Future Tech Podcast
Future Tech Podcast

Future Tech Podcast


CoinPayments — Alexander Alexandroff, CEO — Multi-function payment processor for 75 different cryptocurrencies33 min
Etheralabs — Bryan Feinberg — Venture Capital Acceleration and Intelligence Platform for Cryptospace19 min
Gonetwork — Rashid Khan, CEO, and Xun Cai, COO — Highly Scalable, Low-Cost Mobile Network Infrastructure For Ethereum13 min
Bread — Aaron Lasher, Co-Founder and CMO, And Brent Traidman, Chief Revenue Officer — Re-Designed, Simple To Use Decentralized Bitcoin Walle25 min
Token Report — Galen Moore, Founder and CEO — Financial Data Service about ICOs For Cryptocurrency Investors24 min
Storj — Nadine Farah, Developer and Evangelist — Global Distributed Cloud Storage Infrastructure With End-To-End Encryption24 min
Uledger — Josh Mciver, CEO and Co-Founder, and Taulant Ramabaja, CTO and Co-Founder — Blockchain Protocol Software That Can Independently Ve24 min
Bee Token — Jonathan Chou, CEO — Decentralized Vacation Rental Platform Utilizing Ethereum Smart Contracts16 min
Capitalise — Shahar Rabin, CEO — Using Natural Language To Automate Your Trading Strategies20 min
Cryptiv — Mat Cybula, CEO — Blockchain Based Enterprise Wallet System and Private Portfolio24 min

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