price is Right, Celebs on holiday, old Dr Who, Creme Egg Fiasco EP21

January 17, 201835 min

35 min

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